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Immense Benefits: Olive Oil



News Is Finally Starting To Get Out About The Many Health And Anti-Aging Benefits Of This “Superfood”…

Amongst other things, it contains a very powerful natural anti-inflammatory compound called oleocanthal which inhibits the activity of cyclooxygenase (COX). COX is found in virtually everyone suffering from an inflammatory condition. Since most diseases, health ailments and premature aging are believed to be caused by inflammation, when you reduce inflammation in the body you correspondingly reduce these conditions!
Pain is a side effect of inflammation. The oleocanthal in olive oil works similarly to ibuprofen in reducing inflamation. As a result pain is reduced.

Oleocanthal could help reduce and even prevent inflammation thus reducing or even eliminating pain without the potential side effects of prescription or over the counter drugs!

Most commonly used in the Mediterranean diet, the health and anti-aging benefits of extra virgin olive oil have been known for thousands of years and are just now starting to gain awareness in Western cultures.

It’s believed that extra virgin olive oil could be largely responsible for the low rates of cancer and heart disease in parts of Europe and Greece. Monounsaturated fats and powerful antioxidants (polyphenols) are believed to be the contributing factor for these low rates.

All of the internal health benefits provided by extra virgin olive oil can easily be realized by simply adding a small amount to your daily diet.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Lebanon Is Loaded With A Powerhouse Punch of Boron… A VERY Important Health And Anti Aging Mineral!

One of the additional major benefits of extra virgin olive oil from Lebonon is its higher than normal content of boron. This higher level is caused by the unique boron dense soil primarily only found throughout the region where these trees are planted. Boron is a very important trace mineral that has largely been ignored by mainstream medicine. This is unfortunate, as it is extremely important and as a health supplement, could have amazing beneficial effects on the body.

Health Conditions That Could Potentially Be Improved Naturally with Boron:

• Arthritis
• Osteoporosis
• Pre Mature Aging
• Menopausal Symptoms
• Sex Hormone Imbalance
• Allergies
• Parasites
• Candida Albicans
• Lupus Erythematosis

Boron is a natural remedy for many of the “side effects” of aging and is an effective treatment for 95% or more in the relief of arthritis (provided the joints have not completely deteriorated). It works very well in alleviating arthritis, partly due to its crucial role of calcium integration into the cartilage and bone. This is important for all of us as we age, even if we do not have arthritis. Aging is partly associated with weakening of the bones as they become increasingly porous – adequate Boron can help prevent this side effect of aging!

Beauty Benefits of Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil Topically

Applying extra virgin olive oil topically provides incredible moisturizing and humectant properties. Japanese studies indicate that the topical application of extra virgin olive oil has many anti-aging benefits for the skin. Ordinary olive oil, however, does very little from a health perspective.

For hundreds of years, Cretans and Europeans have used extra virgin olive oil as a skin moisturizer and anti-aging remedy. There is no need to spend money on overpriced olive oil skin care products. Simply apply a small amount of extra virgin olive oil directly to skin and watch it come alive!

Since most people spend their younger years baking in the sun, it makes a lot of sense to get the health and anti-aging benefits of extra virgin olive oil from both intake and topical application. Doing so could help slow down and even turn back the clock from all the visible damage caused by sun over exposure.

The Source Of Heart Attack And Stroke Protection In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Now Revealed!

According to an article in Science Daily (Apr. 1, 2009) — Scientists have finally pinned down the constituent of extra virgin olive oil that gives the greatest protection from heart attacks and strokes. In a study of the major antioxidants in extra virgin olive oil, Portuguese researchers showed that one, DHPEA-EDA, protects red blood cells from damage more than any other part of olive oil.

“These findings provide the scientific basis for the clear health benefits that have been seen in people who include extra virgin olive oil in their diet,” says lead researcher Fatima Paiva-Martins, who works at the University of Porto.

Heart disease is caused partly by reactive oxygen, including free radicals, acting on LDL or “bad” cholesterol and resulting in hardening of the arteries. Red blood cells are particularly susceptible to oxidative damage because they are the body’s oxygen carriers.

In the study, published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, Paiva-Martins and colleagues compared the effects of four related polyphenolic compounds on red blood cells subjected to oxidative stress by a known free radical generating chemical. DHPEA-EDA was the most effective and protected red blood cells even at low concentrations. The researchers say the study provides the first evidence that this compound is the major source of the health benefit associated with extra virgin olive oils, which contain increased levels of DHPEA-EDA compared to other oils. In extra virgin olive oils, DHPEA-EDA may make up as much as half the total antioxidant component of the oil.

Paiva-Martins says the findings could lead to the production of “functional” olive oils specifically designed to reduce the risk of heart disease, “Now that we have identified the importance of these compounds, producers can start to care more about the polyphenolic composition of their oils.”

Article Source: www.agelessimpact.com

The ‘Oldest Woman’ drinks Olive Oil

By Spanno

Mariam Amash, an active inhabitant of a quaint Israeli village, makes sure to drink at least one glass of olive oil every day. And since she was born in 1888, she’s had at least 43,800 glasses–roughly 2,737 gallons of olive oil.

Olive oil can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as regulate blood sugar level and knock out nasty free-radicals. More info can be found here. Apparently it has worked fairly well for Mariam, you know, seeing as she’s been around since the Turkish Empire was in control.

With 120 grandchildren, 250 great-grandchildren, and 20 great-great-grandchildren, I bet she spends most of her time making out $10 checks.


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