Qudra Healing

Seeker Receives Three Books Through Dream

I am a professional working lady, and mother of two. I am a Hashemite through my father’s blood line.
I have been struggling in my life with so many issues regarding my family, and marital issues. Though I never discussed this openly, but always felt I needed some guidance to tackle some troubling issues concerning me.

Three months ago, I was surprised when I received a call from Qudra Healer who asked me about my problem which according to Qudra, I had discussed the matter with her in her dream. The problem still exists but I did not disclose this to her ever in prior and tried my best to cover my personal challenges. About a week ago on Friday, while taking a short nap after Duhur prayer, I dreamt the following;
I went to Qudra’s house, she took me inside, and showed me her home and I was introduced to her daughter (I was totally unaware that she had a daughter) Qudra Healer handed over three books to me saying,”This is for you.” When I stepped out of her home, to my surprise I saw my eighty year old grandmother. I introduced Qudra Healer to her, she met her very warmly and expressed that she lives near Qudra’s home. Qudra responded with interest and asked my grand mother where exactly her house was located to which I showed her the location. After that meeting I returned back to my home.

I woke up feeling unusual and decided to call Qudra Healer in order to relate the dream. Although I live in the same city as Qudra, I have yet to meet her in person and have only spoke to her over the phone for the past three months as a friend only.

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