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Universal Law of Forgiveness


Law of Forgiveness


By Amanda Butler

Imagine waking up one morning and there is a glow about you, burdens of the past have been lifted, the heaviness of your heart has been lightened. You no longer are filled with pain, grief, anger, or resentment, and your spirit feels free to live once again. You feel an energy that allows you to love and create from your brilliant Diamond Essence! You may ask how can this be, how can this happen for me?

It is through the Law of Forgiveness that the gates open to the Kingdom of Heaven, but it’s not the Heaven above. Rather it is the Heaven that we can create within and here on earth by fully embracing the vibration of Love (Living Only Vibrant Energy). If we lived in a world in which only love and acceptance existed, would we need the Law of Forgiveness? We would not. Forgiveness is needed because, at some point, there is judgment or blame of Self, others, or a situation. When judgment and blame occur, separation is created, and love is no longer present. When love is present, there is no longer separation or the need for forgiveness.

“Forgiveness of another (or your Self) restores the truth of one’s own being. It brings freedom, transparency, and the restoration of life. Any process leading to understanding can accomplish this. When your life is transparent you are free, wise, and of service to all,” wrote Glenda Green in The Keys of Jeshua. However, forgiveness cannot be only a mental process through rationalization, thoughts, and words, it must be felt within the heart and given from the heart. Forgiveness is a tool and empty words or gestures cannot bring to us the energies of love, compassion, and acceptance. Forgiveness allows us access to such vibrations, feelings, and knowingness.

Why is there a need to forgive? The lack of forgiveness creates grief, despair, resentment, and anger within your heart and mind. It skews your perception of what’s really True, leads you to make assumptions and decisions based on false perimeters, and generates unhappiness and lack of fulfillment within your life. The wound is an incomplete energetic cycle and, if left unresolved, it is perpetuated in other relationships and situations and can eventually manifest as physical illness and dis-ease within any body of consciousness.

Understand, we invite people and situations into our lives so we may create, experience, learn, heal, and/or grow. It may be for one or all of these reasons. In doing so, we are playing out karmic relationships or soul agreements. Karmic relationships are based on balancing a deficit rather than a soul agreement to fulfill a common purpose where there is a sense of harmony for those involved. Karma is a contract in which two souls have agreed to complete a specific lesson or an energetic cycle from the past.

Some karmic relationships can be quite challenging while others are extremely gratifying and productive. It depends on the nature of the agreement and the maturity and perspective of the individuals involved. If the agreement is about healing the past, judgment usually exists about Self or one another and forgiveness is necessary. Within the experience of judgment, one is right or wrong, good or bad rather than the acceptance of just ‘what is’. There is comparison that one truth is better than or less than, one is more valued while the other is undervalued. Understanding the true sense of Nature, all truths are actually the sum of the whole.

Forgiveness is not about condoning an action that may have hurt you, but it is an understanding and honoring of why it occurred and the process of letting it go. It is not about forgetting what happened but about accepting what was and what no longer will be. Have you heard “I forgive you but I’ll not forget what you’ve done!” and it is said with malice and vengeance? Know that this is not True forgiveness. Forgiveness is about moving from the past which is dead energy to the present of where you and the other are today. Did you learn, grow, and heal from your experience? The past is a record to be utilized for discernment but not to keep your Self or another in a box which no longer is True and no longer serves either of you.

Honoring and accepting one’s own and the other’s unique truth, you create a bridge for each to freely create and live their own soul’s purpose and path. As each person is unique, so is their path, my path is not yours and yours is not mine. It is the honoring of the paths that allows the freedom for each to uniquely express.

The Energy Forms associated with the Law of Forgiveness are the balance of the Masculine and Feminine Heart Forms bridged through the energy of the Blue Diamond. The Blue Diamond holds the Divine Truth of your God cell consciousness. By utilizing these forms through breathing the infinity breath, you are assisted in letting go of the past and forgiving your Self, others, or situations. As you breathe out your pain into the forms, you must create the intention of healing and forgiveness then breathe back in the energies of love, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. Allow the forms to help you release the pain, even if there is resistance or the need to hold on or to be right, commit to receive the transformation from pain to love and joy. You can consciously choose to open your heart to your Self, the other, or the circumstance and to love once again!


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