Qudra Healing

Couple Seeks Healing via Dream

The 1ST DREAM: She was invited to a “Grand Banquet” at the most Beautiful and Breathtaking Hall. The decor was out of this world. Very Moroccan and Turkish inspired. There were round Oudh Pots made out of gold and colored glass emitting the most amazing scent all around the room. There was a very elaborate dining table with finest dishes from different countries placed in front of her. She could see other guests mingling about but the one who she was led to was the Qudra Healer. She humbled herself to her when she approached her.Qudra Healers hair was covered and she was dressed in the most elegant attire, with light shining from her. She read Qasidas, recited Quran and started to do Zikr. My friend at once knelt down in awe and closed her eyes. She to was meditating for some time and finally after they had finished Qudra Healer waved her hands over her with the smoke of the Mubarak Oudh.

2ND DREAM: My friend arrived with her husband and children to visit Qudra Healer. She was told by her that she is in need of healing. Qudra Healer made her don a veil and took her into the busy streets and as if floating in mid air pushed her forward through the streets while in meditation and Zikr. When they arrived back home, my friend took rest and Qudra healer went into her study, her drapes where made out of royal blue silk and she had a matching Wing chair to match. My friends father in law asked Qudra healer how did everything go and he was told that it was pretty bad. My friend walked in and Qudra healer showed her a blackish brown leather board to her. Miraculously an extremely beautiful and elegant woman appeared onto the board. She had big eyes and very long and thick eyelashes. Wearing a silk hijab and her face was radiating with light which lit the entire room. My friend was told that she was no ordinary woman….it was Bibi Hajra! She then disappeared from the board and Qudra healer told her that Bibi Hajra was one of her helpers! My friends husband spoke to Qudra healer and told her that his wife experienced natural blood letting on her left arm, which caused her a lot of pain a few days prior to coming. At hearing this, Qudra healer took my friends left arm and kissed it. She was then led into a room where she was asked to rest.

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