Manifest What you Desire Through Vibration

consciousness-scale-vibrationThe secret key of manifestation is that we do not create reality by what we think but by what we feel. Everything is vibration and we attract those things that we are in vibrational resonance with. Basically, our vibration represents feeling. It is our feelings that attract our experiences. The Law of Attraction states that the more we experience the feeling of having what we desire, the more we will have it. Higher vibrations and feelings is the medium by which our desires will manifest faster. The more positive feelings we can experience about ourself and our desires, the easier and faster we experience our desires manifesting into our world.

Emotions help us create reality. When we believe in something, love and cherish it, we can thus create it, manifest it. We have the power to manifest anything our heart desires. This can be related to the power of Kun Fa Ya Koon, Arabic for “Be and it is!” A power which has been understood as exclusive for Divine yet in reality, gifted to man.  If there is anything we desire to create more of, we need to focus upon it. Whatever we turn your attention to, we create. What we give out, we get back. Emotion is energy and energy attracts like energy according to the Law of Attraction. Our feelings create reality. Choose to engage in things that generate in ourself the feeling of experiencing what we want and in alignment to what we desire.

The are three main states of vibration that one can resonate at.

The lowest is the state of unhappiness. In this state you feel depressed, overwhelmed, bored, angry, heavy, helpless and so on. Your world is full of rain and darkness, and that is what you tend to create.

The middle is the state of monotony. In this state, you operate on automatic pilot. You just do things because you should do them.  The world and your environment appears to foggy and monotonous. When you operate predominantly at this frequency, you tend to create and thus attract more of the same old thing.

The highest is the state of joy.  At this frequency, you feel fully alive and on fire. You are excited about everything that comes your way, and you are in the flow. You operate from inspiration, and desire. You are transformed into a passionate person who lives with purpose and is aligned with one’s calling. When you operate at this frequency, you naturally attract your heart  desires.

You are unhappy because you are unhappy, and you are happy because you are happy.-Unknown

We attract what we signal, like a vibrational transmitter. We are constantly sending out signals that tell the universe who we are in this moment. Therefore, we naturally attract that which is in harmony with our state of being, and repel that which is out of sync with our state.

In the instance of wealth, If our energetic self radiates wealth and abundance, our physical reality will reflect wealth and abundance. In contrast, If our energetic self radiates anger and frustration, our physical reality will reflect that as well. This can be applied to any given situation whether it be love, abundance or creating desirable circumstances. Once we can accept that our vibrational self attracts compatible patterns, it becomes clear that if we want to experience something different in our life, we must somehow change the signals we are sending out.

Tuning into our Vibrational Symphony

Listen to the vibrational symphony on our  being requires us to quiet our mind, tune in to our inner being, and listen to internal broadcasting radio station that is you. What types of signals are you broadcasting in this moment? A practice of catching ourselves in thoughts at various times of the day is a self check on the current vibration we are transmitting. A practice known in Zen, Yogic and Islamic esoteric traditions.

Vibrational Equilibrium

Plutchiks Wheel Of Emotions

Our vibrational being acclimatizes to our environment and we tend to draw toward equilibrium over a gradual period of time. If our current life situation appears fairly stable, it’s safe to say that we are maintaining equilibrium.

Factors that effect our vibrational frequency, include our living space, the people we associate with, our work or professional  environment, places and events we participate in, our belongings etc. When our being is immersed in a field of these signals,  this encourages us to vibrate at the same level. As the famous saying goes, “You are your five closest friends.”

Therefore, If we continue to surround ourselves with signals that reinforce our current state, then that state will persist indefinitely thus maintaining our vibrational equilibrium. We may stray from it occasionally, yet will be brought back  to it if that’s our overall equilibrium.

In order for us to shift our equilibrium, we need to break the old equilibrium. This means we consciously disconnect between our current vibration and the environmental vibrations that are compatible with it. There are basically two ways to do this.

The first, according to Abraham Hicks, holding our desired thought for as little as 17 seconds, we can shift our own vibration to create a lasting disconnect with your current environment. If you start transmitting a new signal, you’ll soon repel whatever in your environment is incompatible with your new signal. Gradually, with regularity in conscious thoughts and emitting the desired vibration, we will begin attracting other people, events, and experiences that are compatible with our new signal. By holding the new vibration long enough, we will see visible differences in our physical you’ll see your whole physical reality change all around us. You can apply this approach by visualizing our goals very vividly for at least 20 minutes per day. Visualize in such a way that we can FEEL strong emotions. An emotional shift indicates that you’re broadcasting a new signal. The longer we can hold this new vibration, the faster our reality will shift.

The second method is to intentionally replace many of your environmental signals with new ones.

We can apply this approach by changing our environmental landscape — physically, socially, and otherwise. For example, stop spending time with friends who do not share similar vibes, rather work towards hanging out with individuals who are the  productive and reflect high levels of positivity. This will feel uncomfortable initially, but eventually we will start to integrate those new signals, and our own vibrational pattern will soon shift to come into resonance with these new people.

Creating What You Desire


We can identify a new vibration by clearly visualizing our goals until we feel different emotions, and those emotions stabilize at a certain point. Notice how your vibrational inner being feels, not just emotionally but energetically. Then return to your old state, and notice the vibrational difference between the two states. Compare and contrast the old vibration with the new one.

Learning to sense and control the vibrational frequencies you’re emitting is a powerful tool. Once we get the hang of it,   intentionally shifting our frequency at will to experience the desired effect become second nature. For instance, If we want to experience wealth, you can create that. If you want to experience a new relationship, you can create that too. If you want high energy and good health, you can create that as well.

Living in the Vibration of Love

Excerpted below from Sacred Secrets by Shirley Marshall, Ph.D, on how to stay in the Vibration of Love,

You know when you’re living in the love vibration because you can feel it. It feels like a natural high. It is a feeling of connection, of wholeness, of lightness and expansion. Meditation, miracles of nature, emotional ecstasy, and places of awesome beauty can give us similar feelings of bliss.

To continually live in the love vibration takes considerable commitment and vigilance. It is all too easy to regress into fear, judgment, or self-righteousness. No matter how spiritual we think we are, we are still having the human experience of trials and tribulations, progress and relapse. And it’s all right. We don’t have to deny or condemn our human vulnerabilities. The goal is to be positive and let the intelligence of our heart guide us. …

Prayer, meditation, inspirational readings, and service to others are all excellent ways to attract connection, wholeness, and love. Other strategies include:

  • Seeking the good in everyone and everything.
  • Bringing trust to adversity.
  • Being grateful for all that we have.
  • Taking the high road in any conflicted situation or relationship.
  • Creating a sacred space of peace and beauty in which to renew.
  • Caring for living things. …

Love is the elixir for joy and the antidote to pain. Love fuels the fire of our passion. Love lifts us from our limitations to our potential. Love transcends time and space. Love transmutes differences and prejudices. Love heals. Love is the vibration of Spirit, the song of the Universe. Love is the Alpha and the Omega. S.Marshall

In summary, the art of practicing conscious thought and being aware of our emotions generated as a result and keeping in the vibration of love are all key to manifesting what we truly desire. The power lies within ourself and the secret is knowing how to tap into our vibrational symphony and maintaining the right vibes.


I Dream of Genie: ABC’s of Jinns


We present modern day Paranormal Research Expert and Guru; Rosemary Ellen Guiley.  A leading expert on the paranormal and supernatural.  The author of more than 45 books – including 9 encyclopedias – and hundreds of articles in print on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual and mystical topics, she possesses an exceptional knowledge of the field.

Her encyclopedias on ghosts and spirits, angels, vampires and werewolves, magic and alchemy, witchcraft, demons, dreams, mystical and paranormal experience and saints are considered essential sources for authors, researchers,novelists and screenwriters,  film and documentary producers, and paranormal investigators. Her work has been translated into 14 languages and has been selected by major book clubs around the world. She appears in television programs, documentaries and docu-dramas with paranormal themes, and makes numerous media and lecture appearances, including colleges and universities. She conducts original field investigations of haunted and mysterious sites.


Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert on the paranormal and supernatural.  The author of more than 45 books – including 9 encyclopedias – and hundreds of articles in print on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual and mystical topics, she possesses an exceptional knowledge of the field.


Her encyclopedias on ghosts and spirits, angels, vampires and werewolves, magic and alchemy, witchcraft, demons, dreams, mystical and paranormal experience and saints are considered essential sources for authors, researchers,novelists and screenwriters,  film and documentary producers, and paranormal investigators. Her work has been translated into 14 languages and has been selected by major book clubs around the world. She appears in television programs, documentaries and docu-dramas with paranormal themes, and makes numerous media and lecture appearances, including colleges and universities. She conducts original field investigations of haunted and mysterious sites.





Rosemary Ellen’s research is in sync with Quranic and Prophetic Sources.



By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

The following are some of the most common questions  asked about the Djinn.  The answers are based on research, investigations in the field, personal experiences, and reports from colleagues and individuals who have had Djinn encounters.

Q:  Where do the Djinn live?

A:  They exist in a parallel dimension in the physical world.  They are “here” – but in a place we cannot normally experience.  It is around a bend in space, so to speak.

Q: Do Djinn take human form, and how can they be recognized?

A:  They can shape shift into human form, either male form or female.    There may be something striking or odd about them, especially in their eyes.   They may exhibit unusual behavior.

Q:  What other forms do Djinn take?

A:  As shape-shifters, probably almost anything that suits their purposes.  People sometimes see them as gray mist or smoke that rapidly changes shape as they move.  They also take on dark silhouettes such as Shadow People (see below).  They can appear solid but go through walls, and they can appear and disappear in an instant.

Q:  Do Djinn eat?

A:  They can eat human food when they take human form, but our food does not sustain them.  It gives them pleasure.  They can absorb the essence of food, and things like the molecules from tobacco smoke, which provide enjoyment. Their main source of nourishment is the absorption of energy from life forms.   The best is the draining of a soul, but is difficult to do and is considered unlawful.  It  is, however, practiced by certain powerful  renegrade Djinn.  The vampiric absorption of the life force can be quite detrimental to people, and cause health problems.

Q:  Do the Djinn ever sing or whistle?

A:  Yes, the Djinn have their own music and language, and they do sing and whistle, just like people.   Their own language sounds like a mixture of Latin and ancient tongues from the Middle East, such as Sumerian.

Q:  Do the Djinn create poltergeist disturbances?

A:  Yes, if it suits their purposes.  They can make noises, smells, apparitional forms, shadow people forms, and apports – objects that appear out of nowhere.

Q:  Can the Djinn cause nightmares?

A:  Yes, like some other entities, they can cause unpleasant dreams, especially “dreams” that are real experiences in an alternate reality.  When they wish to manipulate and control, they are capable of interfering in sleep.

Q:  Can the Djinn influence thoughts?

A:  Yes, they can affect moods and thoughts, and they can influence a person according to that person’s own inclinations – but they cannot influence or cause people to act against their own free will.  The Djinn have free will, too.

Q: Can the Djinn cause physical injury?

A: Yes, but they take such actions only when they feel they or their family or clan have been harmed or wronged by a person, much as a human would react in a protective way.   In rare cases, they can cause harm in several ways.  One is like an electrical shock to the system.  Also, they can knock a person down, cause things to fall on him, and alter his body to cause illness.  Hostile Djinn can act out in unprovoked aggressive ways just as criminal human beings do.  Malevolent Djinn are often called “devils,” but they are not the equivalent to the Western concept of demons.

Q: How can you tell the difference between Djinn and demons?

A:  It’s often hard to tell the difference, as the Djinn are artful at masquerades.  Sometimes they are identified through a process of elimination in terms of expulsion remedies.  Djinn are more likely to communicate with people than some other kind of entities, and especially in a derisive way.  Psychically sensitive people develop the ability to sense the distinctive Djinn energy signatures.

Q:  Can the Djinn possess people?

A:  Djinn often attach to the body’s field of energy rather than enter – and possibly become entrapped in – the body itself.  They can take over a person to alter mood and behavior.

Q:  Are the Shadow People really Djinn?

A:  I  have been studying Shadow People for many years and have come to the conclusion that this is a form taken by Djinn. The Shadow People often manifest as the silhouette of a tall man wearing a coat or cape and sometimes a hat.  There are no facial features.  They are usually bedroom visitors.

Q: Are there ways to minimize Djinn visitations?

A:  Like dealing with all kind of entities, one must often experiment to find an effective solution, as results vary by individual.  However, many people have found that leaving lights, radios and television sets on dampen down paranormal experiences in general.  The fields of energy generated by these devices may interfere with the energy fields of the Djinn, as well as other kinds of entities.  Some people also have success with prayer, invocations of angels, and with forcefully telling the intruders to leave.

Q: How do you exorcize the Djinn?

A:  Many techniques are advertised, but it has been acknowledged by Middle Eastern scholars for centuries that if the Djinn don’t want to go, it is difficult to force them out.  Some may agree to go with bargaining and persuasion, and some may agree to go as a ruse, only to return at a later time.  Some may go if they fear punishment from more powerful Djinn or angels, who can be invoked against them.  The ancient practice of beating a demoniac may make the physical body too unpleasant for them.  Some of them have an ancient and strong attachment to the land and can resist dislodgment.  It is a mistake for Christian demonologists to think that remedies applied against Satanic demons will always work against the Djinn.  In some cases, they might be effective, but in others they will not.

Q:  Are there any Djinn who want to be helpful to humans?

A: Djinn come in all persuasions, attitudes and mindsets, just like humans.  Not all of them are hostile or unfriendly.  Some are indifferent and don’t want to be bothered with us, and an even smaller number may be inclined to be helpful, provided it serves their own interests as well.  However, the final word is, none of them can likely be trusted.  They should not be equated with spiritual guides or angels.

Q:  Do Djinn reincarnate?

A:  As far as is known, no.  They live very long lifespans, hundreds of perhaps even thousands of years.  Like humans, they have the potential to ascend to an enlightened state of being.

Protection From Djinn’s:

A consistent practice of meditation and prayers is the most potent protective shield against entities, possessions, invasions and visitations. The soul and aura  is strengthened which serves as a repellent against entities.

  • Daily Meditation (mantras, prayers, vibrational sound healing)
  • Cleanliness
  • Positivism as a way of Life


Djinn Expert Ben Halima of France Expounds of Jinns, Black Magic and Evil Eye



Education to Empower

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  • self help
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  • protective precaution to strengthen one’s aura





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  • Assessing Energies in home and Office
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Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System

The Amazing Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System

Julia Rogers Hamrick

A strategy for coming back into alignment when you’re feeling disconnected
Step One: Observe your feelings and listen to the conversation in your head without judging what you observe. If you feel angry, resentful, hurt, sad, fearful, or anything other than joyful, or if what you’re hearing in your head is other than loving, your ego has taken the wheel and is blocking your perfect alignment with your God-Realized Self, and holding you out of the flow of Love from Source, thus lowering your frequency and keeping you in the “misery matrix.”

Step Two: Acknowledge your intention to shift back into alignment as soon as you recognize that you are misaligned, and express your intent to surrender to your God-Realized Self: the aspect of you that is perpetually in alignment with Source and thus is totally loving, all wise, all powerful, and consistently blissful. Being aligned with this unlimited Self and rising in frequency (the result of being in alignment) is the solution to all problems.

Step Three: Allow your ego to express whatever it needs to-whether it’s rage, grief, or self-righteousness. Just let it come out. If writing out your feelings (for your eyes only) would be helpful, do that. Cry, yell, punch a pillow-do whatever you need to do to discharge the energy. Do not resist anything that comes up on the basis of it not being “nice.” (These exercises are for you and no one else-ideally, you will do them in private.) Observe without resistance while this is going on, and know that these feelings are not a part of you, but simply “stuff” that needs to be discharged to make way for Love to flow. Devote as much purposeful time to this as needed.

Step Four: Select any frequency-raising support activities and tools that seem appropriate and utilize them (A partial list is at the bottom of this post). Moving Life Force freely through you without ego choking off the flow is the key to rising in frequency. Music is one of the most powerful realignment tools as it easily bypasses ego resistance. You may want to use sad or angry music during Step Three, but once your ego has expressed and you’re feeling more peaceful and ready to allow yourself to move toward joy, choose music that you feel will be helpful in boosting you upward.

Step Five: Let go to the upward movement of your energy and enhance it by breathing into it and celebrating it! Stay focused on the wonderful feeling of Life Force flowing through you, and feel it elevating you closer and closer to the “joy space.” Repeating the words “Thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you, thank you” over and over again to your God-Realized Self is like fanning a spark to turn it into a flame. Feel the magnetic energy of the joy space calling you upward and revel in the feeling of being there-it’s your true Home!

Honor your intuition as to what else you need to do. Your intuition is your God-Realized Self guiding you.

Repeat as needed.

Frequency-Raising Support Tools and Techniques

Raising your frequency is a matter of unblocking the flow of Life Force from Source (also known as Love), so that it flows freely through you without resistance from your ego. The following are some of the many tools and energy-moving techniques that will help get you back in the flow!

Music is one of the easiest, most effective passive tools for frequency-raising as it is generally something that bypasses ego-resistance and entrains your energy to it without effort. You can use music to assist in moving out emotional “stuff” when you’re providing ego the chance to be heard so it can drop its resistance. Music composed as an act of healing is especially potent for this. Upbeat, rhythmic music will lift you up higher when you are ready to move to the joy space.

Conscious breathing-breathing dynamically and purposefully-realigns you with the rhythm of the Divine. Imagine you are breathing in Light and breathing out whatever is not in alignment and blocking the flow of Life Force through you. Using circular breathing techniques (rebirthing therapy) can rapidly move energy blockages through and out and free your energy to flow, but simply sitting and focusing on your breath is also a powerful way to get centered, oxygenated, and enlivened.

is a powerful, passive frequency-raiser that bypasses all ego resistance.The aromatic essences of plants were provided by the Creator for the purpose of assisting us in realigning with Source, thus balancing, healing and energizing us. Smelling a pure plant fragrance brings our energy into the frontal lobes of the brain to the pineal gland where our God Knowingness is accessible. Many fragrances such as frankincense, sandalwood, rose and balsam fir are particularly effective for stimulating the pineal gland and raising frequency. Essential oils must be therapeutic-grade for this use.

Sleep is the gift we are given daily to get our ego-minds out of the way so we can realign with Source and Life Force can freely flow through us. Getting enough sleep is extremely important in raising your frequency and keeping it high.

is like “neutral” in the gears of a car. When we relax, we allow energy in reverse polarity to come back into alignment. When things are going wrong, taking a deep breath and relaxing mentally and physically puts Spirit back in charge.

Toning is using your voice to raise and balance energy, something you do instinctively as a child. There are infinite ways to tone, but here is a technique to try: Start by sounding “oooooooooo” (rhymes with “glue”) at the lowest note your voice will go and raise the tone up smoothly over a period of a few seconds, from as low as you can easily go to the highest you can easily go, like a siren starting up, and hold the highest note as long as you can. Do not force the sound-let your voice gently wrap around the sound so as not to cause vocal strain. Repeat. Experiment with your voice and find your own favorite technique!

Exercise, including stretching, is a really great way to get the Life Force flowing freely through your body again. Physical movement not only causes energy to move through and oxygenate your brain, it stimulates the release of endorphins, which are frequency-elevating, as witnessed by the way they move you into joy. Do your favorite workout, dance, play a game that requires movement, or simply take a walk. The key is to move.

Frontal lobe
stimulation withdraws energy from your reptilian brain (home of your ego’s greatest influence) and draws it into the part of your brain where your God Knowingness is available. You can stimulate your frontal lobes by focusing energy there. One easy way to do this is by visualizing your amygdala-two walnut-sized structures in the mid-brain at about eye level-and imagining Tinkerbell swooping in and tickling them with a feather. (Thanks to for that idea.)

Radiating Love unconditionally is the most frequency-raising of all activities because in order to do it, you have to be in alignment! It is what you were designed for, and the ability to do this is “hard-wired” into you. When you radiate Love impersonally, just the way Source does, without concern for who is receiving or appreciating it, you are automatically in perfect alignment.

Other powerful frequency-raising activities to try include:

~Appreciating something or someone (gratitude is an especially powerful form of appreciation)

~Communing with Nature and allowing it to trigger your Love response to it

~Doing something for someone with absolutely no expectation of anything in return

~Using water, a magical, electromagnetic substance, to soak in, shower in, swim in, gaze at, and drink (being well-hydrated is essential for operating at higher frequency)

Consciousness and Vibrational Frequency

Consciousness and Vibrational Frequency: A Primer

Julia Rogers Hamrick

The basics about how frequency affects your perceptions
Consciousness and vibrational frequency are perfectly correlated. When you’re lower in frequency, you’re lower in consciousness-your perception is dulled-and you view things through a foggy lens. When you’re higher in frequency, you’re higher in consciousness, your perception is heightened and you see things more clearly the higher you go. Just as when you ascend in an airplane, you see a larger picture the higher you climb, and the brighter it becomes as you break through the clouds.

The higher your vibrational frequency, the more you are able to comprehend because you are allowing a greater Flow of Life Force through your mind and body. Vibrational frequency depends on the amount of Life Force you are channeling through you. Life Force can also be characterized as “God Energy and Intelligence.” Yet another word for this phenomenon is Love, which is the essence of Source, and is continually emanating from Source.

The lower your vibrational frequency, the less you are able to comprehend because your ego is restricting the Flow of Life Force/God Energy and Intelligence/Love through your mind and body. Your fearful ego uses judgment and resistance to choke off the Flow. To override your ego, non-resistance and a commitment to allowing Love to flow through you no matter what is required.

The more you are allowing the essence of the Creator to flow through your mind and body, the higher you are in vibrational frequency and the more creative ideas you have and the more authentic empowerment you experience and can utilize.

The lower you are in vibrational frequency, the less creative ideas and empowerment you experience and can utilize because your ego is choking off the flow and allowing less of the essence of the Creator to flow through your mind and body.

Higher vibrational frequency not only makes you wiser and more powerful, it moves you out of struggle, turmoil and pain, and places you in the realm of joy, ease, peace, and harmony. So the key to claiming wisdom, creativity, and empowerment and every possible blessing-is in raising your vibrational frequency, which is done by allowing more Love to flow.

When you operate from this knowledge, your life will be totally revolutionized and there is nothing you can’t be, do, or have!

Cymatics- A Bridge to the Unseen World


Seeing Sound with the CymaScopeSound is an invisible force that permeates every aspect of our lives. With the exception of music, many man- made sounds are jarring while the sounds of Nature tend to flow over and around us like soothing waters, lifting our spirit, inspiring us, exciting us. Yet if we could see sound our world would be even more beautiful than we could imagine. It would be a world filled with shimmering holographic bubbles, each displaying a kaleidoscopic pattern on its surface. To see sound is to open a new window onto our world, one that has been veiled in mystery until recently.

When the microscope and telescope were invented centuries ago, new realms came into view that were not even suspected to exist—a Universe in miniature under the microscope and a Universe so immense that centuries of research lie before us with the telescope. Now, like the microscope and telescope that preceded it, the CymaScope instrument allows us to see a previously invisible realm—the world of sound— helping us to gain a deeper and fuller understanding of life and the Universe. The CymaScope uses the science of ‘cymatics’ to make sound visible, by imprinting sound’s invisible vibrations onto the surface of ultra pure water to reveal its once-hidden geometric structures.

This new scientific frontier reveals aspects of Nature every bit as authentic as a flower or a butterfly, the stars in the heavens or starfish in the oceans—in fact, as we will come to see in this article, sound is just as much at work in the interior of a star as iis in the organs of a starfish or in the cells of your body. Sound lies at the heart of every aspect of Nature, underpinning all of Creation. Cymatics will, in the future, enable humanity to understand far more about the Universe and our world than was possible with previous technologies. The CymaScope and the science of cymatics provide a bridge that will lead to significant advancements in knowledge.

The Shape of Sound
Before looking at cymatics more closely let us dispel the popularly held misconception that ‘sound is a wave’. It isn’t. All audible sounds are, in fact, spherical in form or spheroidal, that is to say audible sounds are sphere-like but not necessarily perfectly spherical. For the sake of simplicity we’ll call these spheroidal sound spheres ‘sound bubbles.’

Our world is teeming with beautiful holographic sound bubbles that envelop us in shimmering patterns of acoustic energy, each bubble rushing away at around 700 miles an hour as new bubbles form from the source of the sound. Whether the sound is emitted from your voice or from some other source, such as a musical instrument, this ‘bubble-in-a-hurry’ leaves a fleeting vibrational imprint on the surface of your body: every cell in the surface tissues of your body actually receives sound patterns from the bubbles that surround you. However, only low frequency sounds can penetrate the interior of your body. To understand more fully how your cells respond to the healing power of audible sounds please refer to our previous Veritas article, Rediscovering The Art And Science Of Sound Healing.

Yet, despite the fact that sound is not a wave, the term ‘sound wave’ is in general use throughout the world, which is rather amazing when sound waves don’t actually exist! So let us briefly discuss how this strange anomaly has occurred.

Sound is basically periodic movements of air molecules bumping into each other. These movements of sound can be described mathematically and when plotted graphically the shape of the graph does indeed look like a wave. However, if we could see audible sounds shimmering in the air around us we would see beautiful bubbles, not waves, so it is misleading to say that sound is a ‘wave.’ If what is actually a bubble is described as a wave it is possible that incorrect conclusions will be made about the way Nature works.

In the illustration below a slice through a sound bubble is depicted. The peaks of the graph represent the regions of high-pressure air within the sound bubble, whereas the mid points of the graph represent the areas of low-pressure air. The ‘space-form’ of audible sound is indeed bubble-like whereas the graph—often referred to as a sound wave—is merely a mathematical depiction of the peaks and valleys of sound pressure.

Sound and its Relationship with Light
To understand the concept of visual sound a little more fully it will be helpful to explore how the vibrating atoms of air that create sound relate to light and life. At the moment of these atomic sound collisions something quite magical happens: Light is created.

Light occurs every time the magnetic shells of two vibrating atoms bump against each other. The frequency of light created in this way depends on the energy in the collisions, meaning how fast they bump together. Try this experiment: Rub your hands vigorously together. You’ll feel warmth. This is because the atoms in one hand are slipping past the atoms in your other hand, creating heat, which is just another name for light. The light you create by this friction method is in the infrared part of the spectrum of electromagnetism, invisible to our eyes but quite visible to some species of bat, owl, snake and mosquito.

You create infrared light even when you speak. The atoms and molecules in the air are excited by the vocal folds in your larynx, creating a tiny pearl of acoustic energy that rapidly expands out of your mouth and rushes away at around 700 miles an hour. The atoms and molecules of air within this expanding bubble are bumping into each other, each collision transferring your voice vibrations to the nearest atom or molecule. As these ‘bumps’ occur they cause infrared light to be created due to the friction between the magnetic shells of the air particles. The infrared light carries with it the modulations of your voice that rush away at the incredible speed of 186,000 miles per second. Unlike the sound of a voice, which becomes inaudible after about one mile, the infrared light created by your voice rushes out into space where it travels for eternity, carrying your words or songs to the stars.

Thus, there is a direct relationship between sound and light and in fact there can be no light in the Universe without sound because light is only created when atoms collide with each other, and such collisions are sound. So light and life owe their existence to sound.

The Origin of Cymatics
Cymatics—the study of visible sound— can be traced back at least 1000 years to African tribes who used the taut skin of drums sprinkled with small grains to divine future events. The drum is one of the oldest known musical instruments and the effects of sand on a vibrating drumhead have probably been known for millennia. However, perhaps the first scientist to notice the phenomena was Leonardo Da Vinci. One day he noticed dust behaving oddly on a wooden table:
‘I say then that when a table is struck in different places the dust that is upon it is reduced to various shapes of mounds and tiny hillocks. The dust descends from the hypotenuse of these hillocks, enters beneath their base and raises itself again around the axis of the point of the hillock.’

Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor and scientist who studied visual sound intensively is most widely known as the ‘Father of Cymatics.’ Jenny coined the word kymatik, from the Greek ‘kyma’ meaning ‘wave,’ to describe the periodic effects that sound and vibration have on matter (even though, as we mentioned earlier, sound is not actually a wave!) His books are rich sources of cymatic imagery, which he observed and described in great detail, although he left scientific and mathematical explanations to scientists who would come after him. Jenny invented the ‘Tonoscope’ and was the first to suggest that such a device might one day assist deaf individuals to acquire speech. (‘cymatic’ in English)

Cymatics Today, a Window into the Universe
The underlying principle of cymatics is that the geometry of sound can be imprinted onto membranes and made visible with special techniques. The membrane can be a flexible material, such as latex or your skin, while other surfaces, such as brass or glass plates, may appear rigid yet they can still be minutely imprinted by sound. Simply by sprinkling on a little powder or sand, provided the membrane is horizontal, the imprint of sound can be revealed. The particulate matter gathers in the areas that are not vibrating, leaving the vibrating areas clear of particulate. Cymatic patterns are, therefore, rather like a photographic negative, because they represent the inverse of the sound that caused them to form.

Below is a typical CymaGlyph created with sand on the CymaScope that reveals a fundamental frequency of 5000 Hertz. Note the similarity between this cymatic pattern with the structure of a diatom, a sea creature that first appeared in the oceans of the Jurassic period, around 185 million years ago.

We used sand in our early research as the disclosing medium, but we soon discovered that water, with its highly flexible surface tension, acts like a super-thin membrane and reacts almost instantly to any sound, revealing very high levels of detail.

In the water CymaGlyph below an ultra- pure tone of 22.2 Hertz demonstrates archetypal pentagonal geometry creating an almost 3D view of sound. This CymaGlyph compares remarkably with the structure of the Campanula flower.

Dolphin Research
Applications for the CymaScope are beginning to emerge in many different fields. For example, in collaboration with Jack Kassewitz of we have taken the first steps in unraveling the mystery of dolphin language. We are contributing to their research program by transcribing dolphin echolocation sounds into CymaGlyphs, with each image representing a type of dolphin picture word. The image below is that of a CymaGlyph created by a baby dolphin calling to its mother. The call creates a replicable pattern of acoustic energy with a particular meaning. The second graphic illustrates the basic principle: a cross section through the dolphin’s high frequency sound beam is made visible on the CymaScope.

Signature Sounds of Stars
Another application for the CymaScope is imaging sounds from space. We discussed earlier the concept that all sounds have an infrared component. When we speak or sing outdoors our words or song will one day reach the stars in the form of modulated infrared light. But the reverse is also true: sounds from stars continually bathe the earth. Oscillating stars have a particular type of signature and in collaboration with Professor Don Kurtz we recently imaged the sound of a star that he discovered, known as HR 3831-A. This technique allows us to see the distinctive geometry of the sounds at work within the atomic furnace of the star and could provide a valuable analogue for future students of asteroseismology and for outreach projects in schools and colleges.

Cymatics in Egypt
Most people who have experienced the acoustics of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid walk away with a feeling of awe, in some cases coupled with an impression that the chamber was designed to reverberate. For a relatively small chamber the reverberation is indeed extraordinary; one can literally hear one’s own breathing (when the fluorescent lighting is turned off) and this experience often accompanies feelings of cathedral-like reverence. This notion of design implies a prior knowledge of acoustics and materials. The high levels of reverberation in the chamber are actually a function of the flat granite surfaces, their parallel arrangement and the chamber’s dimensions.

John Stuart Reid undertook an experiment in the Great Pyramid in order to investigate his belief that the King’s Chamber was designed to be highly reverberant and that the energy of any sound made in the chamber is transferred into the sarcophagus. Reid has studied Egyptology for decades and believes that the King’s chamber was designed to support a rebirthing ritual enacted prior to the pharaoh’s death or perhaps afterwards and that vowel sounds chanted in the chamber were intended to have an energizing effect on the sarcophagus and its occupant during sacred rituals.

Cymatics Experiment in the King’s Chamber

Reid conducted his cymatics experiment in 1997 with the intent of making sounds within the sarcophagus visible. He positioned a speaker inside the sarcophagus and connected it to an oscillator, a device that electronically creates pure tones. Finally, he sprinkled quartz sand on the surface area of the temporary latex membrane stretched across the sarcophagus and turned the oscillator on. To Reid’s amazement as well as the ‘Keeper of the Keys’ who accompanied him in the chamber, an astounding array of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic-like images appeared! Two are shown here and we have many others on file.

The simplest explanation for how hieroglyphs came to be imbedded in the sarcophagus derives from the highly resonant crystalline structures imbedded in the granite that would have bathed the scribes in sound bubbles during the construction of the sarcophagus. Hypothetically, one or more of the scribes had synaesthetic abilities, that is, they could ‘see’ the sounds from the sarcophagus while it was being worked with tools. Reid postulates that these minds-eye sound patterns influenced the scribes in the development of the hieroglyphic language.
(For those readers interested to learn more about Reid’s acoustics research in Egypt please go to our web site: http:// egyptology.html)

Cymatics and the Chakras
The word ‘chakra’ means wheel or circle in Sanskrit and is based on the ancient Eastern model of the body having seven primary chakras or energy centres. Each of the seven centres connects subtle energies with the physical body and they are receptors that vitalize the body with prana or life force energy. The chakras are aligned from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra possesses specific purposes and is associated with the functioning of a particular endocrine gland. In order to maintain emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, all chakras must be functioning properly and working harmoniously with each other. When one or more of the chakras become imbalanced or blocked the result is dissonance in certain aspects of the body. Emotional imbalance, illness or disease often manifest as a result. Just as the cells of our bodies produce distinct sounds, so too do the chakras, although science is only just beginning to investigate this phenomenon using SQUID magnetometers.

Many healers have used their intuition to guide them to the sounds of the chakras and one of the most notable authorities on this subject is Jonathan Goldman, renowned sound healer. He devised a system of chakra sounds that Reid imaged on the CymaScope and can be used as an aid in meditation. Astoundingly, when he imaged the heart chakra it appeared in the shape of a heart—the image below has not been retouched except for the addition of colour.

The study of cymatics is still in its infancy and innumerable realms within this sphere of research are waiting to be explored. Please visit our website for updates on the latest cymatic insights and discoveries.

How Sound and Colour Relate to Your Body

How Sound and Colour Relate to Your Body


By Cheryl

Sound is made up of vibrational frequencies and Colour is light that is vibrating at different frequencies.  Therefore, that too is linked to sound.  Crystals, whether they are coloured or clear, resonate to both sound and colour frequencies, therefore, they too are linked to sound.

Sound vibrations can release a chemical called melatonin that creates a luminescent light from the fontanel.  It is the melatonin that gives an impression of a halo around the head.  Melatonin seems to respond to sound and light (colour) frequencies.

Sound works on a cellular level by means of waveforms.  These waveforms are patterns of energy which are normally invisible to the naked eye and can be measured on scientific apparatus in the form of assorted lines – wavy, straight, staggered or broken.  Sound wave-forms can be measured  in wavelengths of speed ranging from very slow frequencies to very fast.  For instance, red can be measured as being slow in waveform, whereas blue can be measured as being fast!

Sound can penetrate the body by entering every cell as vibrational frequency.  Cells are constantly produced and form the basic make-up of the human body.  Every cell contains a nucleus and protoplasm, the essential building material of the human body.  If the body is out of balance then it is because the cells are not healthy or not being developed efficiently.  Each cell divides through it’s own natural regeneration to build up tissue within the body.  This in turn all takes efficient vibratory movement within the body.  A pure note or sound frequency produces vibratory waveforms of energy that can help develop healthy cells.  A pure note or sound can be measured on  most chromatic tuners that measure each note as being in perfect tune or perfect pitch.  The waveforms or patterns from sound penetrate the body and help put back the balance and harmony with vibratory movement.  If healthy cells are being developed then a healthy mind, body and spirit are being developed as well.

Every virus or disease (dis-ease) vibrates at a frequency that is unfamiliar to the physical body.  This is why we feel ill and out of balance.  The body tells us when we are not vibrating at the current frequency or wavelength.  Pure sound frequencies are not unfamiliar to the physical body and pure sound can help to re-balance each cell that has been put out of balance.  Pure sound does this by re-programming each cell.

Frequencies of the physical body can be measured in KHz (kilohertz).  So when cells have been re-balanced or re-programmed they vibrate at a frequency that can be measured between 140 and 180 KHz.  This is a healthy vibratory rate.  People with dis-ease or imbalances emit wavelengths much higher in frequency, some reaching 400 to 500 KHz.  This represents a vibratory imbalance.

Sound therapy can help to re-balance the chakra system as well as the auric field. which surrounds the physical body.  Each chakra vibrates at a different colour frequency and each chakra vibrates at different sound frequency. 

Sound is one of the most powerful healing tools that we have.  It is often felt by each individual in an area where it is needed.  Like colour, sound can be used and felt in different ways.   Music can be healing but what about sound itself?  Sound can be created from crystal bowls.  Crystal bowls come in various sizes and different sizes create different notes. A specialist in this field will know which note is needed to play.  As well as crystal bowls, tuning forks can be purchased in different notes.

Everything around us is made up of vibrational frequencies whether natural or man-made.  Therefore, everything is linked to sound.  Everything vibrates at a frequency that creates its own sound, most of which cannot be picked up by the human ear.  It is the speed of the vibration that holds things together or gives the impression that they are of solid form.

Sound can vibrate on a positive or negative frequency.  Music to one person’s ears may not be music to another’s.  It depends on an individual’s needs at any given time.  Positive and negative sound vibration is everywhere.  Positive and negative sound vibration even goes out from the Earth to the Universe.  It is in the Universe where all energies are balanced, including sound.  It has been proven by scientific means that each planet within our own solar system is vibrating and emitting a different sound wavelength, sounds which we could not perceive with the human ear in some cases. 


What Is Sound Wave Energy?

Nicole La Voie


“SWE” is a holistic approach to healing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the person; enabling the individual to return to a state of harmony and balance through the use of sound frequencies.

We have entered a “new age” of holistic healing for ourselves, and our planet. Our consciousness, and awareness, are rapidly expanding, and our bodies are beginning to rebel against all of the un-natural substances we have used to “cure” ourselves of this dis-ease, or that one. As a result, many of us are now choosing to take an active role in our health. No longer content to passively swallow the latest “cure all” treatment that comes along. Many people believe that light, and sound therapy are the tools for true transformation of dis-ease…at all levels. Specific frequencies have the ability to bring a myriad of changes, both positive and negative, to the body. Among some of the beneficial changes are: increased vitality, circulation, calmness, well-being, personal growth and empowerment, energy, balanced emotions, harmonious personal growth, even a deeper connection to our Source through spiritual growth. Sound healing represents a natural, alternative, holistic approach to wellness for body, mind, and spirit.

Sound Wave Energy was founded in 1992 by French-Canadian Nicole La Voie. Nicole is the creator of the sound wave energy technology (vibrational frequencies), she is an international lecturer, and author of “Return to Harmony: Creating Harmony and Balance through the Frequencies of Sound.”

As a hospital based X-Ray Technician, Nicole was exposed to harmful x-rays during her pregnancy, and her son was born with many deficiencies. At the early age of five his glandular system ceased functioning. He then needed hormone replacement therapy, which improved his condition only marginally. Also, during this time, Nicole herself developed osteoporosis.

Driven by these experiences, and the desire to help her son, she studied Sacred Geometry, Rife technology, worked with crystals, and Homeopathy, became a Reiki Master, and eventually found her way to research in Sound Therapy. This led her to develop the system of frequencies known as Sound Wave Energy (SWE), which has healed her, her son, and many others’ with challenges, at all levels.

Nicole is now totally committed to sharing this simple, effective technique for empowering people to support their own Return to Harmony. Practicioners of psychology, massage therapy, teachers of human spirituality, and various other healing modalities, have incorporated SWE frequencies into their practice, and are reporting dramatic increases in the effectiveness of their work.

The Principle of Resonance
Matter is organized by waveforms and frequencies. We all know that if we have two violins that are tuned exactly the same,and we pluck a string on one of the violins, the plucked string will produce a field of sound energy, that will trigger the other violin’s matching string to begin to vibrate, and produce the same sound. This is called “resonance,” and it happens naturally.
Resonance is a basic principle that affects everyone and everything, all the time. This same principle applies for a person in need of physical healing, and/or mental and emotional transformation. The correct frequency reminds the body’s energy field of its original blueprint, and brings it into harmony. When we are in the presence of a person who is expressing joy, the energy field of

their joy brings our own joy to the surface, so we resonate together. This is true of other manifestations of this principle, in both positive and negative ways.

Create a Symphony


“We are the instruments, We are the orchestra, We are the music.”

Each cell takes part in the symphony of our body. Our role as a conductor is to orchestrate harmony. When a musician (organ or system), produces a sour note, we bring them back into harmony by helping them to retune their instrument, or refocus their attention. We don’t cover up their disharmony or remove them from the orchestra. Each musician (or part of the body), is important in its Divine Expression for the creation of the symphony.


Sound Creates
“In the beginning was the WORD”.
There appears to be a correlation between a specific frequency and the atomic weight of the elements. For instance, if the note of “C”  is low in a person’s voice, chances are the element of the zinc is also low in the body. The frequency of the note of “C” at the second octave is 65.40 cycles per second (hertz), and the atomic weight of the element of zinc is 65.37. So by listening to the frequency of the zinc the cells of the body will receive the vibration; and when the person eats foods that contain zinc, the

body will resonate with this vibration and absorb the zinc. Not only will the body become more balanced, but the voice will improve; for it will produce all the notes in a more harmonious way.


Sound Wave Energy Frequencies

SWE frequencies are based upon Sacred Geometry and the frequencies of minerals, vitamins, noble gases, amino acids and hormones. These frequencies balance and harmonize the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. These different tones will help us achieve balance and eventually we will each hear our own harmonic symphony, creating peace in mind and heart.

If you have read this so far, you probably remember a time when sound and light were very powerful tools. They are tools that you can use as a stepping stone toward understanding your Divine Essence. These tones bring change.