Ishq: The First Lesson for Humankind

Love is for All

Ishq is for the Elect

-Qudra Healing


Panting; we rush to the ocean

Our standard; Tsunami

She sets in

We enter like mad men

We dive, swim above and beneath

Float in peace

Fire sizzles

Flames extinguished

We enter a motionless world

A REAL utopia

Pin drop silence

Waves no more

No trace of I

The Sun handsomely  arrives

Seated upon His throne he shines

We turn to vapor

Instantly disintegrate

An awesome feat

A vanishing act

Vapors traverse up to heaven

Fill clouds with droplets of Love

Love falls as rain

You prayed for rain?

Thank fire!

[Poetry: Qudra Healing]


Annihilation of the self, I, is attained through Ishq, fervent love for any object, person or God among other ways. Here we are speaking in reference to Mortal Love as the Way to Divine Love.

Love came to your feet in the guise of a mortal. The message she brought was a heavenly love letter drenched in wine. In false pride, you claimed piety and rejected her message. My foolish sweetheart, Love came as a teacher unto you! You decided to build an iron wall around your heart and proclaimed, ‘No need have I for mortal love, I only seek Divine!” As Love drifted away, her parting words, ‘Did you think you could reach Divine without Me? By heavens, no! Not even in a million years! Rather, if you choose me as your Path, I’ll take you to your destination. All you have to do is embrace and reciprocate.

To further elaborate, we present one of our favourite stories highlighting this subject as taught by the famed mystic and guide, Jami.

A man once came to the Spiritual Master Jami and asked to become his disciple. He had studied all the scriptures in depth and was surprised when the master asked him: ‘Have you ever been in love?’ He answered, ‘No.’ The master said, ‘Go and fall in love and suffer, then come back.” The man went into the world and acted upon Jami’s advice. When he returned, he eventually became Jami’s successor.

The Path actually begins in Fana for one’s mother. Ishq is the first lesson taught to a baby and the subject of Ishq is the mother. Then later as the child matures, the subjects change and vary. Love, a teacher in multiple forms, imparts lessons that are essential to the Path of Love. Whether one consciously signed up or not to learn these lessons, Love teaches life lessons to all. Mortal love is the Way to Divine Love. Love is the Guru.


Stages of Fana [annihilation] Goal being Divine Presence and Path Entailing Levels of Fana in Sufic Context

Formula Simplified

[Divine] ALLAH ——–> Fana in Muhammed [S] ———> Fana in Ali & Fatima [AS] ——–> Fana in Imams of Ahlul Beit* ———>Fana in Awliah [AS] ———-> Fana in Authorized Ones

The above, starting from the last progressing upwards, is basically the formula entailing the Path of the Elect in the Way of Ihsan.



The Tradition of the Description of Prophet Mohammed and the Golden Ratio Effect

The Golden Number is a product not of mathematical imagination, but of a natural principle related to the laws of equilibrium. We find the criteria of beauty according to Fibonacci is based on the laws of proportion. The 13th Century Italian Leonardo of Pisa, better known  as Fibonacci, was by far the most talented Western mathematician of the Middle Ages. His introduction to Arabic numerals commenced at a young age during his stay in North Africa. It was Fibonacci who introduced Europe to the use of the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, describing its many benefits for merchants and mathematicians as a superior system to that of Roman numerals. By the 5th Century, Arabic prevailed making Roman numerals obsolete.

Inspired recently through a discussion with one of my teachers who hails from the House of Hashim through the descendants of Hasan al Askari, shed light on the subject of beauty and the Golden Ratio. The subject here is not the arithmetic aspect of the Golden Ratio but rather in light of beauty, balance and the human form as per Fibonacci’s theory and Leonardo Da Vinci’s depiction of the perfect man.

“Leonardo envisaged the great picture chart of the human body he had produced through his anatomical drawings and Vitruvian Man as acosmografia del minor mondo (cosmography of the microcosm). He believed the workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe.”


In linking to Vituruvian Man, the Islamic tradition of describing the physical attributes of Mohammed (s), also known as Hilya, we find a common factor in all narrations; equilibrium as his natural state in form, character, mannerism and teachings. That said, the adherents of esoteric Islam believe in the Mohammedan Reality; Haqiqatul Mohammediya, which dwells upon his light being the first of all that was created,

“The first thing Allāh created is the light of Muhammad (s) and that light came and prostrated before Allāh. Allāh divided it into four parts and created from the first part the Throne, from the second the Pen, from the third the Tablet, and then similarly He subdivided the fourth part into parts and created the rest of creation. Therefore the light of the Throne is from the light of the Prophet (s), the light of the Pen is from the light of the Prophet (s), the light of the Tablet is from the light of the Prophet (s), the light of day, the light of knowledge, the light of the sun and the moon, and the light of vision and sight are all from the light of the Prophet (s).” [Al-Khātib Abū al-Rab‘i Muhammad ibn al-Layth in his book Shifā’ al-sudūr ]

The Muhammadan soul (al-rūh al-muhammadīyya) is therefore the quintessence of all created things and the first of them and their origin, as the Prophet said: I am from Allāh and the believers are from me, and Allāh created all souls from me in the spiritual world and He did so in the best form. It is the name of the totality of mankind in that primordial world, and after its creation by four thousand years, Allāh created the Throne from the light of Muhammad himself, and from it the rest of creation. The Muhammadan Light goes from prophet to prophet (min nabīyyin ila nabīyyin) until Allah (swt) causes it to emerge (akhraja) as the physical manifestation of the  Prophet Muhammad (s) as the seal of the line of all prophets, yet first in the process of creation.

That said, we now go back to the concept of beauty as per the teachings of  Fibonacci and Da Vinci. Given that the Creator is perfect, Flawless, Most Beautiful, thus His creation too reflects His beauty and Mohammed (s) being foremost to befit the Golden Ration criterion of human beauty. Creation perceived as a mirror of Divine beauty, we find man to be the most attractive of all creation. The magnetic power of the Prophet’s  (s) beauty, both inner and outer, impacted all those who glanced upon him (s). These individuals became lovers of Mohammed (s), or lovers of Divine Light-Divine Light being this primordial Light; the Mohammedan (s) Light. This love phenomena carries on till today as has been the case of every era, even prior to his physical manifestation as known to us.  Traditions state Adam sought forgiveness through Mohammed (s)  whose name was written on the Divine throne. Prophets who came ‘before’ Mohammed (s) beseeched the Lord to appear as followers of his community in place of Prophethood. Such traditions are too numerous to share here. Aisha (r) the Prophet’s (s) wife, described the beauty of Mohammed (s) in comparison to Joseph who was known to possess half of the all created beauty in the following couplets based on the Qur’anic story of Joseph and the vizier’s wife, Zulaykha, whose friends cut their hands because they were mesmerized by his (Joseph)beauty:

‘If the women who saw Yusuf  cut their hands seeing the beauty of Yusuf. They would have cut their throats if they saw my Yusuf. (referring to the prophet (s).

Imam al-Qurtubi in his book al-Salah explicates: “The perfection of the beauty of the Prophet (s), Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, was not manifested to us fully; for, if it would have appeared in its entirety, our eyes wouldn’t have been able to observe him.”

Another from our Divaan of utterances, we share the same in terms of this mesmerising love,

The Light of Yusef

Yousef’s body thrown into a well

Zulaikha’s heart thrown into a bottomless well named Love

Yusef a Prophet

Zulaikha a plain mortal

Yusef  jailed

Zulaikha blamed

His crime; innocence

Her crime; Love

I fell in love with Light

Through Yusef I saw Habib

Through Habib I saw Him

This light took over my being

My heart melted…

*Habib-among the names of Prophet Mohammed (s)

(copyright Qudra Healing)

Concluding the subject of this post, we come back to the Hilya, as a reflection of the beauty-criterion of the Golden Ratio.  He, Mohammed (s)  representing the personification of the Divine mirror, the ultimate manifestation of cosmic and celestial beauty!


The term hilya (Arabic حلية (plural: ḥilan, ḥulan), Turkish: hilye (plural: hilyeler) denotes a religious genre of Ottoman Turkish literature, dealing with the physical description of Muhammad. Hilya literally means “ornament”.

The Hilya Tradition 

“God is Beautiful and He loves Beauty”

Hasan ibn Ali asked his maternal uncle Hind bin Abi Haalah about the description of the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam). He said about his uncle that he was very capable of describing, he had given an excellent description of the Messenger of Allah (s). He said “I desired to hear this description from him because I wanted something to hold onto”.

Below is a transcript of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s lecture on the Description of the Prophet(S).

  • He was very awe inspiring when you saw him.
  • He was monumental, grand in nature when you saw him.
  • His face was like a moon on laylatul badr. It had a light coming out of it like a moon on laylatul badr.
  • He was taller than a moderate build but not exceedingly tall. If you see somebody very tall then it is strange even amongst tall people. If you see somebody short then it is also noticeable. He was of a middle stature inclining towards height because everything about him was middle.
  • Even his physical description of colour was middle. He was not pasty white and he was not black. He was inclining towards light skin because of the racism of human beings. That is one of the hikmah of that. He was inclining towards light skin because of the racism of human beings. It has to do with the stupidity of human beings in distinguishing between people because of colour. He was a colour like what we call the harvest moon. He was not white nor dark, he was light skinned what we would call in English, a reddy complexion.
  • His hair was neither straight or curly. It was wavy, it was middle. Everything about him was middle. He had a full head and his hair was wavy. If he parted it, it parted. It never went past the lobe of his ears if he allowed it to grow long because sometimes he would cut it for ibadah like the umrah or hajj. It went to the lobe or in some riwayah it went to the shoulder.
  • He did not speak slow or fast. He spoke in a moderate tone. His words were neither too short nor excessive but they were always just right. When he spoke, people felt as it exactly the right amount of words were used. Everything about him was moderation.
  • He had a large forehead which is an indication of high quality. He had a vein on his forehead. If he got upset they could see the vein.
  • His eyebrows were full and there was a slight space between them.
  • The upper part of his nose was aqualine. He had a beautiful nose that had a bridge on the upper part. He had a light that came from that area of his face that was clearly discernible.
  • He had a full beard and his eyes were very dark.
  • He had high beautiful cheek.
  • He had a mouth that was full so when he spoke his pronunciation was perfect.
  • His teeth were beautiful, there was a slight space in the teeth.
  • He had a light hair on his chest which was manliness without having a lot of hair.
  • His neck was like a gazelle’s neck. He had a beautiful neck and a high neck. It had like a beautiful silvery clarity to it.
  • He was balanced in all of his outward aspects. He had a strong build and it was all perfectly formed.
  • His stomach and chest were equal. He never had a large stomach. He had no paunch. Even when he was in his sixties, his stomach was always flat. He had light hair on his stomach. He had no hair over his breasts.
  • He was full chested and his shoulders were broad. He had large bones.
  • He had hair on his arms and he was sinewy and strong.
  • There was a space in his trachea.
  • His limbs were strong and he had full calves.
  • His feet were very smooth.  Because they were desert people and they walked a lot, their feet would have a lot of roughness to them. His feet were smooth that water would pour off them.
  • When he walked, he walked softly but he was quick paced as if he was walking on an incline.
  • When he looked at somebody, he did not just move his head, he turned his entire body to give full attention to that person.
  • He looked more at the ground than he did up. His glance was generally down because of the power of his glance. When he looked at people, he did not maintain his stare. He would look then move away. As he looked at people, he never fixed his focus on people because of the effect that would have on people.

On Self Love by Louise Hay

By Saira M

Fashion Designer, Artist and Professional Etiquette Trainer and Coach, Saira, shares her summary on a recent subject we covered with seekers: Self Love, by Louise Hay.

As the saying goes “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Begin with self love. Then love others. To do this, take these steps:

1.) Stop all criticism.
  •  Never criticize yourself again. Accept yourself exactly as you are.
  • Choose thoughts that are nurturing and uplifting.
2.) Don’t scare yourself.
  • Be there for yourself. Stop making mountains out of molehills.
  • No negative thoughts
  • Pick a favorite image and whenever you start having negative thoughts think of that calming peaceful image you love, It could be anything you like.
3.) Be gentle, kind and patient with yourself.
  • Like gardening, what seeds do you need to plant to get what you want in your life?
  • Pluck out the weeds, i.e. negative thoughts.
4.) Be kind to your mind.
  • Self hatred is hating your thoughts. Just change your thoughts.
  • Think thoughts that build you up rather than beat you up.
  • Stop blaming yourself. Only take responsibility. This means making a conscious decision of how to respond to experiences. Thinking well of yourself is kindness. Respond to yourself in this way.
  • Meditate and visualize what you like. This is very important.
5.) Praise yourself.
  • Tell yourself how well you’re doing everything.
  • Allow yourself to accept good.
  • Ask yourself what is your purpose? What are you willing to do to get what you deserve? How much mental effort are you willing to put in, using visualizations, affirmations, etc.
6.) Support yourself
  • Allow people to help you.
  • stop trying to do everything yourself
7.) Be loving to your negatives
  • We all do negative things in our lives
  • We don’t have to be stuck with these negatives. Release these negatives with love. Allow new things to come.
  • You are never wrong. You are always doing your best until you find a better way to deal with the situation.
  • Being angry at ourselves doesn’t help.
  • Use humor as healing.
8.) Take care of your body.
  • It is your house. Love it. Exercise. Watch what you put into it.
  • Part of loving ourselves is feeling our feelings and that’s okay.
  • Take nutrition into your own hands.
  • Do mirror work
Some of Louise Hay’s beliefs: I am safe wherever I am. I have ordered from the “cosmic kitchen’. Everything will come to me at the right time. I’m always learning. We become more of who we are, rather than becoming better people. Let go of whatever doesn’t work for you anymore. All is well in my world. Everything is always for my highest benefit. We should create a set of guidelines that work for us including:
  • Loving ourselves
  • loving others
  • releasing negative thoughts
  • doing everything we can to make ourselves happy.


Elohim Allah HU


This article is dedicated in memory of Mystic Baba Khalwat Dar Anjaum, who recently returned to his Beloved. May the choicest favours enshroud Baba Anjamun who tirelessly spread the message of love.

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem


The song of all, Allah HU.

The ancients of Babylonians chanted ‘Allah.’ Al- a Cannanite name of God and Elohim-God in Hebrew. HaShem is Allah; Elohim. When souls assemble  to chant; in Zikr; to remember, a commemoration takes place remembering the great primordial gathering where all souls assembled praising, proclaiming, affirming through the great Chant,  “Indeed you are our Lord.” HaShem asked in that realm, Am I not HaShem? Yes, we all replied. Allah asked, Alas tu bi Rabbikum? Am I not your Lord, Indeed (Bala), all souls replied.

Zikr means to remember.  Acoustics are a medium to reacquaints us with our original state of remembrance. Repetition in Zikr serves the same purpose as affirmations. Zikr begins with tongue and with constant repetition of a particular mantra, it makes it way into the heart engraving the same. Mantras or Zikr are Divine words and phrases formulated to impact the subconscious mind and the heart chakra. The language used in Zikr is Arabic. Arabic like Sanskrit is believed to be an ancient revealed language carrying potent vibrational properties with every sound, syllable and letter. Tradition states that an Angel is appointed for every letter and to say in the least, we are reciting syllables, words and phrases supported with Angelic energy, which in effect heal our spirit. Chanting words  for which temporal shedding of the ego through trance induced states dissolves man made barriers between body and soul.  In order to enhance the acoustic effect play a significant role in energetic healing, Zikr gatherings chant synchronized mantras which may be accompanied with instruments.  According to researcher and sound expert, Dr. Johen, chants treat ailments and mood.   Zikr creates the DMT effect where our cells become supercharged through vibrations to the frequencies created through each individual present in the chant.  We gather to praise, to proclaim the love of Ila, Elohim.

I will praise you, HaShem my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever. Tehillim (Psalms) 86:12

Proclaim He is One. Allah , the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born. Nor is there to Him any equivalent

(Quran Ikhlaas)


What more a beautiful gathering on this plane where cast, creed and tradition aside, and all come together and remembering the day we praised, proclaimed and affirmed, “Verily you are our Lord.”


 Let us recite Fatiha for all those who live for love and left united in Love.
Ameen, Amen.

Manifest What you Desire Through Vibration

consciousness-scale-vibrationThe secret key of manifestation is that we do not create reality by what we think but by what we feel. Everything is vibration and we attract those things that we are in vibrational resonance with. Basically, our vibration represents feeling. It is our feelings that attract our experiences. The Law of Attraction states that the more we experience the feeling of having what we desire, the more we will have it. Higher vibrations and feelings is the medium by which our desires will manifest faster. The more positive feelings we can experience about ourself and our desires, the easier and faster we experience our desires manifesting into our world.

Emotions help us create reality. When we believe in something, love and cherish it, we can thus create it, manifest it. We have the power to manifest anything our heart desires. This can be related to the power of Kun Fa Ya Koon, Arabic for “Be and it is!” A power which has been understood as exclusive for Divine yet in reality, gifted to man.  If there is anything we desire to create more of, we need to focus upon it. Whatever we turn your attention to, we create. What we give out, we get back. Emotion is energy and energy attracts like energy according to the Law of Attraction. Our feelings create reality. Choose to engage in things that generate in ourself the feeling of experiencing what we want and in alignment to what we desire.

The are three main states of vibration that one can resonate at.

The lowest is the state of unhappiness. In this state you feel depressed, overwhelmed, bored, angry, heavy, helpless and so on. Your world is full of rain and darkness, and that is what you tend to create.

The middle is the state of monotony. In this state, you operate on automatic pilot. You just do things because you should do them.  The world and your environment appears to foggy and monotonous. When you operate predominantly at this frequency, you tend to create and thus attract more of the same old thing.

The highest is the state of joy.  At this frequency, you feel fully alive and on fire. You are excited about everything that comes your way, and you are in the flow. You operate from inspiration, and desire. You are transformed into a passionate person who lives with purpose and is aligned with one’s calling. When you operate at this frequency, you naturally attract your heart  desires.

You are unhappy because you are unhappy, and you are happy because you are happy.-Unknown

We attract what we signal, like a vibrational transmitter. We are constantly sending out signals that tell the universe who we are in this moment. Therefore, we naturally attract that which is in harmony with our state of being, and repel that which is out of sync with our state.

In the instance of wealth, If our energetic self radiates wealth and abundance, our physical reality will reflect wealth and abundance. In contrast, If our energetic self radiates anger and frustration, our physical reality will reflect that as well. This can be applied to any given situation whether it be love, abundance or creating desirable circumstances. Once we can accept that our vibrational self attracts compatible patterns, it becomes clear that if we want to experience something different in our life, we must somehow change the signals we are sending out.

Tuning into our Vibrational Symphony

Listen to the vibrational symphony on our  being requires us to quiet our mind, tune in to our inner being, and listen to internal broadcasting radio station that is you. What types of signals are you broadcasting in this moment? A practice of catching ourselves in thoughts at various times of the day is a self check on the current vibration we are transmitting. A practice known in Zen, Yogic and Islamic esoteric traditions.

Vibrational Equilibrium

Plutchiks Wheel Of Emotions

Our vibrational being acclimatizes to our environment and we tend to draw toward equilibrium over a gradual period of time. If our current life situation appears fairly stable, it’s safe to say that we are maintaining equilibrium.

Factors that effect our vibrational frequency, include our living space, the people we associate with, our work or professional  environment, places and events we participate in, our belongings etc. When our being is immersed in a field of these signals,  this encourages us to vibrate at the same level. As the famous saying goes, “You are your five closest friends.”

Therefore, If we continue to surround ourselves with signals that reinforce our current state, then that state will persist indefinitely thus maintaining our vibrational equilibrium. We may stray from it occasionally, yet will be brought back  to it if that’s our overall equilibrium.

In order for us to shift our equilibrium, we need to break the old equilibrium. This means we consciously disconnect between our current vibration and the environmental vibrations that are compatible with it. There are basically two ways to do this.

The first, according to Abraham Hicks, holding our desired thought for as little as 17 seconds, we can shift our own vibration to create a lasting disconnect with your current environment. If you start transmitting a new signal, you’ll soon repel whatever in your environment is incompatible with your new signal. Gradually, with regularity in conscious thoughts and emitting the desired vibration, we will begin attracting other people, events, and experiences that are compatible with our new signal. By holding the new vibration long enough, we will see visible differences in our physical you’ll see your whole physical reality change all around us. You can apply this approach by visualizing our goals very vividly for at least 20 minutes per day. Visualize in such a way that we can FEEL strong emotions. An emotional shift indicates that you’re broadcasting a new signal. The longer we can hold this new vibration, the faster our reality will shift.

The second method is to intentionally replace many of your environmental signals with new ones.

We can apply this approach by changing our environmental landscape — physically, socially, and otherwise. For example, stop spending time with friends who do not share similar vibes, rather work towards hanging out with individuals who are the  productive and reflect high levels of positivity. This will feel uncomfortable initially, but eventually we will start to integrate those new signals, and our own vibrational pattern will soon shift to come into resonance with these new people.

Creating What You Desire


We can identify a new vibration by clearly visualizing our goals until we feel different emotions, and those emotions stabilize at a certain point. Notice how your vibrational inner being feels, not just emotionally but energetically. Then return to your old state, and notice the vibrational difference between the two states. Compare and contrast the old vibration with the new one.

Learning to sense and control the vibrational frequencies you’re emitting is a powerful tool. Once we get the hang of it,   intentionally shifting our frequency at will to experience the desired effect become second nature. For instance, If we want to experience wealth, you can create that. If you want to experience a new relationship, you can create that too. If you want high energy and good health, you can create that as well.

Living in the Vibration of Love

Excerpted below from Sacred Secrets by Shirley Marshall, Ph.D, on how to stay in the Vibration of Love,

You know when you’re living in the love vibration because you can feel it. It feels like a natural high. It is a feeling of connection, of wholeness, of lightness and expansion. Meditation, miracles of nature, emotional ecstasy, and places of awesome beauty can give us similar feelings of bliss.

To continually live in the love vibration takes considerable commitment and vigilance. It is all too easy to regress into fear, judgment, or self-righteousness. No matter how spiritual we think we are, we are still having the human experience of trials and tribulations, progress and relapse. And it’s all right. We don’t have to deny or condemn our human vulnerabilities. The goal is to be positive and let the intelligence of our heart guide us. …

Prayer, meditation, inspirational readings, and service to others are all excellent ways to attract connection, wholeness, and love. Other strategies include:

  • Seeking the good in everyone and everything.
  • Bringing trust to adversity.
  • Being grateful for all that we have.
  • Taking the high road in any conflicted situation or relationship.
  • Creating a sacred space of peace and beauty in which to renew.
  • Caring for living things. …

Love is the elixir for joy and the antidote to pain. Love fuels the fire of our passion. Love lifts us from our limitations to our potential. Love transcends time and space. Love transmutes differences and prejudices. Love heals. Love is the vibration of Spirit, the song of the Universe. Love is the Alpha and the Omega. S.Marshall

In summary, the art of practicing conscious thought and being aware of our emotions generated as a result and keeping in the vibration of love are all key to manifesting what we truly desire. The power lies within ourself and the secret is knowing how to tap into our vibrational symphony and maintaining the right vibes.


Rhonda Byrne’s 21 Day Online Gratitude Program- The Magic

Amber prayer beads gift from the grandson of the last Hashemite King of Hijaaz, Arabia
Amber prayer beads gift from the grandson of the last Hashemite King of Hijaaz, Arabia

By far #1 book recommended on Gratitude. No one explains it better than Rhonda Byrne- An Earth Angel in deed! The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

“The evidence of gratitude’s power working is always that first and foremost it makes you happy. The secondary evidence of gratitude’s power is that you attract wonderful things. And as if that wasn’t enough, the happiness you feel after practising gratitude also attracts more wonderful things, which will make you even happier.” Rhonda Byrne

Easy To Follow Video Course on Gratitude-Attract Abundance through Gratitude. Walks you from Day 1 to Day 21


Master Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee on Oneness & Rose Winstanley Trefz’s Vision

Master Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee on Oneness


There are also forces that stand in the way of this new awakening, that want to keep us in the grip of their power structures, to keep us enslaved with greed and self-centered desires. They have even polluted the spiritual arena, where self-improvement rather than selfless service is encouraged. One cannot sell devotion or market how to give oneself. Love has no power structures or hierarchies; it is not for sale. It passes freely from heart to heart along the web of oneness that connects us all. But in the dense patterns of our worldly thought-forms we have forgotten that the real gifts of God, like the sunlight, are always free. For centuries the secrets of divine love and the knowledge of oneness has passed freely from heart to heart in secret, while the world went about its unheeding ways. But the need of the time is that it come out into the light now, so that it can be lived in the world.

A web of light has been created around the world to help us make this transition. Through this web the invisible is already becoming visible, the signs of God already revealing themselves in a new way. In the energy of divine oneness the opposites have already come together. But love needs us to bring this potential into manifestation, to make it part of the fabric of daily life. Without our participation the potential will ebb into a fading promise of something that might have happened.

This is the work of lovers, of those in service to His love. Lovers know how to give themselves to the moment, to be awake in the eternal now. They are not afraid of the consequences of their actions because they know that only His love is real. They honor their soul’s pledge to witness His oneness. In the mirror of their heart a secret is being born, and in the network of lovers this secret is coming alive. Humanity has forgotten that the world can only be transformed through love, that love is the greatest power in creation. But His lovers have always known this, and long ago they gave themselves to the work of His love.

Without this central note of pure love, the future will remain just a dream and the patterns of the past will close more tightly around us. With love joy will return, and joy will cleanse away the pollution of the world, the negative thought-forms and patterns of greed that devour so much of our energy and life force. When joy returns to the hearts and lives of humanity, the whole world will come alive in a new way. The soul of the world will sing the oneness of God and we will know why we are here.

Vision  shared by Rose Winstanley-Trefz

The Ascended Masters of Grace are beckoning humanity to unite under the banner of LOVE for the sake of Universal harmony. Today we take the honour of sharing a beautiful dream which has been in ‘incubation’ since 2003. The TIME is NOW to share based on inspiration. We thank Light Worker Rose Winstanley-Trefz for the timely release.

“How many have powerful dreams? My dream, which was more like a daydream came from what I authored, called ‘Awaken, the time is now’ What, we must wonder is, how many other women have dreams like this one in which the Divine Feminine is beckoning?
In my dream I was observing a magical place, like a huge arena, in which there were several people sitting in a semi-circle in the center of this stage. These people appeared to be in a deep state of meditation. These figures had an absolute sense of serenity about them and a look of peacefulness on their faces and you could sense this loving energy that encompassed everything around them, including me. I felt like I was being embraced by an invisible wave of warmth, love and acceptance.
These figures emitted a brightness of light that shone outwards from their bodies like prisms. The radiant energy in this place was so vibrant and electrifying, yet paradoxically I had this feeling of inner calm and serenity like nothing I had ever felt before in my life. I knew I was here in this place for a very specific reason and that this moment was the most important one of my life.
As I watched, a powerful looking elderly man with a great, flowing white beard and a brilliantly white robe spoke to a younger man who had a gentle face and a light around him which made him shine like the sun. His essence, everything about him was golden, including his robe. “Son, we have all the elements in place. Our children are ready now. We will proceed.” The one in the golden robe turned to his neighbor and looked at him lovingly. This man with his radiant smile had a look of such compassion, and with the sparkle in his eyes, I knew that the person before me was known as Buddha, the Enlightened One.
I suddenly felt a rush of air around me, and I recalled a book I had just read about the early Gnostic’s and I completely understood their concept of gnosis, this inner “knowing”.
As Buddha looked to his neighbor and ever so lightly touched him, this man looked up and with his piercing dark eyes so intense and powerful, it was clear this was the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. The last figure stood and began doing the Sun Salutation, a series of movements that I had learned from my yoga classes. Krishna, with his liquid, mesmerizing, flowing movements, was the embodiment of meditation in motion.
A couple of other figures entered this most holy place. These were the most beautiful women ever imaginable. They were so dazzling, with their long robes that had what appeared to be thousands of glittering gems around them reflecting all the light. All the men rose and bowed respectfully to them.
The golden robed man embraced the taller of these two woman, “Greetings, Mother Sophia.” Sophia in the Greek language, means wisdom. Most people aren’t aware of the significance of the Divine Feminine aspect of God which has been so neglected throughout history. Jeshua lovingly embraced the women. The last woman he approached, as he looked deeply into her eyes was, “Mary.” For the briefest instant the love between them flashed like a spark and I was encompassed by sheer powerful force of it.
Mother Sophia embraced each one of her son’s, and said. “Let us begin.” She took the hand of Moses and Buddha and sat down. Mother Sophia turned to look directly at me and I heard the words, “Awaken, awaken children. The time is now.”
At 4:30 a.m., 9/24/03 I awoke with the words echoing through my head, “get paper and pen and write.” I wanted to go back to sleep, but this sense of urgency, this nagging message continued until I was driven from my bed to my desk where I wrote non-stop for three hours. ‘Awaken,The Time Is Now’ is the result. Time has passed since I wrote that first draft, and it has sat in my files until now. This bit of writing keeps coming to mind. It calls to me and insists that I do something with it. So grateful to share it with others now. ”
Rose Winstanley-Trefz

Universal Law of Forgiveness


Law of Forgiveness


By Amanda Butler

Imagine waking up one morning and there is a glow about you, burdens of the past have been lifted, the heaviness of your heart has been lightened. You no longer are filled with pain, grief, anger, or resentment, and your spirit feels free to live once again. You feel an energy that allows you to love and create from your brilliant Diamond Essence! You may ask how can this be, how can this happen for me?

It is through the Law of Forgiveness that the gates open to the Kingdom of Heaven, but it’s not the Heaven above. Rather it is the Heaven that we can create within and here on earth by fully embracing the vibration of Love (Living Only Vibrant Energy). If we lived in a world in which only love and acceptance existed, would we need the Law of Forgiveness? We would not. Forgiveness is needed because, at some point, there is judgment or blame of Self, others, or a situation. When judgment and blame occur, separation is created, and love is no longer present. When love is present, there is no longer separation or the need for forgiveness.

“Forgiveness of another (or your Self) restores the truth of one’s own being. It brings freedom, transparency, and the restoration of life. Any process leading to understanding can accomplish this. When your life is transparent you are free, wise, and of service to all,” wrote Glenda Green in The Keys of Jeshua. However, forgiveness cannot be only a mental process through rationalization, thoughts, and words, it must be felt within the heart and given from the heart. Forgiveness is a tool and empty words or gestures cannot bring to us the energies of love, compassion, and acceptance. Forgiveness allows us access to such vibrations, feelings, and knowingness.

Why is there a need to forgive? The lack of forgiveness creates grief, despair, resentment, and anger within your heart and mind. It skews your perception of what’s really True, leads you to make assumptions and decisions based on false perimeters, and generates unhappiness and lack of fulfillment within your life. The wound is an incomplete energetic cycle and, if left unresolved, it is perpetuated in other relationships and situations and can eventually manifest as physical illness and dis-ease within any body of consciousness.

Understand, we invite people and situations into our lives so we may create, experience, learn, heal, and/or grow. It may be for one or all of these reasons. In doing so, we are playing out karmic relationships or soul agreements. Karmic relationships are based on balancing a deficit rather than a soul agreement to fulfill a common purpose where there is a sense of harmony for those involved. Karma is a contract in which two souls have agreed to complete a specific lesson or an energetic cycle from the past.

Some karmic relationships can be quite challenging while others are extremely gratifying and productive. It depends on the nature of the agreement and the maturity and perspective of the individuals involved. If the agreement is about healing the past, judgment usually exists about Self or one another and forgiveness is necessary. Within the experience of judgment, one is right or wrong, good or bad rather than the acceptance of just ‘what is’. There is comparison that one truth is better than or less than, one is more valued while the other is undervalued. Understanding the true sense of Nature, all truths are actually the sum of the whole.

Forgiveness is not about condoning an action that may have hurt you, but it is an understanding and honoring of why it occurred and the process of letting it go. It is not about forgetting what happened but about accepting what was and what no longer will be. Have you heard “I forgive you but I’ll not forget what you’ve done!” and it is said with malice and vengeance? Know that this is not True forgiveness. Forgiveness is about moving from the past which is dead energy to the present of where you and the other are today. Did you learn, grow, and heal from your experience? The past is a record to be utilized for discernment but not to keep your Self or another in a box which no longer is True and no longer serves either of you.

Honoring and accepting one’s own and the other’s unique truth, you create a bridge for each to freely create and live their own soul’s purpose and path. As each person is unique, so is their path, my path is not yours and yours is not mine. It is the honoring of the paths that allows the freedom for each to uniquely express.

The Energy Forms associated with the Law of Forgiveness are the balance of the Masculine and Feminine Heart Forms bridged through the energy of the Blue Diamond. The Blue Diamond holds the Divine Truth of your God cell consciousness. By utilizing these forms through breathing the infinity breath, you are assisted in letting go of the past and forgiving your Self, others, or situations. As you breathe out your pain into the forms, you must create the intention of healing and forgiveness then breathe back in the energies of love, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. Allow the forms to help you release the pain, even if there is resistance or the need to hold on or to be right, commit to receive the transformation from pain to love and joy. You can consciously choose to open your heart to your Self, the other, or the circumstance and to love once again!