Latest UFO Message from Young Seeker

Our youngest seeker shared a dream today,

Her advice initiated with a request to remove the latest UFO High Tech Cities in Hijaz post as these beings are making their presence in Hijaz, more specifically Jeddah and do not wish to have the subject discussed openly. This post may appear as pure drama, so let’ just presume we are speaking about a cartoon.

Dreamer relates,

“From country X UFO’s were sent to Arabia. They were seen in Jeddah. The entities approached a group of people with an overall heightened consciousness. This group was a small group rather. The entities selected a young female candidate to question. This candidate was to answer all their questions, some of which had to be written. Some from the group were in denial while others aware of their presence. You were also present in the dream. There was a concern in regards to a post of yours which was not supposed to be shared openly. I do not know which one, but that it should be removed. This is best as the alien entities  wish not be prematurely unveiled or talked about.”


After our conversation with this young lady, the computer in our room started to make odd noises. Assuming it was a youtube soundtrack, it turned out to be electrical rather robotic sounds. Hence, we shut the device and I thought it best to update here (another error?).  Our last post on this site has been and similar to the past posts on the same topic, UFO sightings and related dreams, we had a few odd happenings which lead me to the same conclusion…remove the posts. These entities are aware of who is who especially those who talk and release information; The Informers. Our last intended post was perhaps an affront against their local community as they simply do NOT like anyone to discuss or unveil their workings and if done without consent, those same informants would then fall in their radar zone.

That’s all folks from the drama scene of KSA. We bring you what others don’t.




Telepathic Message from Persian Cat: Pray for the Animals of the World

A female seeker in training at Qudra Healing narrates the following message sent telepathically from her Persian cat, Bubbles, which usually communicates to this seeker,


Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 11.26.58
Bubbles the Persian Mystic Cat: “…pray for the animals of the world”


I have had a white Persian cat with bright yellow eyes for the past twelve years. It wasn’t until her twelfth year in my household though (I have lived abroad a large part of these twelve years), that she fell sick. This is how I realized how much she meant to me. I thought of the days she was a kitten and wondered at how old she was now. I started praying for her recovery. Now, I see her and I appreciate the beauty of Allah and His creation. In the sense that I imagine how gorgeous, powerful and mighty Allah is if He can make a cat so unique and who carries so much presence. She has a habit, especially now that we have grown closer, to come and sit by me. So when I prayed my sunset prayer and sought things within me to pray for I thought of my cat and how sick she is and I prayed for her cure. It was around this time that I felt like she had started communicating with me telepathically.  She thanked me via thoughts or telepathy and asked me to pray for her and this is how I had the idea to do so. I could hear her thoughts, and continuing in her message she asked that I pray for the animal world. Apparently she is aware that humans are destroying the planet and animals are suffering from their hands. She sends messages daily to me…


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We present modern day Paranormal Research Expert and Guru; Rosemary Ellen Guiley.  A leading expert on the paranormal and supernatural.  The author of more than 45 books – including 9 encyclopedias – and hundreds of articles in print on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual and mystical topics, she possesses an exceptional knowledge of the field.

Her encyclopedias on ghosts and spirits, angels, vampires and werewolves, magic and alchemy, witchcraft, demons, dreams, mystical and paranormal experience and saints are considered essential sources for authors, researchers,novelists and screenwriters,  film and documentary producers, and paranormal investigators. Her work has been translated into 14 languages and has been selected by major book clubs around the world. She appears in television programs, documentaries and docu-dramas with paranormal themes, and makes numerous media and lecture appearances, including colleges and universities. She conducts original field investigations of haunted and mysterious sites.


Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert on the paranormal and supernatural.  The author of more than 45 books – including 9 encyclopedias – and hundreds of articles in print on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual and mystical topics, she possesses an exceptional knowledge of the field.


Her encyclopedias on ghosts and spirits, angels, vampires and werewolves, magic and alchemy, witchcraft, demons, dreams, mystical and paranormal experience and saints are considered essential sources for authors, researchers,novelists and screenwriters,  film and documentary producers, and paranormal investigators. Her work has been translated into 14 languages and has been selected by major book clubs around the world. She appears in television programs, documentaries and docu-dramas with paranormal themes, and makes numerous media and lecture appearances, including colleges and universities. She conducts original field investigations of haunted and mysterious sites.





Rosemary Ellen’s research is in sync with Quranic and Prophetic Sources.



By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

The following are some of the most common questions  asked about the Djinn.  The answers are based on research, investigations in the field, personal experiences, and reports from colleagues and individuals who have had Djinn encounters.

Q:  Where do the Djinn live?

A:  They exist in a parallel dimension in the physical world.  They are “here” – but in a place we cannot normally experience.  It is around a bend in space, so to speak.

Q: Do Djinn take human form, and how can they be recognized?

A:  They can shape shift into human form, either male form or female.    There may be something striking or odd about them, especially in their eyes.   They may exhibit unusual behavior.

Q:  What other forms do Djinn take?

A:  As shape-shifters, probably almost anything that suits their purposes.  People sometimes see them as gray mist or smoke that rapidly changes shape as they move.  They also take on dark silhouettes such as Shadow People (see below).  They can appear solid but go through walls, and they can appear and disappear in an instant.

Q:  Do Djinn eat?

A:  They can eat human food when they take human form, but our food does not sustain them.  It gives them pleasure.  They can absorb the essence of food, and things like the molecules from tobacco smoke, which provide enjoyment. Their main source of nourishment is the absorption of energy from life forms.   The best is the draining of a soul, but is difficult to do and is considered unlawful.  It  is, however, practiced by certain powerful  renegrade Djinn.  The vampiric absorption of the life force can be quite detrimental to people, and cause health problems.

Q:  Do the Djinn ever sing or whistle?

A:  Yes, the Djinn have their own music and language, and they do sing and whistle, just like people.   Their own language sounds like a mixture of Latin and ancient tongues from the Middle East, such as Sumerian.

Q:  Do the Djinn create poltergeist disturbances?

A:  Yes, if it suits their purposes.  They can make noises, smells, apparitional forms, shadow people forms, and apports – objects that appear out of nowhere.

Q:  Can the Djinn cause nightmares?

A:  Yes, like some other entities, they can cause unpleasant dreams, especially “dreams” that are real experiences in an alternate reality.  When they wish to manipulate and control, they are capable of interfering in sleep.

Q:  Can the Djinn influence thoughts?

A:  Yes, they can affect moods and thoughts, and they can influence a person according to that person’s own inclinations – but they cannot influence or cause people to act against their own free will.  The Djinn have free will, too.

Q: Can the Djinn cause physical injury?

A: Yes, but they take such actions only when they feel they or their family or clan have been harmed or wronged by a person, much as a human would react in a protective way.   In rare cases, they can cause harm in several ways.  One is like an electrical shock to the system.  Also, they can knock a person down, cause things to fall on him, and alter his body to cause illness.  Hostile Djinn can act out in unprovoked aggressive ways just as criminal human beings do.  Malevolent Djinn are often called “devils,” but they are not the equivalent to the Western concept of demons.

Q: How can you tell the difference between Djinn and demons?

A:  It’s often hard to tell the difference, as the Djinn are artful at masquerades.  Sometimes they are identified through a process of elimination in terms of expulsion remedies.  Djinn are more likely to communicate with people than some other kind of entities, and especially in a derisive way.  Psychically sensitive people develop the ability to sense the distinctive Djinn energy signatures.

Q:  Can the Djinn possess people?

A:  Djinn often attach to the body’s field of energy rather than enter – and possibly become entrapped in – the body itself.  They can take over a person to alter mood and behavior.

Q:  Are the Shadow People really Djinn?

A:  I  have been studying Shadow People for many years and have come to the conclusion that this is a form taken by Djinn. The Shadow People often manifest as the silhouette of a tall man wearing a coat or cape and sometimes a hat.  There are no facial features.  They are usually bedroom visitors.

Q: Are there ways to minimize Djinn visitations?

A:  Like dealing with all kind of entities, one must often experiment to find an effective solution, as results vary by individual.  However, many people have found that leaving lights, radios and television sets on dampen down paranormal experiences in general.  The fields of energy generated by these devices may interfere with the energy fields of the Djinn, as well as other kinds of entities.  Some people also have success with prayer, invocations of angels, and with forcefully telling the intruders to leave.

Q: How do you exorcize the Djinn?

A:  Many techniques are advertised, but it has been acknowledged by Middle Eastern scholars for centuries that if the Djinn don’t want to go, it is difficult to force them out.  Some may agree to go with bargaining and persuasion, and some may agree to go as a ruse, only to return at a later time.  Some may go if they fear punishment from more powerful Djinn or angels, who can be invoked against them.  The ancient practice of beating a demoniac may make the physical body too unpleasant for them.  Some of them have an ancient and strong attachment to the land and can resist dislodgment.  It is a mistake for Christian demonologists to think that remedies applied against Satanic demons will always work against the Djinn.  In some cases, they might be effective, but in others they will not.

Q:  Are there any Djinn who want to be helpful to humans?

A: Djinn come in all persuasions, attitudes and mindsets, just like humans.  Not all of them are hostile or unfriendly.  Some are indifferent and don’t want to be bothered with us, and an even smaller number may be inclined to be helpful, provided it serves their own interests as well.  However, the final word is, none of them can likely be trusted.  They should not be equated with spiritual guides or angels.

Q:  Do Djinn reincarnate?

A:  As far as is known, no.  They live very long lifespans, hundreds of perhaps even thousands of years.  Like humans, they have the potential to ascend to an enlightened state of being.

Protection From Djinn’s:

A consistent practice of meditation and prayers is the most potent protective shield against entities, possessions, invasions and visitations. The soul and aura  is strengthened which serves as a repellent against entities.

  • Daily Meditation (mantras, prayers, vibrational sound healing)
  • Cleanliness
  • Positivism as a way of Life


Djinn Expert Ben Halima of France Expounds of Jinns, Black Magic and Evil Eye



Education to Empower

Our Qudra Healing Program is an all in one program designed to empower the seeker HOW TO

  • self help
  • removal of negative energy
  • practical guideline
  • traditional and modern healing techniques
  • Law of Attraction
  • protective precaution to strengthen one’s aura





Total Tao of Home ad Office








  • Assessing Energies in home and Office
  • Total Transformation of environment
  • Attract positive energy
  • Removal of negative energies
  • Practical guidelines and full course included.

Dream of Lady Fatima

Lady Fatima
Artist’s depiction of Lady Fatima


Latest dream received from a lady in Jeddah, (Rajab) May 2014:

A Visit to the Resting Place of Lady Fatima al Zahra in Madina & the Secret Link of the Fatimi Prayer

During and after my eldest sister’s passing away, my younger sister and I have been regularly praying certain prayers that are found in Ahle Bait narrations. Additionally, on the day Qudra came for a healing session for my ailing sister in the hospital, she administered a particular prayer associated with Lady Fatima al Zahra, which is read among her descendants, in order for us to recite.
As a direct result of the related prayers of Lady Fatima, I was shown the following dream:
In the dream I saw myself and my sister taking a journey on our own from Jeddah to the sanctified city of Madina Al Munawara to Masjid-e-Nabi (Prophet Mohammed’s Mosque)
We used a new mode of transportation to reach there. In order to enter the Mosque, we stood in a queue to pay for the duration of stay at the mosque. Just as we pay for parking space when accessing certain commercial areas. (I was quite astonished at what I witnessed as this is not the norm)
Before paying the entry fee, I submitted my sister’s and my ID cards. The lady glanced at my ID and said they need clarification on our identity. So she phoned another senior admin staff.

When I asked the lady, what was the entire problem about? Why we need this ‘clarification’..
The lady working at the Mosque, stated, “you are Hashimite”
She gave me, a master card with our full names which we were supposed to be using for future visits to Prophet’s Mosque.
On the card, I clearly saw the word “Hashimite”..
I entered the mosque.
It appeared more like the Grand Mosque in Makkah than that of Madina.
My sister and I quickly walked towards a white stair case which was designed to take us to the female section.
We took the staircase and came down, it turned to night and we were in some remote place and no longer in the Mosque’s premises.. I looked to my right, and saw a small horizontal, maintained but not renovated white building. I read the sign board, which stated in dark green text, “Fatima Al Zahra” in English and Arabic.
While I was about to enter the building, I saw a grave like structure, I thought –
“ Is this Fatima Az-Zahra’s grave? Should I walk over it? NO, it’s wrong..”
So I walked beside it respectfully and entered the building by opening a large rectangular door covered with aged black leather. Following in my steps was my sister.
My sister and I entered a room. In this room, I saw a small group of women, approximately 7-9, were praying and meditating, deeply engrossed in worship.
Just as we stood for prayer, raising my hand to recite, “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great).. I awoke.
Peace be upon Lady Fatima and her descendants.


Global Full Moon Meditation Event 19:19, Wednesday May 14th, 2014

Full Moon Meditation Event-19:19, Wednesday May 14th, 2014-05-14-15th Rajab

Divine Feminine Energy Shift to Take Place

This sacred month of Rajab is famed for Divine Favor, outpouring and Grace. The Universe is shifting towards the Feminine embracing all through the Energy of Love.

Article: Feminine Energy Shift

Event Page



DREAMS  transport one from a state of limitation to unlimited possibilities. Many a time dreams are therapeutic and foretell future events. They unveil realities and serve as premonitions also. The following dream was shown recently to a participant for tomorrow’s Full Moon Meditation. She requested us to not disclose her identity.

“Upon joining the moon meditation event, I saw the following dream the same night.
I was preparing for a flight to the moon. The vehicle was a space shuttle, just as an astronaut would travel in. The only difference was that I did not require a space suit. I was excited, happy and looking forward for this extra ordinary journey! It seemed as if “normal” to travel to the moon. I unconsciously practice moon gazing and HIGHLY RECOMMEND those who know ‘how to,’ to do so tomorrow.

Blessing to All,
Moon Lady



Telepathy: Research and the Owaisi Method of Transmission

telepathyRupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and ten books. A former Research Fellow of the Royal Society, he studied natural sciences at Cambridge University, where he was a Scholar of Clare College, took a double first class honours degree and was awarded the University Botany Prize. He then studied philosophy and history of science at Harvard University, where he was a Frank Knox Fellow, before returning to Cambridge, where he took a Ph.D. in biochemistry. He was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, where he was Director of Studies in biochemistry and cell biology and a has lead astonishing studies on the subject of telepathy.

In regards to telepathy, Dr. Sheldrake says:

“My research on telepathy in animals (summarized in my book Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home and published in detail in a series of papers led me to see telepathy as a normal, rather the paranormal phenomenon, an aspect of communication between members of animal social groups. The same principles apply to human telepathy, and I have investigated little explored aspects of human telepathy, such as telepathy between mothers and babies, telephone telepathy (thinking of someone who soon afterwards calls) and email telepathy.”




sahara-desert-nomad-sand-dunesTelepathic Owaisi Transmission

At Qudra Healing, the foundational method of transmission is the Owaisi Method; our specialty.

Distant healing and communication through heart energy beyond space and time, is by far the most powerful method one has yet to experience” (Qudra Healing)

99% of seekers at Qudra Healing have never met us physically. These seekers are convicted adherents to the Path of the Heart.

1400 years ago, clear accounts on the telepathic-heart to heart communication known as the Owaisi Method of Transmission made its mark in the annals of history.
Uwaisīyaan refers to those spiritual adherents who have gained the spiritual chain from another master without physically meeting them in this world. Usually “Uwaisīan” are known as a school in Islamic spirituality, and the word Uwaisi is its singular form. The “Uwaisī ” form of spiritual transmission in the vocabulary of Islamic mysticism was named after Uwais Qarni, as it refers to the transmission of spiritual knowledge between two individuals without the need for physical interaction between them.

“A connection of love, which allows everything that the mature one has to pass to the other person. When there is real love between a shaikh and a dervish, the dervish comes into resonance with the wisdom and light of the shaikh, and the shaikh carries some of the burden of the dervish. A shaikh needs to be strong enough to do this, and this is possible only with the help of God and the lineage, especially the Pir (Mentor), the Completed Human Being, from whom the particular order derives its baraka, or spiritual grace.”( Kabir Helminski, Knowing Heart)

Uwais al-Qarni (594-657 c.e. ) was a contemporary of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wassallam). He was a resident of Qaran in Yemen. We find references to him in various books, notably in the prophetic traditions. To the natives of Qaran, he was a madman who dwelt in solitude and associated with no one. He did not eat what men ate and he felt no happiness or sorrow. He wept when others smiled, and smiled when others wept. He lived in a desert from their homes and camels.

A Brief Account of Owais al Qarni though the writings of Mohammed Jamal Al Rifai:
In a Hadith Qudsi recorded by the Companion Abu Hurayra, may Allah be pleased with him, the Prophet Muhammad (s) said speaking from his Lord:
“Allah, Exalted and Mighty is He, loves of His creation the God-fearing, the pure in the heart, those who are hidden, and those who are innocent, whose face is dusty, whose hair is unkempt, whose stomach is empty, and who, if he asks permission to enter to the rulers, is not granted it, and if he were to ask for a gentle lady in marriage, he would be refused, and when he leaves the world it does not miss him, and if he goes out, his going out is not noticed, and if he falls sick, he is not attended to, and if he dies, he is not accompanied to his grave.”
They asked him, “O Messenger of Allah, how can we find someone like that?” He, (s), said, “Uwais al-Qarani is such a one.” They asked him, “and who is Uwais al-Qarani?” He, (s), answered, “He is dark skinned, wide shoulder, and of average height. His complexion is close to the color of earth. His beard touches his chest. His eyes are always looking downwards to the place of prostration, and his right hand is on his left hand. He weeps about himself with such a flow of tears that his lips are swollen. He wears a woolen garment and is know to the people of the heavens. If he makes a promise in the Name of Allah, he keeps it. Under his left shoulder there is a white spot. When the Day of Resurrection comes and it is announced to the slaves, “Enter the Garden,” it will be said to Uwais, ‘Stop and intercede.’ Allah, Mighty and Exalted is He, will then forgive them to the same number as are the people of Rabi’a and Mudhar. (These are the two tribes that Uwais, (RA), belonged to). So, O Umar and O Ali, if you can find him, ask him to intercede for you. Then Allah will forgive you.”
Ten years passed by which they inquired about him, but without being able to find him. In the year 21H./644CE, the same year that Umar ibn al-Khattab (RA), the Second Righteous Caliph after the Prophet’s death, (s), Umar (RA) went to the Mountains of Abu Qubays (mountain overlooking Makka) and called in his loudest voice, “O people of the Yemen, is there anyone up there called Uwais?”
An old shaykh with a long beard stood up and replied, “We do not know who this Uwais is about whom you ask, but my brother’s son is called Uwais. But he is too unimportant to be asked about, and too poor and submissive that he should be raised up to your level. He is our camel-herder, and he has no standing amongst our people.” But Umar again asked him if he knew Uwais.
The man answered, “Why do you ask about him, O Commander of the Faithful, for by Allah there is not one of us who is more foolish and more needy than he.”
Umar, (RA), then wept and said to him, “You are so, but not he. For I heard the Messenger of Allah. (s), say, “Those who enter the Garden through Uwais, asking for forgiveness for them, are the people of the tribe of Rabi’a and Mudhar.” Umar, (RA), asked him where he could find him, and was told, “On the Mount of ‘Arafat.”
Umar and Ali, (RAA), then went quickly to Arafat where they found Uwais praying under a tree with camels grazing around him. They approached him and greeted him, saying, “As-salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmut Allahi wa Barakatuh.” Uwais cut his prayer short, and when he had finished it, returned their greeting. They asked him, “Who are you?” He replied, “A herdsman of camels and a hired workman for a tribe.” They said, “we do not ask you about your tending of animals, nor about your being a hired worker, but what is your name?” He answered, “Abdullah.” They said, “All the people of the heavens and the earth are the slaves of Allah, but what is the name in which your mother named you?” He said, “O you two, what do you want from me?” They said, “The Messenger of Allah (s) once spoke to us about Uwais al-Qarani. He gave us a description of the bluish-black color of his eyes, and he told us that he has a white mark under his left shoulder. So please show us if you have this mark, for then it is you for whom we are searching.”
Uwais then bared his left shoulder, and they saw a white mark. They then embraced him and kissed him and said, “We declare that you are Uwais al-Qarani, so ask for forgiveness for us and May Allah forgive you.”
He answered, “I cannot even forgive myself, nor one of Adam’s children. But there are on land and in the seas believing men and women, Muslim men and women, whose invocations to Allah are answered.” They replied, “Surely this is so.” Then he said, “O you two, you know about me and I know about my state, but who are you?”
Ali, (RA), answered, “This is the Commander of the Faithful (al-amir al-muminin), Umar ibn al-Khattab, and I am Ali ibn Abu Talib.”
Uwais stood up straight and said, “As-salaamu alaikum ya ‘amir al-mumminin. And you, O Ali, may Allah repay you with goodness for this Community (Ummah).” They said, “May Allah repay you for yourself and your goodness.”
Then Umar, (RA), said to Uwais, “Your place is here until I return to Madinah, and may Allah have mercy upon you. Then I will bring you help from my provision and some of my clothes. This has been the meeting place between you and me.”
But Uwais, (RA), answered him, “O Commander of the Faithful, there will be no other meeting place, in the knowledge of Allah, between you and me, but this one. So tell me, what should I do with your provision, and what should I do with your clothes? Do you not see that I am wearing a woolen gown and a woolen wrapper, so when do you see me tearing them? Or do you see that my sandals are worn out and torn? When do you see me out wearing them? Between your hand and mine there is a higher barrier which cannot be crossed by a weighty person, So leave these things, and Allah will have mercy upon you.”
When Umar, (RA) heard these words, he struck the ground with his stick and shouted out at the top of his voice, “O would that Umar had not been born by his mother, and that she had been sterile!”
Then Umar (RA), returned to Al-Madinah, and Uwais (RA), herded his camels back to his tribe.
Not long after this, Uwais left his work as a herdsman and went to Kufah where he continued in his bondsmandship until Allah, Glory be to Him took him back to Himself.
When Umar ibn al-Khattab, (RA), heard that Uwais wanted to go back to Kufah, he said tho him, “Where do you want to go to?” Uwais said, “to Kufah.” Umar, (RA), then said, “Shall I write a letter for you to its Governor?” Uwais replied, “I would rather be with the people who are near to my heart.”
In a sahih hadith of Muslim, it is recorded that Umar (RA) said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah, (s), say, “Uwais ibn ‘Amir will come with a number of the people of the tribe of Mudar from the region of Qarn as if he had a sickness on his skin. He had a mother to whom he was most perfectly devoted, and if he asked anything of Allah it would be granted to him. If you meet him, ask him to ask forgiveness for you.”

Owaisi Instances of the Heart-Telepathic Connection:

The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wassallam) held him in honour and said: “I feel the breath of my friend from the land of Yemen.”

Thus the first recipient of the cloak of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wassallam) was Hazrat Uwais al-Qarni.

Hadrat Ibn-e-Sa’d ® quotes the Beloved Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wassallam) as saying “In my ummah (followers) I have a friend whose name is Owais al Qarni”.

“And Sayyidina ‘Ali said that Sayyidina Uwais al-Qarani said, ‘I didn’t see the Prophet (s) physically, but in every moment, of every day, I was with him during his life.
In one narration, Uwais al Qarni said: I am going to transmit this secret to the many successors and inheritors among Allah’s saints. Without a physical connection but through a spiritual connection, they will receive the secret of the cleansing power and revive it in every century, until the Day of Judgment.'”

Incidence with Haram ibn Hayyam: How did you know my name, and my father’s named? For my name was Haram ibn Hayyan.’ Uwais said, ‘The Knower told me, for my soul knows your soul when my self talks to your self.’ For the believers know each other in their love for Allah, even if they never met; and when they come to our resting place, they know each other even if they come from somewhere far distant.

When Umar ibn al-Khattab, (RA), heard that Uwais wanted to go back to Kufah, he said tho him, “Where do you want to go to?” Uwais said, “to Kufah.” Umar, (RA), then said, “Shall I write a letter for you to its Governor?” Uwais replied, “I would rather be with the people who are near to my heart.”

Once the Companions asked the Beloved Prophet: “Has Uwais al-Qarni ever visited you? The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wassallam) replied: “No, He never watched me physically, but spiritually he met me.” That is, he received spiritual training directly from the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). The passing of the Mantle to  Uwais al-Qarni confirmed the the heart to heart communication of the essence of Islam. The method of the passing of the Cloak represents two significant elements in the teachings of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) which constitute the method of instruction of the School of Islamic Mysticism–cognition must take place inwardly, and cognition must be confirmed–as it was in the case of Uwais ®


DMT: Believe it or Not

What is DMT?

According to Dr Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule (also now a feature length movie), Dimethyltryptamine is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter similar in structure to serotonin. He theorizes that it is created in trace amounts by the pineal gland during normal metabolism, and may be released in massive amounts during birth, death, hallucinations and dreams. This psychedelic drug is found in many plants used by South American shamans. It is also used in certain religious practices, presumably for its ability to induce divine insights, visions and feelings of euphoria. Strassman’s studies have even linked high doses of DMT with the perception of alien entities from alternate realities. The DMT Experiments Between 1990 and 1995, Dr Rick Strassman studied the effects of this extremely short-acting yet intense psychoactive compound using human test subjects. The research generated a wealth of biological and psychological data, much of which was published in scientific journals. So Strassman decided to publish individual accounts from the human volunteers in his book, The Spirit Molecule. His DMT experiments shone a whole new light on unexplained phenomena such as alien abductions. Strassman even reproduced mystical and religious experiences with the psychedelic drug. Skeptics can say, then, that this drug is merely a hallucinogen. It makes you see things that aren’t there. And it explains thousands of historical accounts of paranormal phenomena in one fell swoop. On the other hand, the experiments provided new and startling information. Volunteers described bizarre visions of alien life forms – even subjects that wanted and fully expected to see angels and fairies saw other-worldly beings. It provokes the question: is DMT like a door to an alternate reality? Does it facilitate lucid dreams, the out-of-body state and glimpses into other dimensions?

“The DMT effect you seek can be transferred 24-7 through the gaze of a living Spiritual Master drunk in Divine Love!” (Qudra Healing)

Rick Strassman MD performed the first new human studies with psychedelic drugs in the US in over 20 years. His research involved the powerful naturally-occurring compound, DMT – N,N-dimethyltryptamine. Led to this substance through his earlier study of the pineal gland as a potential biological locus for spiritual experiences, he administered several hundred doses of DMT to approximately 60 volunteers between 1990 and 1995. He wrote about this research in the popular book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, which has sold over 100,000 copies, has been translated into 12 languages, and is now available as an audio-book. It also inspired an independent documentary by the same name, picked up by Warner Bros distributing in Fall, 2011. With three distinguished collaborators, he co-authored Inner Paths to Outer Space, which looks more carefully at the common “other worlds” experience that volunteers frequently reported during his research.

Since 1996, Dr. Strassman has been exploring models for the DMT effect focusing primarily on the Old Testament concept of prophecy. Prophecy is a spiritual experience which takes into account the apparently external, free-standing nature of the DMT “worlds,” in which one’s sense of self is highly preserved and interactive. The Old Testament concept of prophecy provides an alternative to other models that borrow more heavily from Eastern religious systems, and those of Latin American shamanism. The notion of prophecy also deals directly with ethical and moral concerns, adding a crucial element to our ability to understand and integrate the content of the psychedelic experience. He is developing these ideas in his next book, The Soul of Prophecy, due to appear in 2013.

Dr. Strassman is currently Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. He is also President and co-founder of the Cottonwood Research Foundation



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Twin Flames & Soul Mates

Introduction to Twin Souls What is a Twin Soul?

Twin Souls also known as Twin Flames, or Twin Rays are literally the other half of our soul. We all have only one twin flame that we share the blueprint of spiritual energy with. Eons ago, Source (God) wanted to expand the universe to increase the experience of Love. Source, like all other existence is made from both masculine and feminine energy and split these two counterparts down the middle. Each half contained both gender energies and split in half again and again into many many multitudes of itself. These fragments are our individual souls and each have an identicle half in the opposite gender frequency. The two halves of the Twin Soul Whole reincarnate on earth many times and often lead very different lives. As they learn to increase love in their being, both self love and love for others, they begin to become whole within their separate selves. Through developing this unconditional love and accepting their spiritual path, they begin to Join back together with an increased love. Through being separate, they learn to depend on themselves and therefore become a stronger unit of love when they Join back together. When it comes to Twin Souls, forget romantic dates, flowers and chocolates. This is a connection based on the Soul and therefore it’s primary goal is not romance. The primary goal is to increase self love in order to accept the self and come back together with increased understanding and acceptance of self. This does not mean acting selfishly, but instead looking within to see the true spiritual nature of all life on earth. Through coming back to self, we come back to love and it is love that unites us to all things. Love is the uniting force that keeps us searching for our true mate throughout all our incarnations. It is a yearning that never ceases until wholeness is fulfilled, firstly from within. Twin souls can only truly feel complete love and peace when they have reached individual wholeness that leads to union with the twin soul and other soul mates. What is a Soul Mate? Soul mates are members of our Soul Family, whom we share many lifetimes and experiences with. They help us to grow and evolve and we help them to learn lessons too. When a soul is created and descends from Source, it is created in a group.


All of the souls in this group are soul mates and they are very similar to us in energy frequencies. Then each of these souls is split into two which creates the twin souls. A soul mate is a person whom you are very close to on a soul level. They will have shared many experiences in different lifetimes and will have incarnated into various kinds of relationships such as best friends, parent/child, romantic relationships and siblings. They share a deep and empathetic love for each other, and there is a spiritual bond between them as their souls easily recognise each other. Conversations are generally very philosophical and they share a common life purpose to help each other and the world grow. Have I Met my Twin Soul? The Twin Soul connection is one of the most fulfilling relationships we can experience as human beings, on all levels of heart and soul. However, twin soul couples are very rare on earth because they are mirrors of each other and they often find it very difficult to learn self-love to be able to embrace that reflection they see. However, more and more twins are coming back together now in harmony because of the acceleration of spiritual transformation that is occuring in the universe. People are evolving, growing and learning at such a rapid rate that they are becoming whole within quicker so that they are ready to unite with their twin soul. In the past it used to take lifetimes to heal the soul and learn the lessons required for union. These days people are going through the same degree of growth within years or even months. When twin souls unite on earth they come together for some kind of spiritual service to help the rest of the world in some way big or small. Their unity creates huge energy outlets of love to share with the rest of the world to help accelerate it’s shift forward in consciousness. However, in many lifetimes their attempts to reunite back into one soul are unsuccessful because the individual souls are not whole enough individually yet in order to be in harmony. Much emotional chaos is created between the twin souls when they are not in harmony and this tends to push them apart until the time is right. The twin soul connection is more intense than any other union for they are a part of each other and therefore what one feels, the other feels too. these feelings are magnified by each other, therefore they need to be in complete harmony before they can handle the intensity of their connection. Many people think they have met their twin soul when the physical attraction is extremely intense with someone. There may be strong attraction between twin souls but the defining factor is in how they feel as One in soul. they will both just know without any logical explanation that this person is the other half of themself. Whether or not you will meet and stay with your twin soul in a particular lifetime depends on how advanced your soul is and how much of your karma has been worked through from this lifetime and previous ones. Through interacting with your twin soul all emotional baggage is brought to the surface as there can be nothing hidden from each other. Many twin souls part in different lifetimes because they cannot handle such intensity arising. When twin souls reunite, they both undergo a great acceleration of spiritual awakening and healing. Rapidly they learn to accept and learn more about existing in other states of consciousness and their psychic channels are opened to receiving greater spiritual insights to share with the world.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article does not necessarily reflect the views of, yet, we are in favor of the soul mate, twin soul experience. Our interpretation of such phenomena is referred to as ‘The Shems-Rumi Phenomena.‘ The founder of Qudrahealing is in full agreement to the twin flame phenomena as per this article, yet, concrete theories  and experience vary and are subject to personal experience and spiritual beliefs. The images contained in the video do not necessarily reflect our views, yet the written content does. (Qudra Healing-November 11, 2011)

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Secrets of Telepathy

Transfer of Grace Telepathically

Have you ever had the occasion to say “I was just thinking that” when someone was speaking? Or, has anyone ever said to you “You must be psychic. I was just thinking that”? Have you ever had the foreboding feeling that something was wrong, to discover later that someone in your family or a dear friend was in need of help? Have you ever been close to someone who was very nervous and found that you also become nervous? These types of experiences are usually telepathic in nature. For most of us, these experiences occur with someone who is close to us like a good friend, mate, lover, brother or sister, and especially one’s child. Let’s analyze what this marvel is.

The most common form of telepathy, physical telepathy, can be observed in nature where flocks of birds or schools of fish all act in unison. Although these animals respond to an external stimuli in like fashion, they also act under a common “will.” Each individual in the group act in harmony with the others. A guard dog who senses that an intruder is up to no good also exhibits a form of telepathy. We account for this by saying that the dog “smells” fear. This may or may not have a basis in truth. Consider the possibility that the sense of smell is in some way related to this form of telepathy. After all, smell is the most sensitive of our physical senses, and as we shall see, breathing is strongly linked to conscious telepathic ability.

These examples are a manifestation of “physical telepathy.” All forms of telepathy can be explained by analogy. Each living creature is like a living radio broadcast and receiving station. In cases of physical telepathy, when these living creatures are “tuned to the same channel,” they behave in like fashion. This also holds true for emotional telepathy, but in this instance, groups adhere and react to a common feeling. With mental telepathy, individuals within groups attach and react to thoughts which are common.

Just as we live in a sea of physical substance, simultaneously we also live in a sea of emotional and mental substance. When we pick up vibrations or �disturbances� in the physical medium through our five normal senses, we respond or react physically to these disturbances. Similarly, when a disturbance of an emotional or mental nature occurs, we react emotionally or mentally.

An experiment conducted by a group of Russian scientists on the transfer of telepathic energy proved that the nature of this energy is not within the boundaries of common science. In this experiment, a mother rabbit was separated from her babies and connected to an electronic instrument (EEG) to monitor her brain wave activity. The babies were taken aboard a submarine in the North Atlantic thousands of miles away from their mother and executed one at a time in deep water. Precisely at the time each baby was executed, the mother’s brainwave activity registered extreme agitation. Because normal radio waves are unable to travel through water from the deep ocean, the conclusion from this experiment was that this telepathic transfer of energy was not by means of electromagnetic radiation or “typical” radio waves. What is more important, this experiment also proved that telepathy is very real, even among species that are less evolved than humans.

Many experiments have been conducted at universities and private institutions throughout the world on human telepathic abilities. Many of these experiments were marginally successful, except among those few individuals who showed some exceptional natural ability for receiving another person’s thoughts. These experiments were typically conducted by placing the “receiver” in one room and the “transmitter” in another room. The transmitter looked at a picture of one of five geometric symbols (circle, square, triangle, rectangle and star) while the receiver wrote down their impressions of what was being transmitted. When five geometric figures are used, there is a one out of five chance that the receiver will get the answer correct, even by guessing. If the receiver gets a significantly higher percentage correct, this is an indication that the receiver has an above normal telepathic ability, or possibly that the sender is an extremely strong transmitter. Later, you will learn how this type of experiment can be enhanced to produce above normal results for most people.

Our use of telepathy begins soon after we are born, and it is our parents who begin teaching us how to use this natural ability. If we could remember our infancy, we would likely recall mommy or daddy looking over us in our crib, talking to us and smiling, trying to get a smile or some similar response. Parents of young children unconsciously achieve the initial telepathic contact with the child by mimicking the child’s noises (ga-ga, goo-goo, etc.) to elicit a physical response from the child. This interaction gets the child’s attention, and the child’s attention is on observing the thoughts and feelings being projected by the parents. It is during this early telepathic interaction that we first utilize our telepathic ability to receive thoughts and feelings.

Most of the words that mommy or daddy said were meaningless at first. As we became more adjusted to observing the sights and sounds around us, we also became more aware of the pictures and feelings that flowed through our inner vision when mommy or daddy spoke. As our awareness of the world about us improved, we then began to relate the words our parents were saying to the pictures and feelings we perceived in our minds eye. Many of these pictures and feelings were telepathic projections from our parents. We as children learned very quickly from our parents because the understanding was received telepathically.

The reciprocal flow of thoughts and feelings occurred when we wanted something, like to be fed, changed, or simply held. During infancy, we could not speak what we wanted, but rather expressed our desires without restraint in the form of vocal sounds, sometimes leading to uncontrollable physical reactions that our parents were compelled to respond to (crying, for example). Without being conscious of any telepathic communications, our parents felt our distress and usually reacted quite readily to our expressions of emotion or desire. Our parents could feel our feelings by way of telepathic communication. “Mother’s intuition” is a term commonly applied to this type of emotional telepathy.

As we began to relate the flow of pictures and feelings to the words mommy and daddy spoke, we began to develop a working knowledge of language. Words were learned easily because the understanding came before the pronunciation. We found that we could get what we wanted by simply saying a word or two, and it was quickly learned that the words would get a more favorable response from mommy and daddy than crying. When we became more dependent upon words to get what we wanted, our proficiency in using only emotion (or telepathy) began to wane. The important point here is that each of us as children understood the thought or emotion being projected by our parents before relating this to the word. The understanding was achieved by telepathy.

As we grew older and became “weaned” emotionally and mentally from mom and dad, and as painful experiences influenced us, we built defenses against mental and emotional projections from others. By the time we entered our teens, our defensive mechanisms often led to ignoring, arguing with or rejecting what others had to say. We also became more assertive as transmitters of telepathic energy and less receptive to the thoughts and feelings being projected “at” us by our parents. Simultaneously however, we also tended to open ourselves to the thoughts and emotions being “offered” to us by our peers and social environment.

Our conscious ability to communicate telepathically diminished as our ability to “listen” to thoughts and feelings was blocked or filtered by our natural defenses. In some respects, it is good to block or filter thoughts or feelings being projected at us. This is a natural protective mechanism. If, for some reason, we were unable to defend ourselves from the thoughts and feelings of others, we would be inundated and overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings from all directions. Needless to say, this would produce a very confusing and incapacitating state of mind.

If you will reflect on a recent argument you had with someone, you will realize that when you were speaking to them, you were most likely projecting thoughts and feelings at them. People will react defensively to this type of projection and put up a wall of mental and emotional defense. This reaction is a telepathic response to what is being projected. Understand, that to effectively communicate, one should realize that it is the telepathic transfer of energy that gets the idea across. This means that to effectively communicate, you must tune in to the listener’s wavelength (this will get their focussed attention), project the thought or feeling to them (not at them), then detach yourself from the action of projecting. Following this, turn on the receptive mode for a response.

Thoughts are like baseballs. Throwing a ball to someone will likely get them to throw the ball back, but throwing a ball at someone will probably lead to a fight and someone getting hurt! The key then, is to project thoughts and feelings to someone, not at them.

Telepathy between man and beast

If you will reflect on your past learning experiences, you will find that the most significant things you learned was from a person, not a book. When a person is teaching, the understanding is conveyed by telepathy. An effective teacher, or speaker, is actually an efficient transmitter of clear thought and feeling. He or she understands, consciously or unconsciously, that they must capture your attention, project the thought or feeling, and then be receptive to your reactions. This three-step process is essential in all types of personal communication.

Many of us are unwitting victims of emotional or mental telepathy much of the time, being swayed by the news media, television, friends, or other transmitters of emotional or mental “waves.” How we are affected by these “waves” is dependent upon which emotional or mental “channel” we are attuned to. When a group of people get together for some purpose and begin transmitting the same emotions or thoughts, the effects are amplified. This results in a more powerful broadcast transmitter. Group prayer, when properly directed, is a wonderful example of the positive use of telepathic energy. On the other extreme, a group of people influenced by projections of negative thought or emotion can result in mass hysteria.

Projections of news through the printed and electronic media affects millions of people simultaneously. Depending upon the affinities of the individuals hearing this news, people become polarized, taking one side or the other on a particular issue. Each individual then gives strength to the thought or emotion that they have an affinity with, and in turn, this thought is more likely to strongly influence other people. This tendency of the media to polarize people leads to much conflict and wrong thinking in the world.

Unlike physical telepathy, emotional and mental telepathy is less subject to distance from the transmitter. Emotional and mental transmitters can affect receivers at great distances, even across the globe. This fact is of great value when one attempts to use telepathy in everyday life.

Everyone can improve their telepathic abilities. It just takes some practice and some awareness of how to effectively transmit and receive thoughts. There are several things one can do to make themselves better receptors and transmitters for thought. Maintaining good physical health is of great benefit, but sometimes telepathy also works well in times of stress when our emotions are being amplified. When practicing telepathy on a controlled basis, some degree of mental, emotional and physical discipline is absolutely necessary.

It is very important to control breathing when attempting to transmit or receive. Controlled breathing is a tool that gives power to thought by enabling one to control and direct thought and emotion. In the practice of practical telepathy, rhythmic breathing can be used to develop a “resonance” between body, mind and emotion. When the body, mind and emotions are all working in unison, the power of thought is amplified. Further, when a “resonance” is built between two people, the ability to transfer thought and emotion by telepathy is also amplified.

Presented below are a few exercises to perform that will improve telepathic ability. The first exercise is for protecting yourself from negative thoughts and emotions. This is extremely important. Once you become more sensitive to thoughts and feelings, you want to be selective. I call this exercise, Building the Shield of Light.”

The second exercise I call the “Disassociative Process.” This exercise is for modifying the mental and emotional defenses that you have built up through the years that obscure your natural telepathic ability. This exercise also works well to reduce stress, and may be used in meditation for those who are so inclined. The disassociative process will enable you to become more receptive to the thoughts being projected to you from another.

The third and final exercise is called “Synchronized Breathing.” As stated, controlled breathing gives power to thought. This exercise will enable you to “tune into” the person you wish to receive thoughts from and will make you a more powerful transmitter of thought.

First, a few words about why you want to do this before attempting the other exercises: The Shield of Light is a mental and emotional shield, or forcefield, that you can build around yourself with mental and emotional energy. The process of building this shield may be thought of as “light pumping.” The shield is qualified and given strength by the amount of thought and emotion or “feeling” you put into it. Its, purpose is to protect you from undesirable influences that might otherwise affect you when performing the following exercises. It will also serve to protect you during your daily business.

Telepathy between Couples

To become more telepathic, it is necessary for you to become more sensitive to the thoughts of others. You do not want to do this indiscriminately. Instead, you want to be selective to whose thoughts you will be receiving, and more generally, what kind of thoughts you will be receiving. You do not want to be subjected to negative thoughts or emotions that will cause you to build more defenses. The exception, of course, is if you are intending to gain an accurate insight into someone’s negative intentions. Then, you can then act appropriately to avert an undesirable situation. Your personal Shield of Light is designed by you to allow only truthful thoughts and emotions to enter. You will gain confidence in its effectiveness through practice and in observing how it works.

Controlled breathing properly gives power to thought energy. Through controlled breathing you will amplify the force of your Shield of Light to a level sufficient to protect you from negative thoughts and influences. It is a good idea to strengthen this field periodically throughout the day. Frequently thinking about the Shield of Light around you will increase it’s effectiveness. You will find that the Shield of Light will also help you make decisions more clearly and calmly because you will be protected from the influences of others.

1. When building the Shield of Light, find a quiet spot to sit and relax for about 20 minutes. Keep your feet flat on the ground and your hands in your lap, palms facing upward. Keep your spine straight and your head erect.

2. Exhale fully and completely through the nose. During the following steps, breathe regularly, deeply and slowly. Always inhale and exhale through the nose.

3. Next, inhale deeply through the nose and relax each portion of your body with successive breaths. Think about your feet while inhaling through your nose and visualize all tension flowing out from your feet into the earth as you exhale. Then, with the next breath, move your attention to the calves and imagine all tension flowing down and into the earth as you exhale again. With each breath, successively move your focus up to the thighs, hips, buttocks, back, stomach, chest, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head, and finally your face, relaxing each part with a complete breath.

4. Now that you are relaxed, inhale deeply and visualize the air you are breathing as consisting of white light, like sunlight. Breathe the light into your solar plexus area for temporary storage. Then, as you exhale, imagine the white light flowing from the solar plexus upward throught your spine and out from the top of your head. Visualize the light flowing like a fountain, flowing downward around you, through you, and surrounding you in a cylindrical shape around your whole body. “Pump” the light with your breathing. Visualize the energy in the air around you supporting your effort to create the shield. Visualize and “feel” the energy flowing into your shield with each exhalation. Visualize that with each breath, the effect is being amplified. Repeat this visualization and breath about 20 times or more.

As you perform this breathing and visualization exercise, mentally affirm to yourself that this shield will protect you from all negative thought and emotion. Only that which is truth or which will be good for you can exist within this shield. All other thoughts and emotions will be reflected back to their source as if the shield were a mirror to all unwanted thoughts and emotions. You should form this thought into an affirming statement. During each exhalation, repeat the phrase: I am surrounded and protected by the white Shield of Light. Only truth, and that which is good for me can exist within this shield. All other thoughts and emotions will be reflected back to their source.

A few final words on the creation of the Shield of Light: Qualifying the shield with the above affirmation will tend to prevent you from projecting ill feelings toward others. Instead, when you begin to project negative thoughts and feelings, they will be reflected back to you (the source), making you self conscious of this act. You can then take immediate corrective action and find a better way to deal with the situation. With practice, the shield will “take shape” and positively influence your actions in everyday life.

From a psychological perspective, performing the above exercise is a method of programming the subconscious mind. In programming your subconscious mind in this fashion, you are producing a mental and emotional filter which works when projecting thoughts and feelings as well as when receiving them. In a way, it works similar to self hypnosis, and in this respect, the wording of the affirmation is very important. The subconscious mind does not reason or interpret what we say. It merely carries out the actions it is programmed to do. If you program the subconscious with improper wording, the results may not be what you expect.

This process is used to get rid of, or modify, the defensive mechanisms which have been built up through the years. This exercise will also have the effect of reducing stress. Simply stated, this exercise involves sitting and watching the thoughts and feelings that flow through your minds, eye and detaching yourself from each of these thoughts or feelings.

All too often we attach ourselves to thoughts and emotions, identifying with them, and take “ownership” of them. We tend to do this even if the thoughts or emotions are not conducive to our personal health or growth. The key to succeeding in this exercise is to claim no ownership to any thoughts or feelings. Take the position of the observer. If you are in pain, for example, look at the pain, feel the pain, and mentally say that you are the observer of the pain. Do not say “I am in pain,” but rather say “there is the pain and I am the observer of this pain”. This mental perspective will dissociate you from the pain. The pain thus becomes separated from the “I,” and the “I” is free to pursue other more productive endeavors.

In this instance of attempting to develop telepathic ability, it is important to separate your own thoughts and emotions from those of others. How do you distinguish if the thought being perceived is truly a thought being projected from someone else, or from your own imagining? The only way to do this is to have a clear perception of the thoughts and feelings attached to you. If your thoughts and feelings are likely to cloud a clear vision, you must release them and no longer give them energy. Hence, the objective here is to release all thoughts and feelings that are not good for us. Also, since you don’t always know what is good for you and what is not, in this exercise you will release ALL thoughts and feelings. Because you have qualified the Shield of Light with a specific purpose, only the thoughts and emotions that are good for you will actually return and remain attached.

Bear in mind the changes that will occur from this exercise will take time. The thoughts and feeling which are prevalent in your conscious mind will change daily. Eventually, you want to reach into the subconscious mind and remove or recondition the obstacles and defenses there. Repetition is the key to success. But as you practice this exercise, you will find yourself calmer and more in control of situations that confront you. Separating yourself from negative feelings and thoughts will eventually become a habit. Controlled breathing will be used in this exercise also. Let’s get on with the exercise . . .

1. Perform the Shield of Light exercise above.

2. While you are still relaxed and have given the Shield of Light a fresh charge, relax and observe the feelings around you. Also, observe the thoughts prevalent in your consciousness. Continue breathing rhythmically.

3. As each feeling and thought presents itself to your conscious mind, affirm that this thought or feeling is not yours. You are the one observing the thought or emotion. Even do this with good thoughts and feelings. Affirm that you are the one watching and observing the thought or feeling. Inhale slowly and deliberately. As you exhale, blow out slowly through the mouth and “blow” the thought or feeling away from you. Imagine the thought or feeling drifting away from you. Let it go and pay attention to the next thought or feeling.

Pictures or memories may form in your minds, eye. Observe these also, recognize them as present, and then “blow” them away. Words are also likely to present themselves. Acknowledge the words as present and then “blow” them away as you exhale. Affirm that these words are not yours. Instead, you are the observer or listener of the words.

4. Perform this exercise for about 10 to 20 minutes a day. Finish the exercise by recharging the Shield of Light for three breaths.

You should also do this exercise during times of stress. Always recharge the Shield of Light before doing this exercise, and recharge it for three breaths afterwards. Affirm that only positive and truthful thoughts and emotions can exist within the shield.

Do not fear if you feel a kind of identity loss when performing this exercise. This is not uncommon and the effect is temporary. If fear does occur, simply open your eyes, focus on a nearby object, and mentally visualize the shield of light, asserting that no negative thoughts and feelings can exist within it’s boundaries. If the feeling of identity loss occurs without fear, simply go with the flow and continue the exercise, affirming that you are simply the observer of this feeling. In this manner you will have complete control of the situation.

This is the secret to successful telepathy. When two or more people are breathing to the same rhythm, their bodies, emotions and thoughts become attuned to the same vibration or frequency. This synchronization helps accurate telepathic communication. In the university experiments discussed earlier, had the subjects been instructed to breath to the same rhythm in a synchronized fashion, the rate of successful telepathic communications would have increased dramatically.

Before starting with the telepathy experiment detailed below, practice the above exercises for at least a week or two on a regular basis. The success rate will be much greater if you do this. For this experiment you will need a partner. The distance between yourself and your partner is not relavent. It will also help if you have your partner do the above exercises for a week or two as well. First, you will need to determine a comfortable breathing rate. Select a rate which is close to your natural breathing rate, but modified and controlled so that you will need to concentrate on the exact timing. In order to synchronize as perfectly as possible, you and your partner will each need a clock with a second hand that is set to the exact time. In this way, each of you can synchronize your breathing to the clock and be assured that you are in synchronization with each other.

Select a breathing rate such as follows: Inhale for 6 seconds, hold the breath for 2 seconds and then exhale for 6 seconds and hold for 1 second. Each complete breath cycle would then take 15 seconds, or four cycles per minute. If this is too slow for you, select a breathing pattern which is shorter yet still follows a similar pattern. Holding the breath is not imperative, but by doing this you are assured that the rhythm is unique, and it will tend to hold your concentration. This way you are not likely to tune into thoughts being broadcast by someone else. A slower rhythm will also tend to calm you, and this can be of benefit when receiving. It is suggested that you select a rhythm which begins and ends with the second hand of the clock on the twelve. That way if you get slightly out of synchronization, it will not take long to get back into the rhythm.

The next required item is a pad of paper and a writing tool to record the impressions of what you have received and what you will transmit. Decide what you want to transmit ahead of time and write it down. Select something that will be easy for you to concentrate on in the beginning. A favorite song, a phrase that you can repeat, or favorite scene are good choices to begin with, as these types of transmissions will be easy to concentrate on. You may select a variety of subjects for transmission to see what works best for you and your partner. For some, a picture will be easiest to send or receive. For others, a sound might produce better results. A feeling might work better for some people. You want to eventually determine what types of transmissions and receptions work best for you and your partner.

Before beginning this experiment, it is a good idea to reinforce your Shield of Light for a few breaths, perhaps 5 minutes or so. Preferably, your partner will also have performed the Shield of Light and Disassociative Process exercises before beginning this experiment. If not, he or she will not be fully protected and may not receive as accurately as possible.

Select a convenient and regular time to do this experiment. Perhaps you go to bed in the evening or prior to eating dinner. It is best not to try this experiment on a full stomach. Select a quiet spot to sit where you will not be disturbed when performing this experiment.

Each partner will take turns transmitting and receiving for two intervals. Each interval will be 5 minutes in duration. Decide ahead of time who will do the transmitting first. The other person will then be the designated receiver for that first 5 minute interval. At the end of the first 5 minutes, the person who was transmitting will switch to receptive mode for 5 minutes and the person who was receiving will transmit. This process will be repeated once for a total exercise time of 20 minutes..

When receiving, be sure to write down all impressions. Later on you will sort out what impressions were nonsense and what impressions were real. When transmitting, visualize sending the thought, sound, sight, etc. along a tube of light (like a white laser light) to your partner. Visualize your partner sitting down, breathing to the designated rhythm, and receiving your transmission.

1. Transmitter: Sit in a chair in a quiet location in front of the clock with your pen and paper in hand. Date the paper upon which you have written what you will send. Use the same paper to record what you will later receive. At the pre-designated time, begin the controlled breathing rhythm synchronous with the clock and begin transmitting the first thought. Visualize your partner sitting and breathing, ready to receive your transmission. Watch the clock to make sure your rhythm stays consistent and on time.

“Pump” energy into the thought with your breathing for the first two minutes. During the third minute, observe the thought flowing away from you towards it’s destination. Feed the thought energy with your breath and then let it go. Visualize your breath giving the thought energy for propulsion, speeding it upon it’s way through a tube of light to your partner. For the fourth and fifth minutes, pump energy into the tube of light that you have visualized. Visualize the tube of light as the communication channel to your partner. If your breathing falls out of the designated rhythm, write that fact down. Also write down any distractions.

Receiver: The receiver will first date the paper upon which he or she will record the impressions. Use the same page for writing what you have decided to transmit. The receiver will also breathe while watching the clock and write down his or her impressions during this first 5 minute period. If you fall out of the breathing rhythm, write that fact down. Also write down any distracting thoughts.

The receiver should visualize an incoming tube of white light. Visualize connecting with this tube of light, knowing that it is the channel for communication with your partner. Don�t feed the tube of white light energy. As the receiver, you do not want to project, you simply want to receive.

2. After the first 5 minute interval, the receiver will switch to transmitter. The person who was initially transmitting will switch to being the receiver and record his or her impressions for the next 5 minutes. Be sure to write all impressions down for later assessment.

3. After the second 5 minute interval, the partners will once again trade positions for the next 5 minutes.

4. For the last 5 minute interval, again trade positions as transmitter and receiver.

5. At the end of one week, make a copy of your notes which contain a record of what you have transmitted each day and what your impressions were while receiving. Send or give a copy of this record to your partner and have your partner send or give you a copy of what he or she has written down. In the beginning, do not do this before one week has expired. Later on, after achieving some measure of success, you may provide feedback to your partner on a more frequent basis.

6. You should continue this experiment for two or three weeks minimum, documenting all results.

7. Assess the results and modify the transmission types to transmit the single type of thought which seems to produce the best results. Also discuss the results with your partner and decide together how to modify the experiment for a higher success rate.

Assessing the Results

Given that the thoughts being transmitted in this exercise are purely random, the probability for any correct reception is practically zero. In the case of the university studies where one of five geometric symbols were used, there is a one in five chance for a correct answer, even by simple guessing. In this case however, where the possibilities thoughts are endless, the probability of guessing a correct answer is zero, for all practical purposes. Therefore, if you got even one answer correct, or possibly correct, you have done extremely well. Hopefully, you will have also proved to yourself that you do have a telepathic ability worth cultivating further.

In reviewing and assessing the results, try to analyze what conditions may have affected the processes of transmission and reception. Some questions you might ask yourself when reviewing the results are:

1. What types of transmissions worked best? Was it sounds, pictures, shapes, words, feelings, smells, sensations, etc. If you can determine what worked most effectively, use these types of transmissions during the second or third week.

2. Were the results exactly correct, or just possibly correct? Sometimes the receiver may get a vague or distorted impression of what was transmitted. This is encouraging and simply means that you both need more practice to get more precise results.

3. Were both you and your partner comfortable with the breathing rhythm selected? If one or both of you were not comfortable with the breathing rhythm, this could adversely affect the results. If this is the case, adjust the rhythm to be more comfortable between both of you.

4. Did either you or your partner have a prevailing thought which may have interfered with the transmission or reception? If this is the case, try using this prevailing thought as the subject of transmission. Also, use the disassociative process before beginning.

5. Can you determine who is better at receiving by reviewing the results? If so, the person weaker in this area should practice the disassociative process more regularly to improve.

6. Do either you or your partner have a problem concentrating while sending? If so, the persons weak in this area should practice strengthening the Shield of Light with “light pumping.” This exercise strengthens the ability to concentrate.

7. Were there any distractions while attempting to transmit or receive? How did these distractions affect the results?

8. Did any conditions exist which seemed to help? What were these conditions?

Some Other Experiments

As a more controlled experiment, you might consider using the set of 5 geometric symbols as subjects for transmission. Agree with your partner on doing this before proceeding. In this manner you can guage your success rate in quantitative terms. If two of five transmissions and receptions are correct, you have doubled the success rate over mere chance. If four or five symbols are correctly transmitted, you are doing extremely well and should really move on to more interesting subjects for transmission.

Some people are more receptive to “automatic writing.” You might try having the receiver open up to writing their impressions, while receiving, without conscious intervention. You may also experiment with having the receiver “reach out” mentally to try and ascertain your thoughts. For some, this approach may work better.

You may even try group telepathy experiments. Although this runs along the lines of a parlor trick, the effect is very much real. With the designated receiver not in the room, select an object, such as a specific book on a bookshelf. When the receiver enters the room, have the group think about directing the receiver to that selected object. Instruct the members of the group to “force” the receiver in the correct direction toward the object until the object is found. This type of demonstration requires that all members of the group be serious about the matter and avoid levity. The group must cooperate in the process in order for it to work properly.

If the results of your experiments are not positive, there may be a number of causes. It may be that the partner you have selected did not created a shield to protect against other thoughts. Or perhaps they did not disassociate from their own thoughts and feelings. You may want to have your partner practice the previous exercises for protection and disassociation before trying again. To assist the process, try projecting a shield of white light around your partner, protecting them against distractions, as part of the experiment.

You may want to work with another partner for two or three weeks. Some people will have better communication with certain types of people until the ability is well practiced. A more unlikely possibility is that your ability to transmit is not effective enough to penetrate through to the receiver. If you think this is possibly the case, practice the shield of light exercise regularly for two more weeks before trying again. You might also instruct the receiver to “reach out” mentally to read your thoughts while you are transmitting.

Distractions from the environment are often a cause for interrupting the flow of thought when attempting to concentrate for transmitting or receiving. This can lead to possible frustration. Instead of being distracted by the environment, use the distraction as a subject for transmission. For example, if you happen to be hungry and smell your dinner cooking, don�t be distracted by the smell. Instead, transmit the smell and hunger to your partner. If you hear a radio playing music nearby, rather than be distracted, focus on the sound and transmit it to your partner.

It may be of benefit here to present a summary of the results obtained when I performed this experiment with a friend of mine while I was in college. At the time this experiment was performed, neither my partner or myself had practiced the disassociative process before proceeding. My partner had not protected himself with a shield of light, but I had been doing this regularly for several years. My partner was located in Los Angeles, approximately 220 miles away. We transferred our documented results by mail. We practiced the experiment for two weeks only and found, to our amazement, that we had achieved a 75% success rate.

On one occasion, I transmitted a new song which had just been released by a famous rock and roll group. My partner had written down that this just wasn�t working because he couldn’t get this new song out of his head! On another occasion, while transmitting I felt that I was sending the thought into blackness. I later discovered that my partner had an unexpected dinner engagement and did not perform the experiment that evening. When my partner sent me a picture of fishing, I envisioned us on the stream by the beach near my home. As it turned out, this was exactly what he was contemplating. We had discussed a fishing trip previously, but had not set a date. He wanted very much to do this, and so he sent this desire to me in the form a picture of us fishing on the stream near the ocean. I sent him a picture of a scene in the high sierras, and he perceived being in the mountains.

Of the total 40 transmissions and receptions by both of us, 30 of these were definite positive indicators of telepathic communication. Another 2 transmissions appeared to be very close, but somewhat different than exactly what was transmitted. The remainder were complete misses, including the evening that he had the dinner engagement.


Telepathy between close friends

The eventual goal of these exercises and experiment is to become efficient in the use of telepathy in everyday life. As each of us improve in our telepathic ability, we will learn to apply this skill to everyday situations in a practical way. You might find yourself sending a message like “Don’t forget the milk” when your spouse has gone to the market. Or you might become more dependent on telepathy when making decisions at work. You may find yourself breathing to the same rhythm as your mate when attempting to resolve a problem in order to gain some insight into the way they feel or think. You might even learn the breathing patterns of your friends and family members so that you can “tune in” to them at any time. You might even help your children with their history assignments or mathematics problems using telepathy. The possibilities are endless. Eventually, you want to be able to convey useful information to your family, friends and associates, much the same in which you speak with them today. When this is achieved, the barriers that exist in using speech will no longer exist. The communication will convey understanding, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

As a race which has evolved much over the past few centuries, humans have lost the ability as a whole to use their innate ability to communicate using telepathy. Over the past few decades, however, individuals have had a renewed interest in telepathy. There are no textbooks on how to become telepathic, nor is it taught in schools. Scientists have studied it with limited measures of success. It is my hope that this little booklet will encourage individuals to experiment with telepathy and learn for themselves how to apply it to improve communication in their everyday life.

In practicing telepathic exercises we, as a race, are really taking charge of your own evolutionary process by conscious effort. It is certain that as we continue to evolve as a race, our ability to create and manipulate thoughts and feelings will continually improve. Telepathy is a natural outcome of this process.

The tools you will develop in practicing these exercises will also find value in other areas of your life. Telepathy is also the basis for healing and true prayer. As you learn to manipulate thought and emotional energy toward others, you will find that this energy, when properly qualified, can have positive effects on the receivers, mental, emotional and physical well being. You don’t have to be religious, spiritual, or believe in God for this to work. Simply practice manipulating the energy for constructive purposes and natural forces will do the rest. Good luck in your practice.

Author: Unknown

Introduction to Astral Projections

What Are Astral Projections?

by Astral Projection Team

We found this great article on Psychic Test. If offers some great insights in what Astral Projection really is and what it is like. We know, it explains mostly the basics that more experience readers have already mastered, but it’s nevertheless useful and informative material.

Astral projections are a powerful psychic tool, used only by psychics who have practiced for long periods of time, and have honed their skills well. Astral projections include both physical and emotional experiences, often also referred to as the ‘out of body experiences’. Astral projections are the first step to achieving mental telepathy as well as psychokinesis. With the help of these skills, you would be able to move objects around simply with the help of your mental powers.

Out of Body Experience

A lot of people experience such life altering events that are classified asout of body experiences. It may seem to you as if you had stepped out of your body and moved to a different plane. You may feel as if you are flying or moving through space. Such an experience may happen when you are sleeping. They may also occur when you are wide awake, in a trance or in a shock. Astral projections are another name for such out of body experiences.

Theories of Astral Projections

There is no tangible way to measure what goes through when you are experiencing astral projections. A lot of experts feel that there is a kind of energy that leaves the body and moves out to go somewhere else. This energy could visit a place in the same universe, or in a different dimension. There is no way of knowing where the projection may occur. It could be in the past, or in the future. Astral projections are often practiced to give readings to men and women who need them. While astral projections can often be life altering, they are not of much use when it comes to readings. A psychic can help a client come into a state of trance, where astral projections may occur.


What Does Astral Projection Feel Like?

Astral projections may be both physical and mental.Though most people experience only one at a time, some may experience both simultaneously. If you experience a physical transportation from your body, all your senses experience it. You may experience a change in temperature, different smells and sights, and even hear certain sounds.

However, if you are not grounded completely, such an experience can be really stressful.

A mental outer body experience is simply a fleeting feeling, and you would not experience all the sensations that you would have felt in a physical outer body experience. Your outer body experience may bring in a different form of wisdom, along with a deep insight and changed visions.

Types of Astral Projections

There are several different types of astral projections. Most common of these is the spontaneous outer body experience. This type of an experience comes without any warning. You know that you are experiencing an astral projection only when it actually happens. The second kind is the planned out of body experience, which is performed in a planned manner, with the help of a coach or a guide. This kind of travel is very exerting and it may take months for you to prepare your mind and body to take on such a challenge.