Universal Laws: The Law of Appreciation


Kate Corbin

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
– Albert Einstein



Practice Appreciation. You’ve heard it all your life – Count your Blessings. Appreciate what you already have and watch it multiply before your eyes. What is this phenomenon? Why does this happen? Well, it has to do with the fact that you’re a broadcasting station sending out a signal that is answered in kind. As you practice directing the high frequency Energy of Appreciation, by the Law of Attraction, even more fantastic people and things will appear in your life. As appreciation becomes your dominant vibration, you’ll spend less time in the lower states, feeling bad, feeling sad, and settling for less than you desire.

Attitude of Gratitude. A good way to become more appreciative is to keep a gratitude journal in which you write down things that you’re grateful for each day. Here’s the magic: Keeping a gratitude journal orients you to naturally look for things to appreciate. And this gratitude orientation will attract into your life more things to appreciate, which will set up a chain of events to keep the good times rolling.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and the Universe will present you with a dazzling array of fascinating people and delightful circumstances. If you forgo appreciation and give in to blaming and complaining, the Cosmic Café will understand your order to be – I’d like more things to complain about, please. Then you’ll be amazed at how clever the Cosmic chefs can be in cooking up more things for you to complain about. In the Cosmic Café, you get what you vibrate.

Become a World-Class Appreciator. Make a list of the people and things you appreciate and pull out the list when you need a lift. What do you love about your life? Give your full attention to all the things you cherish about your life. Think about the people you love and make a list of what you love about them. The result will be a feeling of overflowing good fortune, joy and appreciation.

Notice how your vibration improves as you bring into your awareness things that you enjoy. Little things – a green light…a puffy cloud…a butterfly…a flower…a song…a delicious meal… There are endless things to be grateful for. Set your radar for anything that summons up the high vibration of appreciation. Choosing the joy of appreciation is a most powerful tool in raising your vibration, in coming into alignment with your desires, in connecting with Source Energy for a fabulous dose of Well-Being and clarity.

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself.”
– Walt Whitman.

Appreciate Yourself! Whatever you believe about yourself is expressed to the ends of the Universe. You are wonderful, brilliant, and worthy of all good things – just as you are. So relax, be playful, have fun, laugh, be good to YOU. Focus on all the wonderful things there are to appreciate about YOU. In the entire Universe, there has never been anyone exactly like you. Celebrate, appreciate, love, and feel good about YOU.

As you apply the power of appreciation in your life today and every day, you will quickly and easily magnetize into your life everything you could ever desire! How’s that for something to appreciate?

Universal Law: Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration

Change Your Vibration and
Change Your Life

The Law of Vibration is the basis of manifestation. Nothing in the Universe rests. Everything moves and is in a constant state of vibration and motion.

Even the seemingly solid items in your home, such as tables and chairs, vibrate. They vibrate at such a low frequency they appear as solid objects to the human eye.

The Law of Vibration explains the differences between manifestations of matter, energy, mind and spirit result from different rates of vibration.

Each and every thought is energy and has its own vibrational frequency. We are effectively transmitting vibrational signals into the universe.

Emotions Are Your Radar

Use your emotions as an internal guidance system.

When experiencing positive emotions such as joy and happiness you are vibrating in harmony with your goals.

However, if you are experiencing negative emotions such as fear, anger, nervousness or anxiety you are off track and vibrating at a lower frequency.

Negative emotions are indicative of internal resistance. Remember, whatever you resist persists.

What about those who have been plagued by lack and negativity throughout their entire life?

The universe does not keep score of how much negative or positive you send out and attract. It merely provides more of whatever it is you focus your energy on.

At any time you can choose to stop the negativity simply by refocusing your thoughts on positive goals and outcomes.

How Can You Raise Your Vibration?

The Law of Vibration applies to everything you think, believe, act, intend and say.

If you don’t like what you have been attracting in your life, raise your vibration to invoke positive power and effectively apply the Law of Attraction.

To begin increasing your vibration simply make a conscious choice to focus your energy more on positive emotions and less on negative feelings.

Most importantly however, change the beliefs and thoughts buried in your subconscious mind (the massive 5/6ths of your personal power) Then you are deliberately applying the Law of Vibration on auto-pilot. Effectively you are broadcasting higher frequency signals using all of your brain power – both the conscious 1/6th and the non-conscious 5/6ths.

Everything begins with a conscious awareness of your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

The Law of Vibration states that any vibration which is sent out for good increases into higher frequencies as it moves through time and space until it returns to the sender bringing with it the gifts of those higher frequencies.

In contrast, any vibration sent out for selfish reasons such as greed or power will bring back vibrations with a lower frequency.

When someone is drawing energy from others, they decrease the vibratory rate. On the other hand, the giving forth of energy increases their vibratory rate.

When you are radiating good, you are increasing your vibratory frequency.

Perhaps you have heard the expression “give others what you desire the most”. For example:

  • If you lack love in your life, give love.
  • If you lack money, give money.
  • If you lack respect, then give respect.

By giving others that which you desire, you ultimately increase that which comes back to you.

 To refresh your memory here are a few:

  • Make a conscious effort to catch negative thoughts as they come into your awareness and change to a positive thought.
  • Release the emotional attachment to negative thoughts, habits, feelings and beliefs.
  • Express gratitude for everything.
  • Meditate.
  • Re-program your subconscious with supporting beliefs and habits so it functions automatically in harmony with your desires.
  • Visualize your goals in detail and as already achieved.
  • Forgive everyone.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy:

All persons have within them the power to change the conditions in their lives. Higher vibrations will consume and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect change.

Universal Law: Giving and Receiving

The Law Of Giving And Receiving:

 One of the greatest laws is the law of giving. It is a phenomenal law. Give freely and happily. Always form a habit of giving cheerfully. Give first before you receive. Whatever energy you give will come back to you in an amazing way. You may give away your time, for example, and it comes back to you much later from an unexpected source in an unexpected form in a way that benefits you greatly. You cannot insist on a particular way and time it will come back to you, but you can be assured it will come back in the best way for you.

Give. Give. Give. And do so cheerfully and freely. It is the energy behind the giving that matters so do not give grudgingly. The law of cause and effect guarantees that you shall receive plenty for what you give.

Life is for giving… Give what you have of your – time, money, smiles, love, compliments, anything. And you will get back what you do not have on you.

Give graciously and receive gratefully. Grace and gratitude are the energizing factors of giving and receiving. By taking care of society and nature, you take care of yourself. Share with and give to nature and society often. It is the goose that lays the golden eggs, and it needs to be protected and nourished so that it can protect and nourish you.

Share. Give. Help others. In the proportion and to the extent that you cause others to build their wealth, so will you build your wealth. Invest some money in financial services and institutions that lend money to others and enable others to build wealth. This is another great way for you to take care of society, to make it wealthy so that you may also get wealthier from it. The Universe is all energy. Energy flows. Giving promotes this energy flow, placing you in harmony with the powers of the Universe. Whatever you wish to have, cause another being to have it first, and you will begin to have it in abundance. Give and you will receive in multiples. For example, if you wish to have wealth, show others how to have wealth, and in an amazing way, you will soon find yourself wealthy. It is a very complicated system that works perfectly. Give cheerfully! Share, share, share. It is an investment banked with the Universe that returns to you with amazing interest. Share gladly and genuinely.

 What you wish to have, cause another to have. To have wealth and abundance cause another to have it. How do you cause others to have wealth? Teach these lessons to your friends that are interested in wealth. Show them this book and others like it. Form study groups or mastermind circles with them. Where two or more are gathered, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Develop an awareness that enables you to look out for and see all opportunities where you can give something freely and cheerfully. You can give material things, your time, skills, or anything else. Get out of the habit of thinking that you should receive something first before you give. That is not giving. That is an exchange. Giving freely and cheerfully enables you to do business, if you wish to look at it that way, with the Universe. This is how it works: You give someone something that you have now with you – freely and cheerfully. The Universe, by the law, finds the best way to give back that energy to you in the form of something that you do not have with you. it gives you back in multiples, when it is most appropriate, in the most appropriate form. It is a magical process. Obviously, the more you give, the more magic you create for yourself. Life starts to work for you. Develop a strong desire and persistence to give cheerfully and freely. In your goal setting, remember to include several goals that are about free and cheerful giving.

Giving, under the law of cause and effect, is one of the most powerful actions you can take. It returns in multiples, sevenfold. You cannot afford to leave out giving in your life plan. You cannot afford to leave it to chance occurrence. Develop giving into a habit, something you do naturally without having to think of it. This makes you into a consistent and persistent giver and the Universe will work for you. Give spontaneously. Work on the habit of giving until you get to the point where you enjoy giving. Enjoy it thoroughly. It is ok to think and know that when you give you will get back something from the Universe. You do not have to pretend you are not interested in receiving a reward for giving.

Expecting reward is good. In fact, expecting a reward is empowering a reward to come to you. The violation of the law of giving comes when you start expecting to receive something back from the same being you give to, saying “Well, I did this for you so you should do that for me.” In fact demanding a particular reward back is a violation. It makes you “trading” minded rather than “cheerful and free giving” minded. Never ask for or expect payback” from those you give to. The reward you receive will come from a source and a time and in a form that the Universe finds best suited for you.

You always have something to give. Time, complements, talent, money, knowledge, share a book, etc. Giving has one bonus effect: it shows you what you have but did not know you had. Say you wished to have wealth. You then decide to give wealth first by helping others learn how to have wealth. You read books such as these, help where you can with such knowledge, share these kind of books, and so on. In that process, magically, you end up realizing you had a whole lot of wealth and wealth capabilities that you previously thought you lacked. You are surrounded with abundant opportunities to give, but you only see them when you decide to start seeing them.

Learn also to receive graciously and happily. Do not feel uncomfortable receiving. You deserve it and by receiving, you are in harmony with the law of giving and receiving. The trick to giving is to not force it upon those you give to.Offer your gift freely and cheerfully. Show your hand. Do not shove. Show. If the receiver does not wish to take your gift, respect that cheerfully. Do not get offended if your gift is not accepted. Allow the other person their full nature of freedom of choice. And do not make a person dependent on you. When a person becomes dependent on your gifts unnecessarily, you have not done them any good because you have reduced their belief and ability in themselves. Here is a likely scenario. Imagine a person who does not have much in material possessions to give and share with others. But this person is very charming and kind. The person gives a thousand compliments to people he or she comes across without even getting one compliment back. This person uplifts their mood and confidence by finding ways to encourage and compliment them. But this person never gets a compliment back from anybody. Well, not to worry. The Universe keeps its accounts perfectly. This person’s giving builds credit in the universal system. One day, by the law of cause and effect, of giving and receiving, this person somehow gets the bicycle he or she has always wanted -just when the person needed it – in a way that looks like a miracle. It could be by winning some competition, or having it given to them by a stranger, or one of a countless other possibilities, what people call luck. That is how giving works. Sometime the Universe takes little things that you have, can give, and do give, and it puts them into one big thing that you do not have and require and it gives that to you at a perfect time. All other things held constant, to the extent that an individual or society shares and gives in the right way, so will they have wealth and happiness. Now you know how to do business with the Universe, so to speak.

The Universe itself is a giving Universe, for life is for giving. You give and you receive sevenfold – you actually are rewarded for your kindness. The Source, Life, is all about giving, and the intelligence that runs the Universe honors your giving always, all ways. Give cheerfully! Everything in life is a gift. Especially with regard to wealth and happiness, never cease to cause others to have wealth and happiness, and you will have wealth and happiness in multiples! But what goes with giving? Receiving. And what goes with that?

 Source: http://www.practical-personal-development-advice.com

Universal Law: Law of Non-Interference

Non-Interference is One of the Great Laws of the Universe

By Norma Hickox

Non-interference is one of the great laws of the universe that is followed


always by the beings from the higher realms. Would that it were so in the lower realms. There is a fine line between being helpful and being interfering. It is a very fine line indeed. The aspect of it that so many people do not consider is the unspoken language that accompanies all tries at being helpful. The nuances of the voice, the look in the eyes, the body motion, all this goes into the area of making a simple suggestion suddenly become interference. The art of not having this happen is something that all must learn and is the foundation for acquiring diplomacy. One can vocally state that they are just providing the facts, or giving their opinion and that it should have no bearing on the decision of the one they are talking to. This would be fine if this were the case, but 95% of the time it truly is not the case. There is a definite manipulative endeavor behind most discourses of this nature. When the one receiving information or advice of this sort feels this manipulation coming through the other’s conversation he must immediately put himself on alert that there is danger of interference to his free will being expressed by this person. As soon as he is aware, it negates, to a certain point, the interference that is being injected into his life, but it never entirely eliminates what has been said. It is similar to a court trial where a statement is erased from the records and the jury told to dismiss it. It can never be done away with as it made its indentation on the ethers and became alive the moment it was uttered. It is very difficult for the human race to take enough time before speaking to assure themselves that they are not interfering. Even when another has asked your opinion or asked you to gather certain information, there is still a fine line between doing what is asked and interfering. Humanity needs to learn when they are overstepping the Universal Law of non-interference in another’s lessons. This non-interference is so important, and it does not mean indifference, and it does not mean impersonality. It has its own fine line of overstepping boundaries. This applies to counselors as well as to just plain friends giving advice – more so, probably, to the counselors because they are most often open lines to the inner plane guides and teacher. This makes the possibility of them overstepping the boundaries much more likely to happen than just an ordinary friend giving advice. The boundary that they cannot overstep is interference. Anything that is going to tell another what his decision should be, or must be, is interference and will reap its own karma. Those people giving readings must learn this. This must be one of the first things they learn, in that they cannot tell anyone what their decision to a problem should be. How will this soul ever grow if someone is constantly telling him the choices he must make? That is not freedom that is the opposite. That is imprisoning his mind. Killing another is the worst kind of interference because it nullifies and voids everything set up for that one in that lifetime. There are other forms of interference which are not nearly as severe or as serious, but are still wrong. One of these would be telling another that you think they should get a divorce; that you think this is the way they should go. That you should not do! Even to suggest to another that you think they should change jobs, or that you definitely feel that they have been wronged in the position they are holding now and should change jobs, is interference! Another term for it is “sticking your nose into others business.” Right along with the golden rule should be MYOB (mind your own business) a very good rule to follow when it comes to interference. This is where common sense and intelligence must come in. You can mind your own business to the point where you sit and watch someone starve to death. That’s not what is being talking about either. Common sense basically is your God Within talking because it deals with your conscience. Common sense is a by-product of your conscience plus other factors, your environment, your upbringing, your education, but it is a by-product of your conscience. When this is coupled with intuition is when the best results for a counselor would occur Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4815188

Universal Laws: The Power of Focus


The Magical Power of Focus

Leo Babauta

 “Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” – Qui-Gon to Anakin, Star Wars Episode I

The quote above, as cheesy as George Lucas’ writing often is, contains a nugget of Jedi wisdom that I’ve repeatedly found to be true.

Your focus determines your reality.

It’s something we don’t think about much of the time, but give it some consideration now:

  • If you wake up in the morning and think about the miserable things you need to do later in the day, you’ll have a miserable day. If you wake up and focus instead on what a wonderful gift your life is, you’ll have a great day.
  • If we let our attention jump from one thing to another, we will have a busy, fractured and probably unproductive day. If we focus entirely on one job, we may lose ourselves in that job, and it will not only be the most productive thing we do all day, but it’ll be very enjoyable.
  • If we focus on being tired and wanting to veg out in front of the TV, we will get a lot of television watching done. If, however, we focus on being healthy and fit, we will become healthy and fit through exercise and good eating.

This may seem simplistic, but it’s completely true. This is the magical power of focus.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can use focus to improve different aspects of your life.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

Focus on a Goal
In my experience, focus is the most important determination of whether you’ll achieve a goal or stick to creating a new habit. Not self-discipline, not rewards, not sheer willpower, not even motivation (also an important ingredient, however). If you can maintain your focus on a goal or habit, you will more often than not achieve that goal or create that habit.

If you can’t maintain your focus, you won’t achieve the goal, unless it’s such an easy goal that it would have happened anyway. It’s that simple.

Why does focus matter so much? Let’s say you decide you want to declutter your house — that’s your goal for this month. So the first day, you’re completely focused on this goal, and you get boxes and trash bags and fill them up with junk. The second day, you’re still focused, and you fill up a bunch more boxes and you’ve cleared most of two rooms with progress on another. This goes on for a few more days, with your focus being on this goal, and lots of progress made.

However, let’s say that a week into your decluttering, you decide you want to become a runner. You are now focused on running, and not only do you go out to jog for a few days, you buy running clothes and a Nike-equipped iPod and read running blogs and magazines. However, you’ve lost your focus on decluttering, and soon you aren’t doing much of it, because your focus is on running. In fact, you’ve added more clutter because you’ve bought all the running equipment and magazines and books.

Meanwhile, I have maintained my focus on decluttering the entire month, and by the end of the month, I have a nice, simplified house. I did it through focus.

This is why I am constantly advocating focusing on only one goal at a time. Having multiple goals spreads out your focus, and makes it less likely that you’ll complete any of the goals. It’s possible, but with a diffused focus, it’s much more difficult.

Even with only one goal, maintaining focus can be difficult. You need to find ways to keep your focus on that goal. Some good examples that work for me:

  • Read about your goal as much as possible, on websites and blogs and in books and magazines.
  • Post up reminders on your wall, refrigerator, and computer desktop.
  • Send yourself reminders using an online calendar or reminder service.
  • Tell as many people as possible about it, and post your progress on your blog.
  • Have a time each day to work on the goal, with a reminder in your schedule each day.

Maintain your focus on your goal, and you’ve won half the battle in achieving it.

Focus on Now
I’ve written about this before, but focusing on the present can do a lot for you. It helps reduce stress, it helps you enjoy life to the fullest, and it can increase your effectiveness.

Focusing on now, rather than the past (“I can’t believe she said that to me!”) or the future (“what am I going to say in the darn meeting today?”) isn’t easy, and takes a lot of practice. I won’t go into this much here, but read more:

Focus on the Task at Hand
Have you ever completely lost yourself in a task, so that the world around you disappears? You lose track of time and are completely caught up in what you’re doing. That’s the popular concept of Flow, and it’s an important ingredient to finding happiness.

Having work and leisure that gets you in this state of flow will almost undoubtedly lead to happiness. People find greatest enjoyment not when they’re passively mindless, but when they’re absorbed in a mindful challenge.

How do you get into flow? Well, it takes a bit of practice, but the first step is to find work that you’re passionate about. Seriously — this is an extremely important step. Find hobbies that you’re passionate about. Turn off the TV — this is the opposite of flow — and get outside and do something that truly engages you.

Next, you need to clear away distractions and focus completely on the task you set before yourself. This is the part that takes a lot of practice. I’ll write more about this later.

Focus on the Positive
One of the key skills I’ve learned is how to be aware of my negative thoughts, and to replace them with positive thoughts. I learned this through quitting smoking and running — there are many times when you feel like giving up, and if you don’t catch these negative thoughts in time, they’ll fester and grow until you actually do give up.

Instead, learn to focus on the positive. Think about how great you feel. Think about how other people have done this, and so can you. Think about how good it will feel when you accomplish what you’re trying to do.

Also learn to see the positive in just about any situation. This results in happiness, in my experience, as you don’t focus on the bad parts of your life, but on the good things. Be thankful for what you’ve been given.

What are your thoughts on focus? Share in the comments.

“We are what we think; as we desire so do we become! By our thoughts, desires, and habits, we either ascend to the full divine dignity of our nature, or we descend to suffer and learn.” – J. Todd Ferrier

Source: Zenhabits.net

Universal Laws: Unconditional Love

The Universal Law of Unconditional Love

 By Zabe Barnes
Being in Harmony with the Universal Law of Unconditional Love
    The Universal Law of Unconditional Love is about loving ourselves and others as we/they are, without judgments, conditions, or expectations. Unconditional love is not only a Law; it is a condition of reality; that is, it is an energy that permeates creation–an energy which is readily available to us from Source whenever we choose to tap into it. We tap into this never-ending flow of unconditional love each time we honor ourselves and others. We widen the flow of the unconditional love we experience the more we consciously agree to accept ourselves and each other as we are, perhaps agreeing to disagree on the specifics of being in order to more deeply connect with the greater truth of who we truly are underneath our differences. 

     It is easy to honor one another when we keep in mind that we do not have the full picture. We are not able to hold in our consciousness everything a soul has been through up to the time they are standing before us. We do not always see the whole picture of how their current role supports the unfolding of the Divine Order of the universe. Maybe they are a highly evolved spiritual being who volunteered to take on a life of challenges in order to clear the generational dna of an entire family. Or maybe they took on the role of persecutor this lifetime to teach others how not to be. Perhaps you yourself signed up for challenges as a way of supporting the greater good–and so why do you judge yourself so harshly?

     The Universal Law of Unconditional Love also requires that we love freely and openly without restraint. God is love and we are expressions of that Love. Why then do we hold it back? It is our true nature to allow love to flow freely through us. When we do this, we maintain a deep connection with our higher self. From this connected state of unconditional love for all we encounter, we notice that we say and do the right things at the right times. We are in sync with the world around us and our life flows with grace and ease.
     I invite you to spend time this week focusing on the sacred geometry light grid pictures above as you ask to experience the energy of unconditional love to flow in you and through you. The colored shapes in this Pearlescent Compass Light Language Grid are made of light energy and are three-dimensional in form. Each shape and each color carries a particular vibrational frequency and has been chosen to adjust the master energies (listed below) of your internal GPS navigational system as they relate to the Law of Unconditional Love:

North: Creating and Connection


North East: Discipline and Commitment


East: Spirit/Earth and Love


South East: Follow-Through and Details


South: Action and Grounding


South West: Communication and Relationships


West: Lesson/Knowledge and Healing


North West: Decision/Desire and Intention



     I encourage you to focus on these directional energies in conjunction with the Law of Unconditional Love and the above grid of colored light. Allow the energies of this array of colored shapes to connect you more deeply with the flowing love that is your true nature. Consciously ask, “What needs to shift around each directional energy for you to become the unconditional flow of love that you are?” As new insights come through to you, the process of allowing will unfold.

Reflections on Unconditional Love 
     My lesson this week around the Universal Law of Unconditional Love involved maintaining healthy boundaries while continuing to love freely and openly. Unconditional love includes loving ourselves enough to stand up for what we believe. It is important that we love ourselves enough to stand in our power by maintaining high standards for how we are treated. We are free to walk away when others fail to treat us with the respect and attention we desire. This does not mean that we stop loving the other person unconditionally; we can continue to love them from a distance. But if they are unable to be appropriate in their interactions with us, we are not required to subject ourselves to abuse–silent or expressed. It is possible to place conditions on our time and energy without placing conditions on our love.
     Of course we can communicate with the other person and let them know how we feel. We can request a change in behavior and can be patient while we give them the opportunity to shift the behavior in question. We can also support them in their efforts to change. The important distinction is that we are setting conditions on behavior, not on being. We can still completely and fully love them for who they are–a precious child of God–without condoning inappropriate behavior. And we can require that behavior change in order for us to continue our interactions with them. This requirement is independent of the love we feel for them. We continue to love them unconditionally, whether or not they change and whether or not we continue to spend time with them. 
     We express unconditional love when we keep them in our prayers and when we continue to wish for them blessings of light and healing. Just as we continue to love our children even when we are angry at them for breaking a rule put in place for their own good, so we can continue to love all of God’s children in spite of their misguided transgressions. We recognize that everyone is innately worthy of love. We send this love out to all freely, without discrimination; we then discern whether or not we choose to spend our time and energy directly with them or whether we prefer to maintain a healthy distance as a way of supporting our own personal energy and unconditionally loving ourselves.

 Note: The views and practices contained in the article do not necessarily reflect the views and practices of Qudrahealing.com

Fear vs Love Based Emotions

How our fear-based emotions, compared to our love-based emotions influence our lives

by Sharoni

Energy is force that takes many forms and can be manifested in many ways.
Rocks have energy, likewise trees, plants, and the carpet on your floor, the glass in the window, the food you eat, the cloths you wear, your hair, your nails, everything about you is energy, including your feelings and your thoughts.

During a normal day in our life we experience a wide range of feelings. Actually, as we breathe we experience feelings. We are aware of some of them and give them attention and some of them just pass by without our awareness. The process of our thoughts is likewise, as our mind is working 24/7, sometimes we are aware of our thoughts and sometime we are not.
Our lives are initially controlled by our feelings which, in turn, create our thoughts.

Everything you are today is the sum total of all the feelings you have experience all your life up to this moment.

When a feeling connects with a thought an EMOTION is created.

The word EMOTION or E-MOTION contains the words energy and motion.

The place of creation of this energy motion is also the place where the energy-vibration is released.

Energy-vibration is LIFE. Life is what creates the circumstances that you are in.

If you wish your life to be different in the future it is necessary for you to change your emotions which in turn change your thinking in the present. By so doing you change the direction of your life!

There are two main emotions that determine our reality: fear-based emotions and love-based emotions

Fear-based emotions: fear, anger, stress, hate, pride, greed, blame, bitterness, hurt, judgment, misery, sadness, hopelessness, unhappiness, insecurity, lack of faith, lack of self-love, self-destruction, jealousy, competitiveness, control, frustration, selfishness, closeness, guilt, shame, doubt,s uncertainty, negativity and the list is long..

Love-based emotions: love, joy, faith, trust, inner strength, confidence, belief,
happiness, caring, sharing, forgiveness, openness, passion, freedom, harmony, honesty, beauty, compassion, self-love, self-appreciation, respect, acceptance, peace, balance between giving and receiving, understanding, positivity and again the list is long %u2026

How do fear-based emotions affect our life?

Fear-based emotions create a limitation, a tightness, an inward pulling feelings (shrink you).
Fear-based emotions push the world away.
Fear-based emotions invite isolation.
Fear-based emotions create heaviness in you.
Fear-based emotions create a life full of pain and frustration.
Fear-based emotions disconnect us from our true self.
How do love-based emotions affect our life?

Love-based emotions create bodily sensations of openness (expand you).
Love-based emotions invite the world in.
Love-based emotions invite unity.
Love-based emotions make the body and soul feel relaxed.
Love-based emotions create lightness in you.
Love-based emotions = living in abundance.
Love-based emotions connect us with our true self.


The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect is really the basic law of the universe. It is the reason that everything happens. The Law of Cause and Effect simply says: for every effect in our lives, there is a specific cause. If we do not like the effects that we are enjoying (or not) in our life, it is up to us to identify the causes, and change the causes. There is a reason for everything that happens whether or not we know the causes. There is no such thing as an accident. Everything that happens in our life happens by law and not by chance. Feelings are the causes and circumstances are the effects.

The Law of Control

What is the root of your fear/love-based emotions?

The answer is simple: the Law of Control. The Law of Control means that we feel good about ourselves when we feel in control of our life. Thus, we feel bad about ourselves when we feel that we are controlled by outer circumstances, by other people or by things beyond our control.

Understanding the Law of control means that whenever you feel that you don’t have control on your reality, you are managed by fear-based emotions.
When you feel that you have control of your reality, love-based emotions are managing your life.

All control begins with taking control of the feeling we hold in our heart. These feelings determine the thoughts we have.

You may recognize immediately that the Law of Cause and Effect is completely consistent with the law of control. If we can identify the causes, we can control the effects and therefore control what happens to us in our lives. People who live happy, fully functioning, harmonious lives are people who live by the Law of Control and understand the Law of Cause and Effect

Universal Laws of Healing

Excerpt from Spiritual Laws of Healing by Joanne



There are two basic emotions on the earthplane. One is fear and the other is love. When you resist your chosen experiences through fear, you create blocks in your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This eventually causes physical disease (dis-ease). Rigid and inflexible beliefs and mental attitudes cause both mental and physical tension. If you hold the physical body or an organ of the body in tension, over time something physical will manifest. Denied or suppressed emotions sit within the body until they manifest into a physical illness. When you fail to acknowledge your spiritual self, you hinder the supply of divine energy and eventually your physical body will wither away. All ill-health or disease is caused by stagnant energy. When you feel happiness and inner joy your cells flow with love and your body responds by being healthy.

Love is a high frequency energy which keeps your body clear and flowing. All manifestations of fear are of a low vibration and block the flow of positive energy or ‘chi’.

Healing takes place when high-frequency energy flows through the body, transmuting the stagnant energy which caused the disease. You must always ask for permission before you interfere with anyone else’s energy. There are several reasons for this.

· The person’s illness may be serving them in some way, whether they like it or not. It could be a karmic lesson they may need to experience and learn from.

· The illness may be serving a higher purpose for the growth of the person’s soul.

· The illness is their karma, and if they have not learned the lesson offered, you would not be serving their growth by healing it.

· It may not be the right time for them to heal – and their soul will know this.

· They may have a spiritual contract for someone else to facilitate their healing.

· It is not up to you to decide what is or is not for the person’s highest good.

If you are unable to ask permission from the person in question, use your intuition and tune into their Higher Self and simply ask. When you mentally ask for permission you will receive a distinct impression of an affirmative answer if it is appropriate. If you receive no distinct answer, do not send healing.

In an emergency situation in which someone is injured, do not hesitate to help. Healing energy will flow through you if it is appropriate.


When people dedicate themselves as ‘healers’, they attune themselves to the Divine, through spiritual practice, personal development and ‘right living’. This allows them to channel high-frequency energy, which flows through the cells of a person’s physical body. When a healer is a clear channel, miracles can take place and the soul of the person receiving will use the healing where it needs it most.


The healer channels from the Divine, but the healing energy is activated by the power of prayer and faith.


The healer helps his client to change his attitude. When the sick person genuinely forgives himself and the person who has caused the ill feelings of resentment, hate, fear or other stagnant emotion, the energy block dissolves and light and love flow again.


Through prayer, spiritual healing or intention, light may be sent

to someone to aid in their healing.


If someone has spare personal energy this may be used to transmute the lower frequencies which block someone else. Energy can be raised by dance, ritual or chanting. Because this is not Divine energy, the healing may not last unless it triggers the person’s own self-healing mechanism.


Healers are attuned to high-frequency Universal symbols. This is rather like a television set being tuned in. When you are ‘attuning’ you bring in the Reiki energy to heal yourself and others.


Angelic healing is like spiritual healing, but the angels take the person who is giving healing and the person receiving it to God. The possibilities are limitless.


Homeopathy, acupuncture, crystal healing, sound healing, herbs, nutritional healing, and most natural therapies all work to re-align the sick person’s energy system and clear the blockages with high-frequency energy. They also stimulate the person’s own healing powers.

The human consciousness is rising so that the higher chakras, or spiritual energy centres, are opening. More and more people are drawn to give healing at this time.

Healing take place because light transmutes the lower vibrations of ill-health.


Universal Law of Forgiveness


Law of Forgiveness


By Amanda Butler

Imagine waking up one morning and there is a glow about you, burdens of the past have been lifted, the heaviness of your heart has been lightened. You no longer are filled with pain, grief, anger, or resentment, and your spirit feels free to live once again. You feel an energy that allows you to love and create from your brilliant Diamond Essence! You may ask how can this be, how can this happen for me?

It is through the Law of Forgiveness that the gates open to the Kingdom of Heaven, but it’s not the Heaven above. Rather it is the Heaven that we can create within and here on earth by fully embracing the vibration of Love (Living Only Vibrant Energy). If we lived in a world in which only love and acceptance existed, would we need the Law of Forgiveness? We would not. Forgiveness is needed because, at some point, there is judgment or blame of Self, others, or a situation. When judgment and blame occur, separation is created, and love is no longer present. When love is present, there is no longer separation or the need for forgiveness.

“Forgiveness of another (or your Self) restores the truth of one’s own being. It brings freedom, transparency, and the restoration of life. Any process leading to understanding can accomplish this. When your life is transparent you are free, wise, and of service to all,” wrote Glenda Green in The Keys of Jeshua. However, forgiveness cannot be only a mental process through rationalization, thoughts, and words, it must be felt within the heart and given from the heart. Forgiveness is a tool and empty words or gestures cannot bring to us the energies of love, compassion, and acceptance. Forgiveness allows us access to such vibrations, feelings, and knowingness.

Why is there a need to forgive? The lack of forgiveness creates grief, despair, resentment, and anger within your heart and mind. It skews your perception of what’s really True, leads you to make assumptions and decisions based on false perimeters, and generates unhappiness and lack of fulfillment within your life. The wound is an incomplete energetic cycle and, if left unresolved, it is perpetuated in other relationships and situations and can eventually manifest as physical illness and dis-ease within any body of consciousness.

Understand, we invite people and situations into our lives so we may create, experience, learn, heal, and/or grow. It may be for one or all of these reasons. In doing so, we are playing out karmic relationships or soul agreements. Karmic relationships are based on balancing a deficit rather than a soul agreement to fulfill a common purpose where there is a sense of harmony for those involved. Karma is a contract in which two souls have agreed to complete a specific lesson or an energetic cycle from the past.

Some karmic relationships can be quite challenging while others are extremely gratifying and productive. It depends on the nature of the agreement and the maturity and perspective of the individuals involved. If the agreement is about healing the past, judgment usually exists about Self or one another and forgiveness is necessary. Within the experience of judgment, one is right or wrong, good or bad rather than the acceptance of just ‘what is’. There is comparison that one truth is better than or less than, one is more valued while the other is undervalued. Understanding the true sense of Nature, all truths are actually the sum of the whole.

Forgiveness is not about condoning an action that may have hurt you, but it is an understanding and honoring of why it occurred and the process of letting it go. It is not about forgetting what happened but about accepting what was and what no longer will be. Have you heard “I forgive you but I’ll not forget what you’ve done!” and it is said with malice and vengeance? Know that this is not True forgiveness. Forgiveness is about moving from the past which is dead energy to the present of where you and the other are today. Did you learn, grow, and heal from your experience? The past is a record to be utilized for discernment but not to keep your Self or another in a box which no longer is True and no longer serves either of you.

Honoring and accepting one’s own and the other’s unique truth, you create a bridge for each to freely create and live their own soul’s purpose and path. As each person is unique, so is their path, my path is not yours and yours is not mine. It is the honoring of the paths that allows the freedom for each to uniquely express.

The Energy Forms associated with the Law of Forgiveness are the balance of the Masculine and Feminine Heart Forms bridged through the energy of the Blue Diamond. The Blue Diamond holds the Divine Truth of your God cell consciousness. By utilizing these forms through breathing the infinity breath, you are assisted in letting go of the past and forgiving your Self, others, or situations. As you breathe out your pain into the forms, you must create the intention of healing and forgiveness then breathe back in the energies of love, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. Allow the forms to help you release the pain, even if there is resistance or the need to hold on or to be right, commit to receive the transformation from pain to love and joy. You can consciously choose to open your heart to your Self, the other, or the circumstance and to love once again!


Ten Tips: Law of Attraction

Ten Tips for Using the Law of Attraction

By Sharon Pearson, CEO, The Coaching Institute

  1. Your thoughts create your reality. If you think thoughts of lack, self-doubt, poverty, ill-health etc then this is what you will experience in your life.
  2. If you are not sure what your thoughts are, then simply ask yourself ‘How do I feel?- If you feel yukky, this is your indicator that your thoughts are not aligned with creating an extraordinary life.
  3. If you notice too many negative thoughts, and don’t know how to change them, to get you started write down as many things that you are grateful for as possible. Each day reflect on this list with genuine gratitude.
  4. Appreciation is the antidote of fear. Appreciate each and every day, and everyone that is in it.
  5. Take responsibility for changing your thoughts. I found this very difficult in the beginning, because I was so used to the negative thoughts. i was kinda hooked on them, because I layed the victim! When I chose to take responsibility for them, no exceptions, my thoughts started to change.
  6. Write down your goals very clearly. Use the SMART model if it helps.
    a. S – Simple, specific
    b. M – Measurable
    c. A – Attractive, stated ‘as if’ you already have it
    d. R – Realistic
    e. T – Timed – when will it be in your life?
    For example, “It is Christmas 2007 and I am standing on the balcony of my beach house with my family, having enjoyed an exciting, fun and rewarding year. I have banked $__________, invested $__________, and feel wonderful.”
  7. Think about your goals daily, and with feelings of appreciation for them being in your life – your mind does not know the difference between the reality outside of you and the reality in your mind.
  8. Never, ever, ever give up on the dream. Get more determined, every day, to experience your goals in your life.
  9. Read everything you can on how others have achieved their goals, and if it suits you, do what they did.
  10. Act. Nothing can replace action. One step, each day, towards the achievement of your goals will bring them into your life. Don’t have ‘spurts’ of action then nothing for days or weeks. Do something, every day, no exceptions, even if it’s just to think about how good you feel having this goal in your life.