Dream of Dolphin Communication Through Consciousness Teacher in Arabia


On March 30th 2017,  we had one of our most revered Wisdom Teachers  in Jeddah share the following dream with us on the subject of dolphins.  In a previous post,  these Angels of the Sea, are seen communicating actively through dream realm to hearts of transmitters. This dream as narrated by our dear friend sheds further light on dolphins and human connectedness.

The communication was so pure and so freely shared there was not this division of animals and humans”


“I had a dream last night that I wanted to share with you. I just …when I woke up this morning and then  was doing spiritual contemplation and then thinking about my dream I really wanted to share with you because it was all about Dolphins and  I was in the ocean. Well I was in the ocean and it was like the Red Sea. It had beautiful turquoise water and parts were very shallow. There were schools and schools of these beautiful  beautiful dolphins that would come right up to the shore and there was such a sense of playfulness and there were people.  A couple of people in the water having these experiences communicating and loving the dolphins and they were so gorgeous and then there was a really huge one that was like turquoise and his body was so shiny and so turquoise and I don’t know… there was just so much love and what it brought to mind was that there was a time and there is a place. Maybe not in this physical universe certainly but  maybe in the physical universe at another time during  a different grand cycle where you know there was just no separation between souls… or any other sentient being that you know wouldn’t be classified as a human form and there was just no separation in consciousness or communication. The communication was so pure and so freely shared there was not this division of animals and humans.”

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The Great Dolphin Connection of Arabia-Atlantis Energy Attunement

 Art by Andrew Wyeth Jamie Wyeth and N.C. Wyeth
Art by Andrew Wyeth Jamie Wyeth and N.C. Wyeth

They are appearing and want to make their presence known in Hijaz. The dolphins are knowns to many as the “Angels of the Sea.” They are Great Ones who attune masses and nations, when hearts are ready to recieve. Unlike humans, however dolphins have been using this skill, known as biosonar, for millennia. The Abrahamic land of Arabia shall resurface and enter the new earth through super ascension energy channeled throughout the energy grid. This grid is preparing  hearts and souls for the awaited Avatars. In the name of A L L A H, the Most High, the Supreme Lord of the Worlds, we ask for heavenly grace and ascension. Amen. Qudra Healing’s latest Dolhpin experience shared now with seekers.

Dream January  2015 *Excerpt:  There was some other native looking boy near me. I saw a line of dolphins and there seemed to be an invisible thread attached to them. The boy grabbed a hold of this thread and I ended up doing the same as he. The boy and I were on an adventure..sort of like water skiing, gliding on the waters directly guided by a line of dolphins which did not appear as the bottlenose dolphins – QH.


Dream Commentary by Healer and Alchemist Yasmine Fa’temi

Dolphins when they come are also heralding in the new and moving out of the old, so it is a sign that you are coming into a new phase in your journey. Your last dream with dolphins was a confirmation for you that you are being supported and you are able to just by directing your thoughts and the dolphins will be there boosting it and you so….

Interesting Facts about  Dolphin Echolocation

1) The dolphin uses nasal passages to make a click and sends it through its forehead, which focuses the sounds together into a beam before sending it into the water.

2)   When the sound hits an object in the water, it bounces back to the dolphin as an echo.

3)  The dolphin absorbs this returning echo through its jaw.

4)  A passage of fat from the jaw conducts the sound to the dolphin’s inner ear, which exchanges nerve impulses with its brain to interpret the object’s characteristics, such as size, shape and material. *Due to privacy reasons, the entire dream could not be shared.