Dream of Dolphin Communication Through Consciousness Teacher in Arabia


On March 30th 2017,  we had one of our most revered Wisdom Teachers  in Jeddah share the following dream with us on the subject of dolphins.  In a previous post,  these Angels of the Sea, are seen communicating actively through dream realm to hearts of transmitters. This dream as narrated by our dear friend sheds further light on dolphins and human connectedness.

The communication was so pure and so freely shared there was not this division of animals and humans”


“I had a dream last night that I wanted to share with you. I just …when I woke up this morning and then  was doing spiritual contemplation and then thinking about my dream I really wanted to share with you because it was all about Dolphins and  I was in the ocean. Well I was in the ocean and it was like the Red Sea. It had beautiful turquoise water and parts were very shallow. There were schools and schools of these beautiful  beautiful dolphins that would come right up to the shore and there was such a sense of playfulness and there were people.  A couple of people in the water having these experiences communicating and loving the dolphins and they were so gorgeous and then there was a really huge one that was like turquoise and his body was so shiny and so turquoise and I don’t know… there was just so much love and what it brought to mind was that there was a time and there is a place. Maybe not in this physical universe certainly but  maybe in the physical universe at another time during  a different grand cycle where you know there was just no separation between souls… or any other sentient being that you know wouldn’t be classified as a human form and there was just no separation in consciousness or communication. The communication was so pure and so freely shared there was not this division of animals and humans.”

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Fatimah’s Hand ~ Spiritual Transmission and the Art of Healing

By Roya Azal

Recently, I was introduced to Kristen Roya Azal, a female Islamic healer in Germany. Both her research and art works are profound and caught my heart’s interest. After connecting to her on the basis of the article we present below, we had numerous conversations on the significance of healing and the link of Ahlul Bayt.

A few years back, I experienced the apparition of the Hand of Fatima. I was never able to fully comprehend the experience yet know that the soul of Lady Fatima, which appears in more than one spiritual tradition is in reality only Fatima. Her soul being a Universal Mirror of the Divine Feminine, appears over the ages and is revered as a great saint. It is the same Fatima, she is the one, she is the same.  The article below by Roya sums up the tradition of the Hand of Fatima and reaffirms the legitimacy of the healing tradition which requires the initiation from Fatima and her daughter Zainab (peace and blessings upon both). Without the initiation, one lacks real authority and true medium ship.

Ya Fatima

Ya Zainab


“It is not my hand that is healing, but that of our Fatimah Ana.”~ Sufi Saying

The following is a little legend about the origins of the healer tradition of the people of the fireplace. The people of the fireplace are an Islamo-Shamanic healer tribe in Central Asia and Turkey. They center their healing rituals around fire, melting lead and using ash for healing. And around Fatimah Al-Zahra (a.s), the daughter of the prophet (a.s). The tradition of keeping a fireplace as the spiritual focus point is also observed by many Sufi orders.
“Muhammed, a.s., the Prophet of Islam, made a fire, when a voice reached him, which came from one side of the hearth. The voice told him that he could use the ashes of the fire, mixed with water, to heal the sick. So, the prophet started to heal the sick, but, after years, he became tired of doing this and  decided to transmit the art to his daughter Fatima and authorized her to carry it out. Hence, Fatima took his hands and started healing. Becoming in turn tired of this, she transmitted the art of healing, in respect to the same ritual, to her neighbour and close friend Lokman (Arabic: Luqman), a famous figure in Islam – whose name was given to Surat 31 of the Quran. Then Lokman spread the art to several places and people, setting up the tradition of the fireplace.”(Source: Gülnür Öngel, as quoted by Tierry Zarcone in “Shamanism and Islam: Fatima, Female Patron of the Shamans”)

“One of the conditions to becoming a healer is to be chosen by Fatimah Ana and to meet her through a dream and then “to take her hand”.”

Thus, according to this legend, the Prophet Muhammed (a.s), his daughter Fatimah (a.s) and Luqman are the three first links in the chain of transmission of the people of the fireplace.  Such a chain of transmission is certainly contested by many, since there is no direct historical link between Luqman and Muhammed (a.s) and certainly not in this order, as Luqman lived before the prophet. However, even if is just a legend, it has it’s own virtues and transmits certain truths worth knowing. This legend reminds me of Spagyrics and Alchemy and the importance of ash in the creation of pure, healing plant essences. And Luqman (also known as Balaam) himself is in esoterical lore across the boards frequently associated with Hermetic Philosophy, Alchemy, Shamanism and Magic.
Fatima Al-Zahra’s (as) role in the transmission of the healing art in Sufi lineages is of greatest importance in the work of all female Sufi Muslim healers. Fatimah Ana (Our Mother Fatimah) is frequently invoked during healing work. Besides, one of the conditions to becoming an healer is to be chosen by Fatimah Ana and to meet her through a dream and then “to take her hand”. The expression, “it is not my hand (that heals), but the hand of Fatimah Ana” is common. Female Sufi shamans who use their hand for ritual gestures will say “It is Fatimah’s Hand”. Another spirit story about Fatimah and how she was initiated into the art of healing is told through a tribe in Eastern Turkmenistan:
“The daughter of the prophet sat in the shadow of a tree when a yellow bird descended from heaven and stopped on one branch of this tree. The branch became dry immediately. Not long afterwards the bird left the tree and the shadow of it’s wings covered the legs of Bibi Fatimah and she became sick for seven days. Since no one was able to cure her, the Prophet asked God for help. Then, 40 perfect men were send by Allah to cure her. Coming from the heavens, seven among these forty reached the earth, alighting near a mausoleum. They put up a banner in the house of Bibi Fatimah who made some circumambulations around it and then recovered her health.”

“In traditional Sufi Islam the transmission of the “spirit” and initiation (bayat) into the order (tariqua) is always done by taking the hand of the Shayk.”

Fatima’s sickness is clearly an initiatory ailment and the yellow bird is obviously a symbol of evil spirits. The seven men amongst the 40 perfect men who were sent by Allah to cure her, are famous helping (and sometimes not so helping) spirits that are known throughout Persia and Central Asia as Chihiltan or Chiltan which means literally “Forty Spirits” (“Chihil” meaning 40 and “Tan” spirit). The number 40 is frequently incorporated in religious transmissions throughout the Muslim world and in particular Sufism. Circumambulations around scriptures and similar objects are a ritual healing technique still used in some regions of Central Asia. The legend demonstrates how Fatimah was called by the invisible to learn the art of healing and how her knowledge is since then transmitted from generation to generation,” through her hand”. In real traditional Sufi Islam the transmission of the “spirit” and initiation (bayat) into the order (tariqua) is always done by taking the hand of the Shaykh (and not as it is done by some Sufi orders these days via phone or email). We are giving forward Fatimah’s hand by giving our own hand.
One female healer who is a known servant of Fatimah told me her own initiatic story, which she permitted me to share: “I had my first calling by Fatimah (a.s) about 14 years ago, but I was at the time not educated in anything to do with Islam nor Shamanism nor Sufism. Indeed, I was in my own way an atheist, believing only in rationality. That I was thinking so often about Fatimah I put down to some historical books I had read and which had fascinated me. Still, I had to think about Fatimah all the time for many months but then I forgot. Then my life took a turn into chaos and I had serious calamaties hitting me. A bad relationship, abuse, the loss of my home, financial ruin and bad health. It was then, in utter desperation, that I remembered Fatimah and I called out for her in a dream and she came, and after shouting at me for abandoning her she gave me her hand and I was set on the path I am on now. And I recovered everyhing I lost with her aid.”

“She gave me her hand and I was set on the path I am on now. And I recovered everyhing I lost with her aid.”

The meaning of the Fatimah’s hand in the spiritual path of a healer Sufi could not become clearer then in this personal account of a transmission, but there are other interpretations of the meaning of the hand and the hand shake for Bayat in the Sufi Muslim tradition. According to one particular interpretation (which is favored mostly by Sunnis) Muhammed (a.s) took the oath of loyality from his followers through hand taking and since then Muslims declare the allegiance to a Shaykh and ultimately to Muhammed (a.s) through the hand.
Before finishing this article I want to briefly return to the fireplace. In many fireplace stories in the Turkish and Central Asian traditions, Fatimah (a.s) never falls sick but learns from her father Muhammed (a.s) the art of healing through ashes of the fire. It is curious, that the only Hadith describing an actual healing by Fatimah is recorded by no other but Ismail Bukhari. Bukhari writes that Fatimah (a.s) and her husband Ali Ibn-Talib (a.s) nursed the wounds of the Prophet (a.s) injured at the battle of Uhud. “Fatimah used to wash the wounds and Ali Ibn Talib used to pour water from a shield. When Fatimah saw that the water aggravated the bleeding, she took a piece of mat, burnt it, and inserted it’s ashes into the wound so that the blood was congealed (and bleeding stopped). Bukhari, 5, 277-8.

I want to thank Tierry Zarcone from whose book “Shamanism and Islam” I am quoting in parts. It is really interesting how healers experience Fatimah (a.s) and I am deeply impressed how universal the experience is.

To learn more about Roya’s work, please visit her website

Boiling Water Fails to Cause Harm Relates Seeker

Apart from practicing positive thinking, as advised, I started to recite Quranic verses for protection due to certain circumstances I was facing. I had been ill for over 6 weeks. My maid was bringing a pot of boiling water with vicks in it. As she approached me, she slipped and the boiling water splashed upon my legs. My children, maid and guests were a witness that not only did I not scream, yet no burns or scalding appeared on my legs. I felt no pain. Truly the verses I read proved to be a safeguard against calamities. I am very grateful to the Almighty and the Quranic healer who prescribed the daily reading.

Recieving Hizb Al Bahar via Dream

After repeated requests from a female to obtain the Litany of the Sea prayer for protection, she narrated a  dream where  Sh. Hisham Kabbani gave Qudra Healing Hizb al Bahar and Hizb al Nasr in order to pass on to the concerned sister. In our country where we lack direct access to such high authorities, dreams become a vehicle to convey and support seekers from the pool of His friends.

More information on these two prayers found here


Dream of Lady Fatima

Lady Fatima
Artist’s depiction of Lady Fatima


Latest dream received from a lady in Jeddah, (Rajab) May 2014:

A Visit to the Resting Place of Lady Fatima al Zahra in Madina & the Secret Link of the Fatimi Prayer

During and after my eldest sister’s passing away, my younger sister and I have been regularly praying certain prayers that are found in Ahle Bait narrations. Additionally, on the day Qudra came for a healing session for my ailing sister in the hospital, she administered a particular prayer associated with Lady Fatima al Zahra, which is read among her descendants, in order for us to recite.
As a direct result of the related prayers of Lady Fatima, I was shown the following dream:
In the dream I saw myself and my sister taking a journey on our own from Jeddah to the sanctified city of Madina Al Munawara to Masjid-e-Nabi (Prophet Mohammed’s Mosque)
We used a new mode of transportation to reach there. In order to enter the Mosque, we stood in a queue to pay for the duration of stay at the mosque. Just as we pay for parking space when accessing certain commercial areas. (I was quite astonished at what I witnessed as this is not the norm)
Before paying the entry fee, I submitted my sister’s and my ID cards. The lady glanced at my ID and said they need clarification on our identity. So she phoned another senior admin staff.

When I asked the lady, what was the entire problem about? Why we need this ‘clarification’..
The lady working at the Mosque, stated, “you are Hashimite”
She gave me, a master card with our full names which we were supposed to be using for future visits to Prophet’s Mosque.
On the card, I clearly saw the word “Hashimite”..
I entered the mosque.
It appeared more like the Grand Mosque in Makkah than that of Madina.
My sister and I quickly walked towards a white stair case which was designed to take us to the female section.
We took the staircase and came down, it turned to night and we were in some remote place and no longer in the Mosque’s premises.. I looked to my right, and saw a small horizontal, maintained but not renovated white building. I read the sign board, which stated in dark green text, “Fatima Al Zahra” in English and Arabic.
While I was about to enter the building, I saw a grave like structure, I thought –
“ Is this Fatima Az-Zahra’s grave? Should I walk over it? NO, it’s wrong..”
So I walked beside it respectfully and entered the building by opening a large rectangular door covered with aged black leather. Following in my steps was my sister.
My sister and I entered a room. In this room, I saw a small group of women, approximately 7-9, were praying and meditating, deeply engrossed in worship.
Just as we stood for prayer, raising my hand to recite, “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great).. I awoke.
Peace be upon Lady Fatima and her descendants.


Global Full Moon Meditation Event 19:19, Wednesday May 14th, 2014

Full Moon Meditation Event-19:19, Wednesday May 14th, 2014-05-14-15th Rajab

Divine Feminine Energy Shift to Take Place

This sacred month of Rajab is famed for Divine Favor, outpouring and Grace. The Universe is shifting towards the Feminine embracing all through the Energy of Love.

Article: Feminine Energy Shift

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DREAMS  transport one from a state of limitation to unlimited possibilities. Many a time dreams are therapeutic and foretell future events. They unveil realities and serve as premonitions also. The following dream was shown recently to a participant for tomorrow’s Full Moon Meditation. She requested us to not disclose her identity.

“Upon joining the moon meditation event, I saw the following dream the same night.
I was preparing for a flight to the moon. The vehicle was a space shuttle, just as an astronaut would travel in. The only difference was that I did not require a space suit. I was excited, happy and looking forward for this extra ordinary journey! It seemed as if “normal” to travel to the moon. I unconsciously practice moon gazing and HIGHLY RECOMMEND those who know ‘how to,’ to do so tomorrow.

Blessing to All,
Moon Lady



Light Phenomena in Medina During Poetry Recital

Friday January 25th 2013-13 Rabiyyul Awwal

A female witnesses a white gush of smoke propel from the blessed Green Dome. The images captured of the smoke like funnel below are seconds post phenomena and could not be captured at the actual time the cloud funnel appeared.

We share the images below at the persistent request of locals and expatriates in the Kingdom. A female poetess is reprimanded by the religious police for reciting poetry by the Green Dome. He refers to her as ‘Hajjah’ and demands she stops and leaves. She continues to recites looking at him fearlessly and openly utters the names of the blessed family of Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him). Upon reciting these verses, the Mutawwa attempts to snatch her binder to no avail.  At this very precise moment, another female present during the recital witnesses a white gush of smoke propel from the Holy Green Dome into the sky. The white cloud like stream heads straight for Jannatul Baqi; the blessed grave yard and resting place of the daughter and head of the descendants of Prophet Mohammed (S); Sayyeda Fatima, the noble wives, family, companions and Muslim community.  In no way was the reciter rude or defiant, rather peacefully continued to recite her expression. Conveying peace and blessings to the Prophet Mohammed is an inherent right granted to the community of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him, his family and companions).

And Allah knows best.

The poetry can be shared upon personal request.

Light Phenomena Formula Simplified:

Vibrational Frequency of Geographical Location + Vibrational Frequency of Reciter-Conduit + Vibrational Frequency of Receipient(s) + Vibrational Frequency of Sound through Words Recited + Vibrational Frequency of Opposing Force 

= Manifestation of Phenomena-Miracle:  The phenomena here is visible to masses through the external eye and NOT confined to the (commonly experienced) internal spiritual experience limited to the concerned individual; veiled  to others present. 

Medina light 0

Medina Light 1

Medina Light 1

Medina Light 2

Medina light 4