Defining Terms Related to Psychic Powers

By Ryan Dube

Although no form of psychic ability has been validated by science yet, there is a long list of psychic abilities that continue to be reported throughout the world.

What are Psychic Abilities?

The organization that examines the question of PSI abilities in the most scientific manner is the Parapsychological Association (PA), which is an affiliate of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Within the PA’s online encyclopedia, they’ve published an article by Dr. Mario Varvoglis where he defines “psi” as every kind of unexplainable psychic phenomenon that “seem to be related” to the human mind. He further quantifies that by defining what it means to be “psychic”. Dr. Varvoglis calls it an experience that “must involve” interactions that aren’t the same as our normal methods of interacting with the world around us. In other words, the scientific definition of types of “psychic abilities” refers to those abilities to perceive things about the world through a “sixth sense”. This is why types of psychic abilities are referred to as extrasensory perception.

The following list of psychic abilities make up entire categories of ability. Some psychics claim to have only one of these abilities, while other psychics say that they have several.

A List of Psychic Abilities

Astral projection is the ability to cause your conscious awareness to be in a position outside of your physical body. It is also referred to by the literature as an out-of-body experience (OBE). Experiencers of this psychic phenomenon report seeing their body on an operating table and watching events unfold as medical technicians work to revive them. Some experiencers wake up later and, to everyone’s astonishment, they are able to describe those details to medical staff.

Aura Reading is the perception that allows a “sensitive” to perceive a disturbance in the air surrounding an individual, animal, or object. Auras are defined differently by different people, with some referring to them in the spiritual terms, while some researchers refer to them in purely scientific terms. Whether these disturbances are caused by spirit or by electromagnetic radiation, reading auras is a very common psychic ability.

Automatic writing is a technique that many clairvoyants use to pass information from the spiritual world through their subconscious mind and onto paper. The theory is that the psychic’s hand is ultimately controlled by the outside intelligence.

Channeling is similar to automatic writing, except instead of the outside spiritual intelligence controlling the psychic’s hand, it take over the vocal chords of the psychic. People who have this ability are called “mediums” because they serve as a medium, or vessel, for communication to take place with the invisible entity.

Clairvoyance refers to the capacity of a psychic to see visions of events, people and places that are far away, or outside of the normal perceptual range of the psychic. This is also the form of psychic ability most commonly referred to as “remote viewing.”

Clairaudience is very similar to clairvoyance, except it is focused on the ability to hear things that are normally inaudible to regular hearing. This does not refer to hearing voices of invisible spirits; instead, it is the ability to hear the voices of people who are very far away from the psychic.

Clairsentience is simply the awareness of a fact or piece of information that is hidden from the psychic. For example, if a psychic met someone for the first time and knew their name, or their birthday, this would be an example of clairsentience.

Animal Telepathy is a less commonly known ability to communicate telepathically with animals. Also called “pet psychics,” these people are claimed to have a psychic connection with the thoughts and feelings of animals. Some people believe that people who excel at training animals tend to have this form of telepathy without realizing it.

Divination encompasses the more commonly known activities practiced by most of the commercial psychics such as fortune telling and prophesying. Divination is essentially the ability of a psychic to foretell the future.

Dowsing is an age-old art of using rods or sticks to locate objects. This was a technique used for many decades to locate water. Many older folks swear that it works, but no one can really explain why.

Intuition is an innate “sense” of events, thoughts, activities or feelings of others that are outside of the normal human ability to perceive them. For example, someone with extraordinary intuition may have a very strong feeling that someone they just met has a drinking problem even though the person shows no outward appearance of being alcoholic. An intuitive person has a borderline psychic perception.

Levitation is a rare ability to levitate one’s body above the ground. Levitation is reported in many cases of demonic possession, but it’s also been reported in other spiritual cases, such as the case of St. Theresa of Avila during the 16th century, when witnesses reported seeing her levitating while she was meditating during mass.

Precognition is the ability to foretell the future. This particular form of future viewing involves obtaining specific information about an event, rather than a visual “viewing” of the future.

Psychometry is the ability of a psychic to perceive energies (also called vibrations or impressions) from an object. This ability has been portrayed often in movies and TV shows where a psychic touches an object and receives flashbacks about the person who last touched it.

Pyrokinesis refers to the ability to spark fire with the mind. This is a highly specialized form of psychokinesis. Just because someone has pyrokinetic ability does not mean that he or she has all forms of psychokinesis.

Telekinesis or psychokinesis is one of the most commonly portrayed psychic abilities in the media. It refers to the ability of a psychic to affect or move objects.

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others through mental thought alone.

Are Psychic Abilities Real?

Even after many years of research regarding psychic phenomenon, the jury is still out. On the one hand, solid and repeatable evidence continues to elude serious scientists. On the other hand, witnesses report seeing and experiencing psychic phenomenon taking place very often, and psychics can be found in almost every community in the world. While some are surely frauds or magicians, others avoid the spotlight while silently using their psychic abilities to counsel or help others – convincing many people that psychic abilities are very real.


Qigong: Life Force Energy Transfer to Heal

Grand Master Wang Zi Ping (1881-1973)


Qigong is a special art of mind-body exercise done with mental awareness, relaxation and conscious & co-ordinated breathing. The practice of Qigong increases oxygen utilization, improves blood circulation, and increases the level and flow of Qi ( internal healing life-force or energy, pronounced as “Chi” ). These maintain optimum health and allow healing of diseased cells and organs. Qigong is an amazing energy-producing movement technique that many doctors now recommend for relaxation, reducing stress and even helping the body to heal from diseases. Regular Qigong practice can reduce pain, stress and the effects of sickness from the body. Many Qigong practitioners have been able to recover from severe chronic diseases like hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica and even from cancers. So it is a valuable part of a healthy lifestyle that should include a nutrient-rich diet, physical exercise, sufficient rest and sleep, detoxification, stress management, and clean living.
Although Qigong requires focused concentration with movements, and conscious breathing in a controlled way, its simplicity makes it easy to learn and easy to do for most people.
Qigong works on the body’s life-force energy or “Qi” (pronounced as “Chi”). It is the energy responsible for life, propagation ( sexual energy ) and healing.
How does Qigong help one feel better?
In Chinese Medicine, illness is related to energy congestion. Any practice or method which increases the flow of the life-force energy also helps relieve congestion and therefore, is beneficial to health. When Qi, or life-force energy is blocked within the body system, according to the Chinese model, then the body eventually manifests some physical imbalance or sickness. This is because congestion of Qi results in a build up of Qi where it may not be needed or wanted, much like water will dam up a river and flood over into surrounding areas. On the other side of the energy imbalance scenario, certain parts of the body do not receive sufficient Qi. There is an imbalance of energy flow and it effects the entire system eventually, usually resulting first in fatigue or general tiredness and then ultimately, in illness.
One great value of Qigong is that it helps the body remove blocks and increase the flow of energy throughout the system. When it flows freely and evenly, Qi energy helps the body heal and restore itself naturally, efficiently, and consistently. If you speak with those who practise Qigong on a regular basis, some of their personal stories may seem to border on miraculous but it’s simply the nature and natural function of the human body to regain health and vitality, if it is given the tools to do so and Qigong gives the body, mind and Spirit the energetic support that is needed to realign with health in a natural way.
The scientific evidence
Much research has been done on the healing effects of Qigong, but most are in the Chinese language, and have not reached the western scientists yet. Fortunately, now that westerners themselves have embraced the art, more research is being done and reported in the west.
Furthermore, studies relating to a practical art are difficult to perform in the same model of studies done on drugs. However, the proof of having hundreds of patients with advanced/terminal cancer recovering after practising Qigong cannot be denied (as documented in China). Even here in Malaysia, we already have dozens of terminal cancer cases who recovered.
The healing effects of Qigong are not restricted to cancer only, but can be beneficial to all diseases. For some it may be the only effective therapy, for others it may complement other treatments. If it can even reverse advanced cancer, then it has the potential to reverse any disease.
If practising Qigong can reverse many diseases, it surely means that those who are already healthy will maintain their good health and will not develop any of these diseases. Indeed, it should be practised as a preventive measure rather than wait till there is sickness and suffering. Prevention is better than cure!
How do you learn Qigong?
There are many styles of Qigong, each with their own set of exercises and special discipline. All are beneficial. Some exercises have been found to be especially effective in preventing or reversing certain diseases. For example, Guolin Qigong exercises have been proven to be very effective in overcoming cancers and many doctors now recommend it to their cancer patients. It is recommended by several universities in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and is the official exercise of the Cancer Recovery Clubs throughout China.
You should not wait until you are sick before starting to learn and practise Qigong. Prevention is always better than cure, especially when finding the cure is not always easy, nor successful.
It is best to learn from a teacher or Master, and not just from books. It is a practical art that is difficult to accurately practise from written words or drawings. As with any skill, working with a recognized Master of that skill increases effectiveness in utilization of the skill. Working with a Qigong Master can assist you in learning simplified exercises to improve your health and well-being, in the shortest amount of time and with the highest rate of success. It is helpful to see a demonstration of the exercises on videotape or VCD only if you cannot learn first hand from a teacher.
Let the wisdom of the ancients bring healing and balance into your modern world through the ageless and magical practice of Qigong. 



Fear vs Love Based Emotions

How our fear-based emotions, compared to our love-based emotions influence our lives

by Sharoni

Energy is force that takes many forms and can be manifested in many ways.
Rocks have energy, likewise trees, plants, and the carpet on your floor, the glass in the window, the food you eat, the cloths you wear, your hair, your nails, everything about you is energy, including your feelings and your thoughts.

During a normal day in our life we experience a wide range of feelings. Actually, as we breathe we experience feelings. We are aware of some of them and give them attention and some of them just pass by without our awareness. The process of our thoughts is likewise, as our mind is working 24/7, sometimes we are aware of our thoughts and sometime we are not.
Our lives are initially controlled by our feelings which, in turn, create our thoughts.

Everything you are today is the sum total of all the feelings you have experience all your life up to this moment.

When a feeling connects with a thought an EMOTION is created.

The word EMOTION or E-MOTION contains the words energy and motion.

The place of creation of this energy motion is also the place where the energy-vibration is released.

Energy-vibration is LIFE. Life is what creates the circumstances that you are in.

If you wish your life to be different in the future it is necessary for you to change your emotions which in turn change your thinking in the present. By so doing you change the direction of your life!

There are two main emotions that determine our reality: fear-based emotions and love-based emotions

Fear-based emotions: fear, anger, stress, hate, pride, greed, blame, bitterness, hurt, judgment, misery, sadness, hopelessness, unhappiness, insecurity, lack of faith, lack of self-love, self-destruction, jealousy, competitiveness, control, frustration, selfishness, closeness, guilt, shame, doubt,s uncertainty, negativity and the list is long..

Love-based emotions: love, joy, faith, trust, inner strength, confidence, belief,
happiness, caring, sharing, forgiveness, openness, passion, freedom, harmony, honesty, beauty, compassion, self-love, self-appreciation, respect, acceptance, peace, balance between giving and receiving, understanding, positivity and again the list is long %u2026

How do fear-based emotions affect our life?

Fear-based emotions create a limitation, a tightness, an inward pulling feelings (shrink you).
Fear-based emotions push the world away.
Fear-based emotions invite isolation.
Fear-based emotions create heaviness in you.
Fear-based emotions create a life full of pain and frustration.
Fear-based emotions disconnect us from our true self.
How do love-based emotions affect our life?

Love-based emotions create bodily sensations of openness (expand you).
Love-based emotions invite the world in.
Love-based emotions invite unity.
Love-based emotions make the body and soul feel relaxed.
Love-based emotions create lightness in you.
Love-based emotions = living in abundance.
Love-based emotions connect us with our true self.


The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect is really the basic law of the universe. It is the reason that everything happens. The Law of Cause and Effect simply says: for every effect in our lives, there is a specific cause. If we do not like the effects that we are enjoying (or not) in our life, it is up to us to identify the causes, and change the causes. There is a reason for everything that happens whether or not we know the causes. There is no such thing as an accident. Everything that happens in our life happens by law and not by chance. Feelings are the causes and circumstances are the effects.

The Law of Control

What is the root of your fear/love-based emotions?

The answer is simple: the Law of Control. The Law of Control means that we feel good about ourselves when we feel in control of our life. Thus, we feel bad about ourselves when we feel that we are controlled by outer circumstances, by other people or by things beyond our control.

Understanding the Law of control means that whenever you feel that you don’t have control on your reality, you are managed by fear-based emotions.
When you feel that you have control of your reality, love-based emotions are managing your life.

All control begins with taking control of the feeling we hold in our heart. These feelings determine the thoughts we have.

You may recognize immediately that the Law of Cause and Effect is completely consistent with the law of control. If we can identify the causes, we can control the effects and therefore control what happens to us in our lives. People who live happy, fully functioning, harmonious lives are people who live by the Law of Control and understand the Law of Cause and Effect

The Egoist


“Ego has a voracious appetite, the more you feed it, the hungrier it gets.” (Nathaniel Bronner Jr)

Your ego is just an idea implanted in your mind. It is poisonous. Your ego keeps driving you madder and madder. – Osho

Egoist: A person who thinks only about himself/herself and
does anything purely for personal gains.

Egotism is “characterized by an exaggerated estimate of one’s intellect, ability, importance, appearance, wit, or other valued personal characteristics” – the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself.

“In egotism we find the person filled with an overweening sense of the importance and qualities of his personality…the things of the ‘Me.'”[Egotism means placing oneself at the center of one’s world with no concern for others, including those loved or considered as “close,” in any other terms except those set by the “egotist.”


Egotism is closely related to “loving one’s self” or narcissism – indeed “by egotism we may envisage a kind of socialized narcissism.”Egotists have a strong tendency “to talk about themselves a great deal…in a self-important fashion”; and egotism may include “a grandiose sense of self-importance…arrogant, boastful, conceited” and self-promoting even at the expense of others – “refusing to recognize others for their accomplishments.” This conceit is a character trait describing a person who acts to gain values in an amount excessively greater than that which he or she gives to others. Egotism is often accomplished by exploiting the sympathy, irrationality or ignorance of others, as well as utilizing coercive force and/or fraud]

Egotism differs from both altruism, or acting to gain fewer values than are being given – and from egoism, the unremitting pursuit of one’s own self-interest. Various forms of “empirical egoism” can be consistent with egotism, but “egoistic behavior refers to actions that are primarily motivated by self-interest…without [necessarily] having an over-blown sense of self.”

Although “no one really likes criticism because it shrinks our ego a bit, “as a rule and in particular,” egotists do not take criticism well…sometimes display ‘narcissistic rage’ in the face of criticism or insults.”

Egoism and Altruism Test:

 The Ego and A Spiritual Master’s Role

Prophet Jesus with female disciples


A master is one who has become enlightened, but one desire is left. That desire is not a trouble in becoming enlightened — to help others helps to become enlightened. The ego is your enemy, not your friend. It is the ego that gives you wounds and hurts you. It is the ego that makes you violent, angry, jealous, competitive. It is the ego that is continuously comparing and feeling miserable. – Osho

Spiritual Masters are those rare beings who have realized their oneness with the Supreme, – the highest transcendental Consciousness. Spiritual Masters have not only realized their true self but also work selflessly to inspire humanity to seek the divinity within themselves.


A real spiritual Master is able to expedite the progress of his/her disciples through their close connection to God and the grace of God.

Spiritual Masters have taught the timeless spiritual truths in a variety of ways, Their teachings reflecting the environment and period in which they live. The seeker who seeks to attain goodness through self discipline must know that the process of inner cleansing cannot be done thoroughly without a Master.

Khidr-The Spiritual Guide of Moses

A master is one who has become enlightened, but one desire is left. That desire is not a trouble in becoming enlightened — to help others helps to become enlightened. – Osho


Universal Laws of Healing

Excerpt from Spiritual Laws of Healing by Joanne



There are two basic emotions on the earthplane. One is fear and the other is love. When you resist your chosen experiences through fear, you create blocks in your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This eventually causes physical disease (dis-ease). Rigid and inflexible beliefs and mental attitudes cause both mental and physical tension. If you hold the physical body or an organ of the body in tension, over time something physical will manifest. Denied or suppressed emotions sit within the body until they manifest into a physical illness. When you fail to acknowledge your spiritual self, you hinder the supply of divine energy and eventually your physical body will wither away. All ill-health or disease is caused by stagnant energy. When you feel happiness and inner joy your cells flow with love and your body responds by being healthy.

Love is a high frequency energy which keeps your body clear and flowing. All manifestations of fear are of a low vibration and block the flow of positive energy or ‘chi’.

Healing takes place when high-frequency energy flows through the body, transmuting the stagnant energy which caused the disease. You must always ask for permission before you interfere with anyone else’s energy. There are several reasons for this.

· The person’s illness may be serving them in some way, whether they like it or not. It could be a karmic lesson they may need to experience and learn from.

· The illness may be serving a higher purpose for the growth of the person’s soul.

· The illness is their karma, and if they have not learned the lesson offered, you would not be serving their growth by healing it.

· It may not be the right time for them to heal – and their soul will know this.

· They may have a spiritual contract for someone else to facilitate their healing.

· It is not up to you to decide what is or is not for the person’s highest good.

If you are unable to ask permission from the person in question, use your intuition and tune into their Higher Self and simply ask. When you mentally ask for permission you will receive a distinct impression of an affirmative answer if it is appropriate. If you receive no distinct answer, do not send healing.

In an emergency situation in which someone is injured, do not hesitate to help. Healing energy will flow through you if it is appropriate.


When people dedicate themselves as ‘healers’, they attune themselves to the Divine, through spiritual practice, personal development and ‘right living’. This allows them to channel high-frequency energy, which flows through the cells of a person’s physical body. When a healer is a clear channel, miracles can take place and the soul of the person receiving will use the healing where it needs it most.


The healer channels from the Divine, but the healing energy is activated by the power of prayer and faith.


The healer helps his client to change his attitude. When the sick person genuinely forgives himself and the person who has caused the ill feelings of resentment, hate, fear or other stagnant emotion, the energy block dissolves and light and love flow again.


Through prayer, spiritual healing or intention, light may be sent

to someone to aid in their healing.


If someone has spare personal energy this may be used to transmute the lower frequencies which block someone else. Energy can be raised by dance, ritual or chanting. Because this is not Divine energy, the healing may not last unless it triggers the person’s own self-healing mechanism.


Healers are attuned to high-frequency Universal symbols. This is rather like a television set being tuned in. When you are ‘attuning’ you bring in the Reiki energy to heal yourself and others.


Angelic healing is like spiritual healing, but the angels take the person who is giving healing and the person receiving it to God. The possibilities are limitless.


Homeopathy, acupuncture, crystal healing, sound healing, herbs, nutritional healing, and most natural therapies all work to re-align the sick person’s energy system and clear the blockages with high-frequency energy. They also stimulate the person’s own healing powers.

The human consciousness is rising so that the higher chakras, or spiritual energy centres, are opening. More and more people are drawn to give healing at this time.

Healing take place because light transmutes the lower vibrations of ill-health.


What is Angelic Healing?

What is Angelic Healing?

Marjorie McAtee

Angelic healing is a type of alternative medicine that claims to channel the divine energies of angels, archangels, and other celestial beings into the earthly realm in order to heal physical, emotional, and mental illnesses and traumas. Practitioners of angelic healing believe that they are capable of opening a channel or vortex through which angelic beings can travel to share their divine energy with living people. This spiritual healing energy is said to resolve past emotional and psychic traumas, as well as restore the physical body to optimum function. Angelic healing sessions can typically be practiced in person, or from a distance, over the telephone. They are believed safe for everyone, regardless of age or current medical condition.

Practitioners of angelic healing believe that the practice can clear negative energy from an individual’s psychic energy field. They generally feel that physical, psychological, and emotional illnesses and trauma can leave negative physical impressions on a cellular level. These negative impressions are said to strongly influence the individual’s mental and physical function. Angelic healers believe that these negative impressions can cause detrimental imbalances to occur in an individual’s psychic energy field.

People who practice and believe in angelic healing feel that the energy imbalances caused by physical and psychic trauma can be difficult to reverse using conventional methods of therapy, such as psychotherapy. Angelic healing techniques are believed to quickly reverse these energetic imbalances, restoring clients to an optimum state of physical and mental function with as little as one healing session. Some angelic healers even seek to address karmic obstructions that, they claim, may have developed during one or more of a client’s previous physical incarnations.

This type of spiritual healing practice can be performed face-to-face, or it can be performed as a distance healing procedure, usually over the telephone. Practitioners of angelic healing believe that they are calling upon divine energies to help facilitate the client’s physical, emotional, mental, and even karmic healing. Angelic healers often believe temporal boundaries, such as distance, have no bearing on the treatment’s efficacy. Angelic healing from a distance is therefore said to be just as effective as face-to-face angelic healing.

The benefits of angelic healing on emotional and physical health are said to be many. They are believed to include increased feelings of well-being and peace of mind, as well as better sleep and a restored sense of individual purpose or motivation. Some feel that this process can help clients resolve long-standing or deep-seated emotional issues, and can make the process of moving on from emotional trauma much easier.

Spiritual Grace in a Nutshell

The grace of a spiritual master draws one to his ever alluring presence over and over again. It is but natural for a devotee to succumb to the pull of His grace effortlessly and to look forward for the earliest opportunity to bask in His presence.

A short story by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa:

A man once fed a peacock with opium pills one evening. The peacock that sunk into intoxication returned back the following day at the same time for the share of intoxication. So is the state with a devotee who experiences the power of the grace of the Master. He looks forward to drown himself in the Master’s presence at any given opportunity.

The pull of grace is irresistible once one gets ensnared by it as grace takes over completely.

Twin Flames & Soul Mates

Introduction to Twin Souls What is a Twin Soul?

Twin Souls also known as Twin Flames, or Twin Rays are literally the other half of our soul. We all have only one twin flame that we share the blueprint of spiritual energy with. Eons ago, Source (God) wanted to expand the universe to increase the experience of Love. Source, like all other existence is made from both masculine and feminine energy and split these two counterparts down the middle. Each half contained both gender energies and split in half again and again into many many multitudes of itself. These fragments are our individual souls and each have an identicle half in the opposite gender frequency. The two halves of the Twin Soul Whole reincarnate on earth many times and often lead very different lives. As they learn to increase love in their being, both self love and love for others, they begin to become whole within their separate selves. Through developing this unconditional love and accepting their spiritual path, they begin to Join back together with an increased love. Through being separate, they learn to depend on themselves and therefore become a stronger unit of love when they Join back together. When it comes to Twin Souls, forget romantic dates, flowers and chocolates. This is a connection based on the Soul and therefore it’s primary goal is not romance. The primary goal is to increase self love in order to accept the self and come back together with increased understanding and acceptance of self. This does not mean acting selfishly, but instead looking within to see the true spiritual nature of all life on earth. Through coming back to self, we come back to love and it is love that unites us to all things. Love is the uniting force that keeps us searching for our true mate throughout all our incarnations. It is a yearning that never ceases until wholeness is fulfilled, firstly from within. Twin souls can only truly feel complete love and peace when they have reached individual wholeness that leads to union with the twin soul and other soul mates. What is a Soul Mate? Soul mates are members of our Soul Family, whom we share many lifetimes and experiences with. They help us to grow and evolve and we help them to learn lessons too. When a soul is created and descends from Source, it is created in a group.


All of the souls in this group are soul mates and they are very similar to us in energy frequencies. Then each of these souls is split into two which creates the twin souls. A soul mate is a person whom you are very close to on a soul level. They will have shared many experiences in different lifetimes and will have incarnated into various kinds of relationships such as best friends, parent/child, romantic relationships and siblings. They share a deep and empathetic love for each other, and there is a spiritual bond between them as their souls easily recognise each other. Conversations are generally very philosophical and they share a common life purpose to help each other and the world grow. Have I Met my Twin Soul? The Twin Soul connection is one of the most fulfilling relationships we can experience as human beings, on all levels of heart and soul. However, twin soul couples are very rare on earth because they are mirrors of each other and they often find it very difficult to learn self-love to be able to embrace that reflection they see. However, more and more twins are coming back together now in harmony because of the acceleration of spiritual transformation that is occuring in the universe. People are evolving, growing and learning at such a rapid rate that they are becoming whole within quicker so that they are ready to unite with their twin soul. In the past it used to take lifetimes to heal the soul and learn the lessons required for union. These days people are going through the same degree of growth within years or even months. When twin souls unite on earth they come together for some kind of spiritual service to help the rest of the world in some way big or small. Their unity creates huge energy outlets of love to share with the rest of the world to help accelerate it’s shift forward in consciousness. However, in many lifetimes their attempts to reunite back into one soul are unsuccessful because the individual souls are not whole enough individually yet in order to be in harmony. Much emotional chaos is created between the twin souls when they are not in harmony and this tends to push them apart until the time is right. The twin soul connection is more intense than any other union for they are a part of each other and therefore what one feels, the other feels too. these feelings are magnified by each other, therefore they need to be in complete harmony before they can handle the intensity of their connection. Many people think they have met their twin soul when the physical attraction is extremely intense with someone. There may be strong attraction between twin souls but the defining factor is in how they feel as One in soul. they will both just know without any logical explanation that this person is the other half of themself. Whether or not you will meet and stay with your twin soul in a particular lifetime depends on how advanced your soul is and how much of your karma has been worked through from this lifetime and previous ones. Through interacting with your twin soul all emotional baggage is brought to the surface as there can be nothing hidden from each other. Many twin souls part in different lifetimes because they cannot handle such intensity arising. When twin souls reunite, they both undergo a great acceleration of spiritual awakening and healing. Rapidly they learn to accept and learn more about existing in other states of consciousness and their psychic channels are opened to receiving greater spiritual insights to share with the world.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article does not necessarily reflect the views of, yet, we are in favor of the soul mate, twin soul experience. Our interpretation of such phenomena is referred to as ‘The Shems-Rumi Phenomena.‘ The founder of Qudrahealing is in full agreement to the twin flame phenomena as per this article, yet, concrete theories  and experience vary and are subject to personal experience and spiritual beliefs. The images contained in the video do not necessarily reflect our views, yet the written content does. (Qudra Healing-November 11, 2011)

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