Seeker Experiences Purple Energy



Upon request to share this experience with a recent seeker, we are doing so.


Actually I have been struggling for three years to solve this issue. I was a very accomplished martial artist for many years. My body was full of chi and I was a Tai Chi and Qigong expert. We spoke last August about me possibly having some reiki healing done by you but we chose to wait at the time. Well things have become significantly worse. I have been literally washed out energetically from inside through the constant struggle with  my third chakra. Can you help me? This has disabled my entire life. I lost all my health space I have become spiritually redundant.  I have been so ill with this for 3.5 years that it has stopped me being able to work. Please let me know your feelings. All the years cultivating my physicality and spirituality is destroyed.



After meeting with a grandmaster yesterday, I received a follow up email from the seeker above re requesting distant healing which I agreed to. My intended time frame for the distant healing was between 9pm and dawn. The following afternoon, I received this message the same seeker:

Yes I felt the healing as it was being sent last night. It was very strong Mash’Allah.  It has actually cleared out a lot of the inner blockage that was there and I was able to pray with a lot less pain this morning. I felt more or less that it was problem solved but yes definitively very very powerful. It has helped more than any other treatment I have had so far. I would highly recommend this treatment to anybody. In fact I wish only that I had had it done when we first spoke or even when I first became aware of your website. It would have saved me a lot more of the physical damage that has occurred to my body.

At one point I could actually see purple energy in the room as the healing was coming to me at around 00:49 am and the energy was very focussed and intense. Much more power than I had actually expected.

Thank you

My response 

Dear Y,

The irony in my work is during the healing process, I am like a blindfolded person. I am literally unaware of what I am channeling… And when such testimonials come in, I am actually quite surprised. Further adding to the irony, I slept forgetting about the intended distant healing, thus reconfirming that intention itself is the ENERGY; the SECRET.






Talk on Mindfulness In an Age of Distraction


Mindfulness In an Age of Distraction

Let go of your worries

and be completely clear-hearted like the face of a mirror

that contains no images…

Mv. Jalaluddin Rumi

The following is a transcript from our talk at Hope for Exceptional Needs in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Hope is the leading bilingual centre in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, founded by Dr. Uzma Raheem, which promotes the education, awareness, and success of all families with children who have Special Needs of every kind.

In an age of distraction  we aim to regain an understanding on a subject which intrigues our imagination, in theory appears to be new age wishful thinking and in reality a lost way of life.

What is Mindfulness?

According to Mindfulness expert  Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment and nonjudgmentally.”  

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment and nonjudgmentally.”  


When man has full awareness of his thoughts, is able to pay attention to them, without judgement, and keeps his consciousness in the now, in the present, in the moment, in the very second of right here, right now and not be distracted with the inner pendulum which swings between past and present over and over, he is in a state of mindfulness.

In a practical, no nonsense understanding of mindfulness, let us go over a few relatable instances which the majority of us face on a day to day basis.

Relationship disputes



chaotic living

noise pollution

lack of focus

lack of stillness



negative thinking

stagnant lifestyle

sporadic zoning out

Believe it or not, the lack of mindfulness in our lives has become the number one if not the culprit of the aforementioned issues we face which cause us anything but a peace of mind.

On the other hand, when mindfulness becomes our way of life, we open ourselves to immeasurable levels of peace, joy, contentment, love, stability, order, focus and great achievements.

Origins of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is perceived to be a heavenly gift to man. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and the majority all spiritual traditions have emphasized the concept of flow, being present and practicing mindfulness as a core discipline. Traditionally, seekers and adherents were taught the fundamentals of concentration, meditation, stillness, breath work and emptying the mind. All these disciplines lead to the state of being PRESENT.

Numerous teachings on the practical implementation of mindfulness may be found and learnt through living teachers, guides, books, self development programs, and age old traditions ranging from Tai Chi, Yoga, Chi Gong and a variety of other forms. One of the most commonly advocated practice is through breath work; focusing on one’s breath. This practice channels the distracted ‘Monkey Mind’ from past drama of the Why’s and the future illusion of the what if’s by bringing one’s attention to breath, its subtle sound, grounding our focus in the now.

Now to life, now to the moment, now to action creates reaction and keeps one aloof from the abyss of the deadly twins; past and future.


When man occupies his throughs in the past of future, he begins the process of storytelling, creating tall tales, fables and his interpretation of events which are only throughs and not necessarily reality. Excessive dwelling on either past or future keeps us from action. Essentially our actions  result from thought and emotion. This mental occupation of constant thought distraction fails to produce focus, concentration and significant action which are key ingredients to change.

Evidence of the Lack of Mindfulness in our Everyday Life

scattered shoes

a messy bed

open toothpaste tube

dirty dishes

disheveled appearance

un flushed toilet

scattered clothing

forgetfulness in prayer

interrupted conversations

inability to focus on what the other person is saying

loss of personal belongings

a disorganized purse where keys cannot be located

burnt meals

car lights left on

tap left running

front door left ajar

loved ones constantly saying, “you are not listening to me!”


Dwelling on the past

Dwelling  thoughts on the future

and the list goes on

These are some of the proofs we can find as evidence in our very environment as to where we are in our thoughts. These proofs are great clues which serve as self check reminders of what is happening internally. The interesting thing here is that it would take mindfulness to detect our own lack of. Mindfulness is not constant, it requires discipline, practice and conscious effort. Coming out of mindfulness, entering into unmindfulness and being able to decipher between the two states requires a watchful mind.

On the other hand, had we  practiced mindfulness, then perhaps we would notice shoes placed in their designated area.

Perhaps, upon awakening we would make our beds first rather than rushing into the next, next and next.

Perhaps after brushing, our kids would place the toothpaste lid back on the tube rather than zoning out taking imaginary selfies in the mirror with the tap running 50 miles an hour.

Perhaps we would eat together as a family instead of cubicle eating where every member is occupied in watching something in different rooms.

Perhaps we would eat together without the tv on and not silence ourselves like monks of a secret mystical order who utter not.

Perhaps we would offer to clear the table and put our dishes away instead of conveniently leaving it for Molly Maid or Mommy Maid.

Perhaps we would focus more on aesthetics, physical, emotional and spiritual well being and not lose ourselves to a point where we now seek help for a quick fix, a quack, or 911 tummy tuck.

Perhaps our desks would represent mental order instead of paper clutter which hinders our productivity.

Perhaps if weren’t busy on social media , our burnt dinner would of been saved.

Perhaps if the car lights or AC were shut, the car battery would not magically run down.

And perhaps life would be kinder if mom cooled off on her social networks, and actually paid attention to her child who says, ‘mom I just failed math’, or ‘mom I need help understanding past or future tense in English’ or ‘mom a boy in school is bullying me’,  yet her thoughts preoccupied her mind to a point where she responds with the classical hmm, that’s great, yeah, nice.’ ‘See mommy, you never heard a word I said did you?’ Mom is clueless, speechless and somewhat embarrassed as all she can think about is inability to recall what her child expressed only a few moments ago.

The Technology Agenda

Technology and busy life styles, rat race syndrome, societal expectations of how we are expected to live, behave, dress, act, think has robbed our inherent right to being in the now. Constant stimulation and ADD, ADHD  in adults is on the rise as much as it is in children.

Everyday technology toxins such as, gadgets, TV/Net, noise stimulation, noise pollution, information overload, video games and social media have divorced us from the ancient art of silence, an innate love for nature, meditation, focused thinking, thinking, visualization, human company, reading books and the simple pleasures of life like enjoying the scenic view on a road trip.

Conspiracy or Lunacy-  You Choose

When masses are kept busy in everything but the act of conscious thinking, then injecting information to minds which  have been conditioned to remain off guard, becomes an easy task. Mind control, subliminal programming, subjugation, suggestive ideas, imparting ideologies, influencing lifestyle choices, consumerism, infusing propaganda are media tools utilized through intelligence agencies whose agenda is more than we could possibly grasp. Let us simply ask ourselves, are we mind control candidates?

Who is Easier to Control?

When man is conditioned to be dumbed down, he lacks the ability to tap into his creative intelligence. Creative intelligence connects us through the means of our subconscious mind to infinite intelligence or Universal Mind. The exact opposite; synthetic intelligence, is what most of us use in our day to day life as it requires the use of the conscious mind which collects data from our five senses.  Is it an irony that enlightened masters, artists, poets, thinkers, philosophers, geniuses, prodigies, operate from creative intelligence? Worth mentioning, creative individuals are harder to exercise control over in comparison to individuals who solely rely on synthetic intelligence.

Practical Mindfulness Pointers

  • Seek out individuals who are trained, authorized or who embody mindfulness
  • These are usually Meditation practitioners, coaches or spiritual mentors
  • Establish a morning meditation routine
  • Practice stillness and observe your thoughts as they arise
  • Practice Yoga-join a class, find a teacher or establish a home based Yoga routine through virtual  means
  • Eat slowly, savour the flavours and pay attention to taste, texture, aroma 
  • Observe nature
  • Spend time in nature
  • Observe details in your environment
  • Give your undivided attention to others
  • Find like minded folks who practice mindfulness
  • Eat clean
  • Eat together
  • Practice empathic listening
  • Establish a calming routine prior to bedtime
  • Find a creative outlet to express yourself
  • Take pictures, avoid in excess
  • Practice making eye contact while communicating
  • Speak clearly, un-rushed
  • Slow down and know that you are perfectly fine where you are now in this moment

Research  on Mindfulness

  • 72% of GPs think it would be helpful for their patients with mental health problems to learn Mindfulness meditation skills (21% don’t know if it would be helpful; 7% say it would not be helpful);
  • 66% of GPs say they would support a public information campaign to promote the potential health benefits of Mindfulness meditation; and
  • 64% of GPs think it would be helpful for them to receive training in Mindfulness skills themselves.


Life is a blessing and to live in the now is to live today as if it was our last day. Express love to those you appreciate in your life, pay attention, say sorry, take up a sport, play with your kids, spend quality time with parents and loved ones, take photos, cherish moments, practice gratitude with what life brings us. Mothers and caregivers of special needs children, know that in your home lives an angel, a spiritual guide, a lantern, a beacon who was sent from above to help you become an evolved human being who transcends the barriers of  conditional love. And finally to close off with, let us keep in mind the next time we are out on a dinner with a loved one or loved ones, to shutdown all devices and give undivided attention a priority.

Recommended Reading

Mindfulness a Practical Guide to Finding Peace in Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Penman

On Self Love by Louise Hay

By Saira M

Fashion Designer, Artist and Professional Etiquette Trainer and Coach, Saira, shares her summary on a recent subject we covered with seekers: Self Love, by Louise Hay.

As the saying goes “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Begin with self love. Then love others. To do this, take these steps:

1.) Stop all criticism.
  •  Never criticize yourself again. Accept yourself exactly as you are.
  • Choose thoughts that are nurturing and uplifting.
2.) Don’t scare yourself.
  • Be there for yourself. Stop making mountains out of molehills.
  • No negative thoughts
  • Pick a favorite image and whenever you start having negative thoughts think of that calming peaceful image you love, It could be anything you like.
3.) Be gentle, kind and patient with yourself.
  • Like gardening, what seeds do you need to plant to get what you want in your life?
  • Pluck out the weeds, i.e. negative thoughts.
4.) Be kind to your mind.
  • Self hatred is hating your thoughts. Just change your thoughts.
  • Think thoughts that build you up rather than beat you up.
  • Stop blaming yourself. Only take responsibility. This means making a conscious decision of how to respond to experiences. Thinking well of yourself is kindness. Respond to yourself in this way.
  • Meditate and visualize what you like. This is very important.
5.) Praise yourself.
  • Tell yourself how well you’re doing everything.
  • Allow yourself to accept good.
  • Ask yourself what is your purpose? What are you willing to do to get what you deserve? How much mental effort are you willing to put in, using visualizations, affirmations, etc.
6.) Support yourself
  • Allow people to help you.
  • stop trying to do everything yourself
7.) Be loving to your negatives
  • We all do negative things in our lives
  • We don’t have to be stuck with these negatives. Release these negatives with love. Allow new things to come.
  • You are never wrong. You are always doing your best until you find a better way to deal with the situation.
  • Being angry at ourselves doesn’t help.
  • Use humor as healing.
8.) Take care of your body.
  • It is your house. Love it. Exercise. Watch what you put into it.
  • Part of loving ourselves is feeling our feelings and that’s okay.
  • Take nutrition into your own hands.
  • Do mirror work
Some of Louise Hay’s beliefs: I am safe wherever I am. I have ordered from the “cosmic kitchen’. Everything will come to me at the right time. I’m always learning. We become more of who we are, rather than becoming better people. Let go of whatever doesn’t work for you anymore. All is well in my world. Everything is always for my highest benefit. We should create a set of guidelines that work for us including:
  • Loving ourselves
  • loving others
  • releasing negative thoughts
  • doing everything we can to make ourselves happy.


Boiling Water Fails to Cause Harm Relates Seeker

Apart from practicing positive thinking, as advised, I started to recite Quranic verses for protection due to certain circumstances I was facing. I had been ill for over 6 weeks. My maid was bringing a pot of boiling water with vicks in it. As she approached me, she slipped and the boiling water splashed upon my legs. My children, maid and guests were a witness that not only did I not scream, yet no burns or scalding appeared on my legs. I felt no pain. Truly the verses I read proved to be a safeguard against calamities. I am very grateful to the Almighty and the Quranic healer who prescribed the daily reading.

The Atlantean Connection with Ancient Super Healer Yasmine Fa’temi- U N S E N S O R E D

All encounters, relationships, events, circumstances, meetings and departures are a result of our energetic vibration. Unless and until our vibrational frequencies match, none of the above can manifest. Raising our frequency to a higher dimension where Love prevails raises our vibration. Hence, we attract ONLY what we are vibrational composed of. Through understanding this reality, worry becomes extinct-Qudra Healing

The Atlantean Connection with Ancient  Super Healer Yasmine Fatemi- U N S E N S O R E D

Yasmine Fa'temi
Yasmine Fa’temi

Upon the unveiling of the subject of Atlantis through dreams and visions related to us through seekers,  I was being prepared to meet with a major female healer of our time; Yasmine Fa’temi; Alchemist, Artist, Vibrational Healer, Reiki Master, Poet & Psychic Spiritualist and a direct descendant of Prophet Mohammed(S), unlike any female healer I have met to this day. Her deep understanding of esoteric knowledge is profound as she is able to fuse and relate the same with ancient spiritual traditions concerning yesterday and today. An resplendent ancient soul with wisdom and inherited healing abilities- it was Yasmine who was able to interpret and clarify two baffling dreams and one vision sent to us as assignment. Gratitude for this soul connection.

Below, we shall share, by permission, 2 Dreams and 1 Vision and beneath place Yasmine Fatemi’s feedback on #1 & 3.

Bermuda Triangle Underwater Pyramids Real Pictures

Dream 1: Atlantis Man, Octopus and Other Realms

Q.H-“In this dream, I saw that I was part of your group for a beach clean up event. I recall we were in the water with diving suits. One kid, a four yr old boy, was on the back of one of the male group members. He was the son of a well known young Hijaz personality (Arab and Turkish mix blood). The boy was having a hard time holding on to the back of the individual and was not wearing a diving suit. I took the child, as if rescuing him, and placed him on my back. I was afloat with the child in the ocean. The child and I were discussing a ” shark mouth ” visible in the sky. It seemed as if the two of us only could only see this image in the sky. Upon arriving safely to shore, I had to head back to the other side where the rest of the group was- in order to return home. Rather than swimming back to the other side, we were able to walk on the shore and reunited with the group. A discussion of the shark in the sky was brought up by myself to some group members…then all of a sudden there was a huge transparent hubble in the sky resembling a one eyed octopus. It started to make different shapes appearing in odd forms as if communicating. It was reflecting symbols as if from a dark force. The scene shifted to a stage, as it was almost the end of the program. I had seen a light skinned man who was a vocal artist. He was on a stage with a pale yellow colored shirt. He began to sing and the audience was listening, some singing along, while another group (from our clean up group) came on stage and joined him in the chorus. They group, along with the man sang professionally.

This man directed the attention of the audience to a large hubble in the sky. The hubble was in the shape of a large transparent purple octopus with one eye. Praising it, he spoke about it as if his ‘source of power’ a deity-like reference. This man did not seem he was from our earthly realm. He seemed as if connected to another realm, although ‘human’ in appearance. He made reference to Atlantis. This was all clear and the dream switched to another scene.”

Note: when we related the dream to the (Arab/Turkish male) individual seen in the dream, he failed to respond perhaps due to his own amazement after disclosing his personal interest in Atlantis. Relating dreams and openly discussing deep esoteric matters with ‘strangers’ is not embraced in our region and creates the ‘Run As Fast as You Can Effect”-exactly what we experienced after relating the above to a well known Jeddawi.

Y.F- This is not a dream as much as an astral experience and location that is parallel in the astral and they were souls present that do these tasks during their sleep time, there is astral work our souls do if we have volunteered for this, it will remember at some point or revealed more on it, our souls in the astral are involved in doing work such as prayers, praises, worship, teaching, reciting, many many esoteric operations  using sacred geometry and sound healing, alchemy and other principles of universal law. The language we speak in the astral is Aramaic or/and Arabic, depending on our soul rank and degree, so depending on our spiritual development over lifetimes we are living a reality in the astral when we are not physically active and in a dormant sleeping state. It is however actual and real- you may not remember always. There are places of learning knowledge and souls teach other souls, there are other places where souls who are not in a good place go that are confused and lost and some souls go there (not each night but at certain times) to help direct them toward the light and truth even in the astral, they are many lost souls who have no clue where they are and so on. As with the Atlantis dream there is a location astrally that is Atlantis,  its in the 5th dimension and we can access it in dreams and meditations, they have all the structures, dome buildings pyramids with healing rooms and sacred geometrical floor made of crystal, it is the crystalline Atlantis, I have been there several times, as well as friends of mine I mentioned and others who have similar stories on the imagery around it-

Dream 2: Hybirds on Planet Earth and Levitating Humans


Q.H- “I believe I was at the red sea in Jeddah. There I saw numerous  humans (males and females) ascending from the sea through means of levitation and some had mini umbrellas with them which helped in descending. The levitation seemed like a normal mode of human travel.

I saw black human / odd fish type creatures..many in number (like schools of fish) rising out of the waters and moving swiftly in the waters. They were on some motor device which resembled a water ski jet. Their faces is all I saw. Jet black with shiny golden teeth. Heads were not full size human heads, slightly smaller. Jaws or mouths seemed wider than average. (Sept 2014)



Q.H- The theories on reptilians, aliens and ET’s are to us as real as that what we see in front of us at this very moment. For He is Lord of the worlds and in the classification of Djinns, there falls subgroups of created entities unknown, invisible or hidden to most of humanity. Healers from all walks and cultures are now being forced to open up and discuss such topics in order to raise awareness among the masses. Additionally, through various portals, water sources being common, these creatures do visit planet earth while others remain in the guise of human beings and are fully integrated into society operating on very high levels of government, corporations etc.

A narration through Ibn Arabi in his Futuhat Al Makkiya, relates, ”Once God showed me, in the way in which a dreamer sees, that I was circumambulating the Kaabah with a group of people whose faces I did not 
recognize.  They were reciting two lines of poetry, one line of which I 
remember and the other of which I have forgotten.  The one which I remember is this: For years we have turned, as you have turned, around this House, all together, each of us….One of them spoke to me, calling himself by a name that I did not recognize.  He said, “I am one of your ancestors.” I said to him, “How long ago did you die? He replied, “Forty thousand and some years.”I said to him, “But Adam himself did not live that long ago.”He said, “Which Adam do you speak about?  Are you speaking about the closest one to you, or about another?” Then I recalled a *hadith in which the Prophet says, “God created one hundred thousand Adams.”  That ancestor to which I go back could have been one of those.

(From the Futuhat al-Makkiyya; translated by W. C. Chittick in “Imaginal

Worlds: Ibn al-`Arabi and the Problem of Religious Diversity,” p. 90.)

*-unconfirmed hadith source-however, esoteric traditions speak often about the ‘many Adams created’



saturn15saturn for planet walk

A Seeker’s Vision-In one meditation,  a transportation to Planet Saturn where a Whirling Dervish Sema Ceremony was taking place in Saturn occurred. There was a river with the presence of Sayyidna Ali and Fatima at the two ends of the river in Saturn.

Y.F– I have read the vision on Saturn, there were alot of resonances and connections I was getting with the symbolism etc. Sirius start system is the central point between the 2 worlds, ours and the Heavenly worlds, the location Prophet went for Mehraj/ascension, ‘the length of 2 bows or closer’ is the exact location of the central star in its system, and if you look at it cosmically it appears as a bow – which gives us an indication of the importance of this star system – perhaps it is related in some way – Saturn is the Important Planet that embodies the archetypes of Imam Ali, it also has the most influence, like the Kaba is connected to this planet and all its symbolism it is the birth place of Imam Ali and why we all must do tawaf around ALI willingly or unwillingly (unknowing) this is what takes place and we renew our oath- so it is to do with oaths and it is the TIME we are going to be called on our oaths to fulfill them in faith and in recognition of the Veil of Allah, the representative whom we made the oath with is the Veil of our Time, because he represents Allah on Earth- he has been chosen for us as a Qibla.

Fatimah  the Inner door and Ali is the outer door esoterically and in representation-the door(s) (Bab) to the city of knowledge which is Prophet Muhammad pbuh, Ali is the apparent Outer, and Fatimah is the hidden Inner, and Allahs secret is in Fatimah- no one can get to the city of knowledge without going first through the door all of the hidden knowledge is by reaching the inner door through Fatimah, and in order to enter that door we must pass through Ali (as).

So I believe the Saturn also had something to do with the Divine feminine and masculine – Twin flames and unity or unification, the waters of creativity and coming forth of generations of believers from their spring, so a uniting of souls – that it took place in Saturn is guiding you to look at it philosophically rather than literally.

The river represents the abundant flow that the believers of Ahlul Bayt come from, the sweet waters of the sweet spring, the souls are created from this, the family and descendants of the Ahlul Bayt (Ali and Fatimah). Your other dream is making indication to the descendants also with the Hashimite reference.