Seeker Experiences Purple Energy



Upon request to share this experience with a recent seeker, we are doing so.


Actually I have been struggling for three years to solve this issue. I was a very accomplished martial artist for many years. My body was full of chi and I was a Tai Chi and Qigong expert. We spoke last August about me possibly having some reiki healing done by you but we chose to wait at the time. Well things have become significantly worse. I have been literally washed out energetically from inside through the constant struggle with  my third chakra. Can you help me? This has disabled my entire life. I lost all my health space I have become spiritually redundant.  I have been so ill with this for 3.5 years that it has stopped me being able to work. Please let me know your feelings. All the years cultivating my physicality and spirituality is destroyed.



After meeting with a grandmaster yesterday, I received a follow up email from the seeker above re requesting distant healing which I agreed to. My intended time frame for the distant healing was between 9pm and dawn. The following afternoon, I received this message the same seeker:

Yes I felt the healing as it was being sent last night. It was very strong Mash’Allah.  It has actually cleared out a lot of the inner blockage that was there and I was able to pray with a lot less pain this morning. I felt more or less that it was problem solved but yes definitively very very powerful. It has helped more than any other treatment I have had so far. I would highly recommend this treatment to anybody. In fact I wish only that I had had it done when we first spoke or even when I first became aware of your website. It would have saved me a lot more of the physical damage that has occurred to my body.

At one point I could actually see purple energy in the room as the healing was coming to me at around 00:49 am and the energy was very focussed and intense. Much more power than I had actually expected.

Thank you

My response 

Dear Y,

The irony in my work is during the healing process, I am like a blindfolded person. I am literally unaware of what I am channeling… And when such testimonials come in, I am actually quite surprised. Further adding to the irony, I slept forgetting about the intended distant healing, thus reconfirming that intention itself is the ENERGY; the SECRET.






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The 40 Day Healing Program

The very first seeker who officially approached us in Hijaz was Sumaya Amba. Her total duration of receiving healing and completing the Qudra Healing Program was approximately 40 days. All 3 stages of our program were completed and incidentally her journey to the next world began after her completion. I not only held the opinion that Amba was a fast learner but remained baffled if her duration with us should be kept as a general standard for seekers. Remaining fluid with no specified time frames, I continue to deal with seekers from all walks, yet question the open ended policy I keep with individual seekers in order to respect individual growth and create a personalized and natural method of healing. This year however, a seeker from Jeddah shared a dream which shed light on a matter I was unconsciously seeking an answer to. The dream is what was narrated to us  in May 2016 and for general privacy reasons, the name of the narrator shall be withheld.

I see that you are in my house, happily meeting my mother in law. She is laying on a bed and you are beside her giving her smile and offering a lot of love and respect. You inform me that a ship is going for an hour tour in which there will be a sufi gathering, I tell you that i will make it because i can take out one hour and i am very happy and excited. Then I see that i am at the dock and my mother in law is there, she is telling me that I can’t go but I am forcing her that I want to. She tells me the reason- that the ship will be back in one month, go and ask Qudra Healing about it. I am very sad and searching for you. I reach a room where some ladies were collected by you who were leaving all together, one by one they leave for the ship and i am left behind..



We do not interpret dreams as we are not authorized in this science. However, in conclusion to the above, we shall revert back to our 40 day time frame for the Qudra Healing Program.


Metaphysics and Human Possibility

“If an electron can be at two places at one time, why can’t we?” This is an exciting proposition, and it reminds me of a story my Pakcik told me about his experience in his younger days.

It happened when he was in Mecca for the Muslim pilgrimage, over three decades ago. He was there with his late father, but had left his wife and children back home in Kuala Lumpur.


One day he met an elderly Spiritual Teacher, who invited him home and gave him daily lessons on religion, and on healing. When he met the Teacher, he was alone, and was always the only one with the Teacher at the latter’s home during the lessons. So, one day, he decided to bring his father.


To his amazement, he could not even find the house that he had been going to every day. The house had actually disappeared! On the next day, he had no difficulty at all finding the house when he went alone for his lessons.


On one occasion, when he was missing his wife so much, the Teacher asked him whether he would like to be home with them for a while. He jumped at the offer. He was asked to close his eyes and hold the Teacher’s hands while the latter recited certain verses in supplication. Then when he was asked to open his eyes, he found himself standing in the middle of the main hall of his house in Taman Ibu Kota, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur!


His wife was busy making cookies and their young children were playing around her. But he could not speak to them, and they could not see him or sense his presence. He was allowed to stay for as long as he desired, and when he was satisfied, he found himself in front of the Teacher again.


Many years later, back in Malaysia, he came across a book about Malay Muslim Teachers and discovered from the descriptions and drawings that his teacher was Shaykh Daud al-Fatani (from Pattani, which is now a province in Thailand), who had died over 100 years ago.


My Teacher also told me a similar story, except that this time he was physically transposed and everyone could see him. This happened over two decades ago when his own Teacher was alive and they were in a city in Pakistan.


One day he asked the elder Teacher whether it was possible to travel to another place in an instant, as he had heard and read so much about it. The elder Teacher replied in the affirmative, and asked him if he would like to experience it. He of course accepted the offer. He was asked to walk straight through the wall of the room they were in. When he tried, he hurt his face when he banged it against the wall.


Next, the elder Teacher held his hand and asked him to close his eyes and they smoothly walked through the wall together. When he opened his eyes, he was doing the tawaf (circumbulating) around the Kaabah in Mecca. He was physically there, jostling among the thousands of people doing the tawaf. Several weeks later, back in Pakistan, a neighbour who said that he was behind my Teacher during the tawaf, returned his (my Teacher’s) pen which he had dropped but could not retrieve while doing the ritual circumbulation. Not only was my Teacher physically transposed to Mecca, there was proof because the neighbour brought back his pen via the usual physical way.


What is Metaphysics?

By Dr. Amir Farid Isahak

Metaphysics is the science and philosophy relating to the transcendent, or reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses. It investigates and tries to explain the supernatural and the abstract, just as conventional science (and physics is one branch of it) investigates and tries to explain nature and natural phenomena. However, metaphysics is more spiritual and philosophical than scientific.

Quantum physicists (scientists who study the nature and behaviour of atoms and their components, and the forces that govern them) have long known that certain fundamental particles (the smallest components of all physical matter) actually have a dual existence. They can exist either as energy waves, or as particulate matter, and that the expectation (mind) of the observer influences the behaviour of these energy/particle entities.

For the people described above to be transposed, there must have been some change in the energy/matter behaviour of their physical bodies. Depending on the energy form that the transposition involves, the transposed form may or may not be in the form that is detectable by our physical senses (or even scientific instruments). The realm of spirits, energy, and transposition of matter are exciting subjects that can only be fathomed if we accept that there is existence beyond what science knows.

In other words, where physics ends, metaphysics begins.

Electrons and healing

Electrons are the fundamental particles which surround the nucleus of an atom. They travel so fast that their position at any one time cannot be determined. The paths they traverse are described as electron clouds, and the electron particles themselves seem to be at many places at one time. The energy of the atom determines the level or distance that the electrons orbit from the central nucleus. But unlike the orbits of moons and planets, their orbital planes always change, and it is easier to visualise their orbital shells rather than orbital planes.

Energy and electrons basically determine the behaviour of atoms, and are involved intimately in how our cells survive and function. Health and disease ultimately can be traced to the cellular and biochemical levels, and a good understanding of these levels will help us tremendously in our quest to resist and recover from diseases.

We now know that electrons play very important roles in the workings of free radicals and antioxidants, both of which are crucial in our understanding of health, ageing, chronic diseases and cancers. Electron flow is essential in the production of electricity, and in all things electronic. Low-current electricity is the basis for many healing gadgets, some of which I have discussed in previous articles. Electronic medicine is an area that is fast gaining popularity.

Qi = quantum energy

In trying to understand qi and its healing effects, scientific tests have been carried out. But the complete understanding of qi has been elusive, because qi appears to be scientific as well as unscientific. It behaves like some of the electromagnetic energy forms (for example, infrared and infrasound); it behaves like the forces that hold sub-nuclear fundamental particles together (for example, gluon); defies physical laws (by being intelligent); and seems to have memory and emotions. Trying to understand qi requires a quantum leap from conventional science.

Qi is not only energy, but a lot more. Just like the saying about Tao: if you know it, it is not Tao. So it is at the moment with qi. If you can fully describe it, it is not qi!

And just as physicists discovered that the energy/particle nature of the smallest units of matter is determined by the observer, the nature of qi is also determined by the master. The Qigong master who understands most the variabilities and capabilities of qi will most likely be able to utilise more of the potential of qi in healing, and in many other areas.

Likewise, practitioners of other healing arts which involve energy or esoteric elements would be more effective if they understand metaphysics. Aromatherapy, aura healing, crystal healing, flower remedies, homoeopathy, phytobiophysics, vibrational therapy, and the whole gamut of complementary therapies can all benefit from a better understanding of metaphysics.

Automatic qigong

When automatic qigong is demonstrated, my students often asked if I had summoned spirits to do the movements that ensue. To the uninitiated, it could easily seem so, for when qi is summoned, it becomes a force of power, bravery, fearlessness and determination. When qi is summoned for healing, it becomes a force of compassion, empathy, gentleness and softness.

It can also be harnessed as a force of peace and wisdom. The Jedi Masters of the Star Wars hexalogy are the best examples of masters who use the Force for self-defence, peace and wisdom. May the Force, Peace and Wisdom be with you, too.

Barakah & Qudra Defined in Simple Terms

Barakah (بركة : also Baraka) is an Arabic term meaning blessing, particularly, spiritual gifts or protection transmitted from God. It is also described as “the greater good” derived from any act. The parallel Jewish term is the cognate Berakhah, in Christianity charisma or divine grace. …

One translation of “universal life energy” in Islam would be, “Qudra”.

A translation of what happens when the energy flows from the practitioner to the seeker would be, “Baraka”.

The Five Reiki Principles by Dr. Mikao Usui

The Five Reiki Principles


Dr. Mikao Usui





I – Just for today, I will not be angry.


Anger at others or oneself or at the whole world, creates serious blockages in one’s energy. It is the most complex inner enemy.

Reiki is an excellent tool to remove anger blockages which have accumulated in the body over years, but it cannot remove the residue of current anger which occurs daily.

Letting go of anger brings Peace into the mind.

II – Just for today, I will not worry.  

While anger deals with past and present events, worry deals with future ones. Although worry is not always a negative phenomena, endless worries may fill one’s head, and each one bores a small hole in one’s body and soul. While anger requires a focused Reiki treatment to remove obstacles, worry requires the energy to be spread throughout the entire body.

Letting go of worry, brings healing into the Body.

III – Just for today, I will be grateful.  

Be grateful from your heart inward. Inner intention is the important element in this principle. Simple things such as thanks, forgiveness, smile, good words, gratitude can improve one’s  life and make one happy.

Being thankful brings Joy into the Spirit.

IV – Just for today, I will do my work honestly.  

Support yourself and your family respectably, without harming others. Earn a respectable living, live a life of honor.

Working honestly brings abundance.

V- Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.  

Honor your parents, honor your teachers, honor your elders.

Being kind brings love into the will.

We invite you to read the miraculous incident of Dr. Mikao Usui and Qudra Healing.

Ja’far al Sadiq Speaks about Vibrational Energy

It was over 1,250 years ago that Muslim scholar, jurisprudent, scientist and teacher, Ja’far al-Sadiq said, “There are some lights which, if thrown from a sick person to a healthy person, can possibly make that healthy person sick” (The Minister p.5). However, it has only been recently that modern science has had the ability to understand how this can happen. Considered a “new” field in modern medicine, vibrational healing aims to heal illnesses by working with these subtle human energy fields that affect us beyond the physical level (Sharanananda, p.2). In fact, the vibrational energies of the body are so strong that scientists have theorized that disease within the physical body actually occurs at the cellular and bimolecular levels. In this scenario, healing extends from the bimolecular level to the cellular and finally, to the anatomical. This is because the bimolecular properties of the physical body are based on vibration. The vibration of the life-force, which we receive through our five senses, possess electromagnetic properties. Mitogenic energy (mitosis) is generated in the form of electromagnetic energy, which creates the energy of light (ethereal fluid) that surrounds each cell (Gurudas, p.56). (Tahir Mehmood)

Reiki and Islam

Reiki & Islam
by Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

Sayyed Hussein Nasr says, in the introduction to his book, “Science and Civilization in Islam”:
“The primordial character of its revelation, and its confidence that it was expressing the Truth at the heart of all revelations, permitted Islam to absorb ideas from many sources, historically alien yet inwardly related to it. This was especially true in regard to the sciences of Nature, because most of the ancient cosmological sciences — Greek, as well as Chaldean, Persian, Indian, and Chinese — had sought to express the unity of Nature and were therefore in conformity with the spirit of Islam. Coming into contact with them, the Muslims adopted some elements from each most extensively, perhaps, from the Greeks, but also from the Chaldeans, Indians, Persians, and perhaps, in the case of alchemy, even from the Chinese. They united these sciences into a new corpus, which was to grow over the centuries and become part of the Islamic civilization, integrated into the basic structure derived from the Revelation itself.”
As Islamic Medicine continues to perform this transformation with the ideas it comes in contact with, Muslims are able to benefit more and more from almost any alternative therapy. What earlier Muslims did was to learn various therapies and sciences from numerous cultures, take from the information what was true to Islam, and refine the rest. In doing so, they were able to create a healing system that encompassed healing practices from Greece to China, but still remained unified in its basic structure. As more and more Muslims today become interested in alternative therapies they are creating a “second renaissance” of Islamic Science, from which will come an entirely new field of alternative therapies sourced from outside Islam but containing a Muslim heart.
Reiki is one of these emerging healing arts in Islam. The definition of Reiki, according to various guides on natural healing, is simply, “universal life energy” and is based on the belief, that by channeling spiritual energy through the practitioner, the spirit is healed and the spirit, in turn, heals the physical body.
One translation of “universal life energy” in Islam would be, “Qudra”.
A translation of what happens when the energy flows from the practitioner to the client would be, “Baraka”.
Other definitions of Reiki mention that Reiki is a therapy based on Eastern concepts of energy flow and the seven energy centers in the human body and that the purpose of treatment is to heal emotional, spiritual, and physical, pain through the transmission of universal life energy, called “Qi” in Japanese (or “Qudra” in Arabic).
Reiki was “discovered” in Japan only 100 years ago by a man called Dr. Makio Usui.
William Rand, in his essay on “The History of Reiki” states,
“I spoke with a Japanese Reiki master who is also a Buddhist and has done a lot of his own historical research into Reiki in Japan. He said that he could see no connection between Reiki and Buddhism and that he felt that Reiki is religiously neutral. While Dr. Usui may have been a Buddhist, he had also studied Christianity and had lived with a Christian family for a time. It is clear he had a very broad background in many religious teachings and philosophies.”
Margaret Gamez, in her essay, “Higher Energy Systems and Metaphysical Healing”, states,
“As time goes on, more and more”Reikis” arrive. If we understand Reiki to mean Universal Life Energy, or Universal Life Force, another name for the Sanskrit prana, or the Polynesian mana, known by many words in many languages, then all these new systems must be using the same energy, simply repackaged and presented in some different way.”
She believes that the first modern differentiation of Reiki began when Phyllis Lei Furumoto and Barabra Ray Weber split ways on the leadership of the Reiki alliance. When Ray Weber was declined the position of leader in the organization she started her own organization. Shortly after that Furumoto attempted to trademark the name ‘Reiki” and since then whenever a person starts teaching a new method of Reiki, they often seek to trademark their special variety of energy healing which all using various symbols and incantations as well as various hand positions along similar energy points.
Sheik Hisham AlKabbani, in his essay, “Islam and Spiritual Healing,” states that this points are called “lata’if” and says,
“The lata‘if (sing. lateefa) are the points of maximum energy intake and are very important focal points of balance within the energy system. Disease and illness occur if a lateefa is unbalanced.”
He identifies the 7 lata’if (or points) as, “above and below the heart, above and below the left breast, above and below the right breast, and one on the forehead.”
He further states that,
“Through meditation these seven focal points of the lata’if generate energy. Then, like a magnet, these activated focal points attract more energy from the universal cosmic energy source in the shape of tiny floating spheres of light. …Depending on the illness, the healer activates the appropriate lateefa needed to cure that sickness. …the healer is energized to the point where he radiates heat from his body through his hands and projects light from his forehead. As a scientist shoots a laser, the spiritual healer emits the light and energy that he receives from the universal force. The healer massages the affected areas and this combination of heat from the hand and light from the forehead immediately begins the healing process.”
Although Islam has yet to develop its own official trademark of Reiki, there are various beginnings towards this such as a method of Reiki called, “Meditasi Reiki S” which uses the name of Allah and verses from the Qur’an in it’s Reiki methods.. Dr. Kabbani also provides a good description of the elements that appear similar to Reiki in his essay. No one, however, has yet been credited with the discovery of “Islamic Reiki”.This is probably because, that as with all healing therapies the person credited with “discovering it” has simply “rediscovered” something that has been used and known to many various people throughout history.
However, once a person writes down the method and is able to communicate it through charts and teaching methods to the general public it becomes an official “method” and this person is credited with the discovery. In some ways, this is legitimate, for this person has put forth their own version of a technique and in documenting their methods they have solidified their technique and made it unique. In other ways, however, crediting someone with a discovery of a healing technique is misleading because then people believe that until this technique was “discovered” previous generations of healers knew nothing about it. As I study more and more alternative therapies I find that most can trace their roots much father back than their “discovery date”. This is also true in the case of Reiki.
Although not all methods of energy healing before “Reiki” were the same, they were essentially of the same essence. Most religions quote instances of energy healing taking place by their saints, spiritual leaders and healers. Even the Prophet Muhammad used energy healing. Bukhari relates,

“Al-Bara’ said, “… But when I put my foot down, I fell and broke my leg, for it was a moonless night. I tied it with a turban and rejoined my companions, and when I came to the Prophet I told him all that had happened. He told me to stretch out my leg and when I had done so, and he had passed his hand over it, it seems as if I have never had anything wrong with it.”
As time goes on more and more people are realizing the universality of Reiki to be true. They are discovering that Reiki is simply a name given to a method of channeling “Baraka” to the “Qudra” of a person through the “Lata’if”.