Recieving Hizb Al Bahar via Dream

After repeated requests from a female to obtain the Litany of the Sea prayer for protection, she narrated a  dream where  Sh. Hisham Kabbani gave Qudra Healing Hizb al Bahar and Hizb al Nasr in order to pass on to the concerned sister. In our country where we lack direct access to such high authorities, dreams become a vehicle to convey and support seekers from the pool of His friends.

More information on these two prayers found here


Distant Healing to Remove Entities


Q)Can an exorcism be done remotely or does the healer need to be physically present with the subject?

A) Our answer below is based on a real life experience.  Again, as a reminder, majority of our work at Qudra Healing entails dream work. The possible reason for energy to take form through dreams is due to the conservative ideological climate of our region. Our work is to create awareness, break false notions and raise the overall  vibrational frequency.

Jinn is the Arabic term for entity or spirit. They are invisible to the majority yet can be heard by humans.  Our response is based on a recent case which confirms the possibility of distant exorcism after a female seeker at QH reported instances of entities bothering her and creating disharmony in her daily routine and home.

QH-One day while I was meditating, this particular seeker came to mind and I decided to send her healing energy for her situation as per request. During the process, I randomly found myself moving my hands in different directions as if ‘doing something’. I felt as if I was actually removing, rounding up entities and tying them up. My imagination soared leading me to cow girl era and I questioned my experience which had incidentally occurred  during a previous distant healing session with another client.  After completion, I wanted to let the seeker know that I had simply sent out healing energy and things will be fine, of course leaving out the hand gesture details. However, it slipped my mind altogether, and I never got around telling her. Then, either the next day or day after, a text came in from the same seeker stating the following,


Seeker-“I hope you are going good. I just got up from my sleep and saw a dream of you and I.. a very powerful dream…I will tell you briefly then inshAllah will ring you and talk to you. Today,  I saw that I am in your bedroom, green bed covers and green curtains…You are talking to me, and calm me, then you keep your hands on my forehead , your hands started getting warm..then something inside me begin to scream…I am screaming from outside too… you have your hands on my forehead, till it ends, it was like something was coming out from my body…then I was fine..I was just worried about you in the dream, whether it was normal for you to witness such a thing…you told me you are okay with it, had done things similar to this …I guess my case was little different …After that I am talking to my mom and sister and  told  them what happened. In the dream when I saw the green curtains (in your room )I began to think in the dream….sunnah colours….”


In summary, it is our belief that  distant exorcism and or removal of negative entities is just as potent, safe and doable as hands on healing. Additionally, applying the technique requires shielding and it is wise to receive training by authorized practitioners.


Repel Entities and Negative Energy Through 1 Simple Thing

The auric field is affected by a variety of factors. Today we will focus on a common yet undetected area neglected related to females which cause energy leakage, mood disorders and negative energy symptoms. The subject of trimmed nails may seem minuscule yet experience and ancient wisdom tells us otherwise. First and foremost, trimmed nails are hygienic. This in turn, attracts blessings, dissipates anger, dissolves tension in the auric field and keeps negative energies -entities at bay. A number of females suffering from ‘negative energy’ symptoms dramatically experienced improved results due to nail trimming. As a rule, when one becomes a constant carrier of germs, he/she becomes an ideal candidate to attract negative entities which linger, possess or influence individuals. To curb and obstruct the possibility, utmost care in personal and environmental hygiene is must. In our Tao of Islamic Chi course, explicit details are highlighted to keep one’s auric shield intact with emphasis on personal hygiene which includes nail trimming and expounds the Prophetic teachings on”Cleanliness is half of faith”. Moreover, individuals with long nails or artificial nails are viewed as a major concern in many health related issues because of the capability to harbor a wide variety of microorganisms. As many as fourteen microorganisms are found in uncut nails.

Microbe Genera Found Underneath the Fingernails
Bacteria Fungus Yeast
Pseudomonas Trichophyton Candida
Staphylococcus Epidermophyton Rhodotorula
Acinetobacter Acremonium
Enterobacter Aspergillus
Klebsiella Scopulariopsis
Aeromonas Cladosporium
Serratia  .

Prophetic Glad Tidings for Surah Fath to Qudra Seeker

Fath Helmet
An medieval period Islamic helmet with verses of surah Fath inscribed on it.

Verily, We have given you a manifest victory.

 Jeddah, Arabia-A female seeker in Jeddah asked what to recite for attainment of a specific thing. In response, we prescribed a detailed litany which included the recital of Surah Fath. Days after commencing the prescribed litany, she reported the following,

Assalamualaikum I saw Prophet (PBUH) in my dream last night. I had missed reading surah Al Fath due to my mismanagement of time. In my dream I saw that Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) passed by me and said, “read it”  while someone else was beside me( I do not recall who was beside me). After the Prophet (PBUH) left,  I thought to myself, what? Surah al Fath?  In the dream Prophet(PBUH) walked away fast and I didn’t get an opportunity to ask what should I read. However, in my heart, I had no answer except surah Al Fath. Thank you dear teacher, my faith in you has increased more.

As a result of the glad tidings of the recital, we then administered this to more seekers upon which another seeker in Jeddah reported the following


In this part of the dream, I wore a pink color prayer tarha (a particular one we have at home) and was meeting/talking with shaykh Hamza Yusuf at our home. It was mentioned to me that there are 2 things. . 

After seeing the dream, I was wondering what the two things were  but, just as in my dream, I didn’t know.
This made me a little nervous, but I instead tried to focus on Surah Mulk that was mentioned and looked up its virtues and short tafseer, perhaps to seek what the dream could have meant. And indeed, came upon a beautiful short video tafseer of the Surah by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan which moved me and answered latent queries of my heart.

Then, during one of my daily recitations of surah Fath as instructed by you, it dawned in my heart that the ‘thing’ that I couldn’t recall from my dream is Surah Fath.


Imam Ali Appears to Seeker in Jeddah

A particular book highlighting the virtues of Imam Ali  and the rise of  Mahdi from the teachings of Spiritual Master Shaikh Nazim seemed to have a particular effect on one of our sisters. She shared her account of the following dream seen on the 21st of Ramadan when we met in person. This day is also synonymous  for the martyrdom of Imam Ali,

Dream 1

I am at masjid Ali ( i never knew that there is masjid Ali) but outside, i yearn to meet Hazrat Ali. My heart cries to meet him. It seems when one will be called on the roof then you can meet him. I wait for my chance and someone tells me that i can go. I get ready with my niqab on and then i am taken on the top. I see many souls up there, they are all wearing white and one of them is telling me, ” It is not so easy to meet Hazrat AS”.


Dream 2

I am in an auditorium, Sheikh Hisham Kabbani comes on the stage. I am far behind in the audience. I want to talk to him, he is looking at me. I speak to him through my mind and i say, ” please give me your fourth son’s hand in my hand” ( in my dream i am single) There is a big book between us, which has a list, from no. 1 to 3- it has been taken by three ladies and the 4 th one i wanted. It said something which i didnt understand, i read only half the word, “Tabbara..I wake up from my sleep and i realise in was sleeping straight ..then i turn on to my right and again i see a dream…i see Hazrat Ali standing. So tall and so big..that my vision cant capture the image. I could only see him from his chin till his waist..and reddish orange light was coming out of him.


Prior to the reported dream, we can personally confirm the impact of this book  written by Sayyid Amirruddin, who was a spiritual deputy of Shaikh Nazim between 2002-2104 and  currently a mureed of Shaikh Mehmet the son and successor to Shaikh Nazim.

Of course, we are discussing the energy of  written words, the  source of transmission and its impact on the seeker’s heart.




Gazing at the Master an Ancient Practice

A Qudra seeker reports the following dream pertaining to the practice of gazing at the image of one’s Spiritual Master. This practice is found in all spiritual traditions and is referred to as Tasawwur e Shaikh in Sufic terminology.



Dear Qudra,

Last night before going to sleep i was thinking about Mawlana Sheikh Nazim, if he is with me , i mean if i am close to him or not. Was a bit sad. Also pondered over the mission of awliya Allah and Prophet saw I slept…then i saw a dream..i am in a place or home , there is a newspaper infront of me and it has news abt Mawlana. Suddenly i see that this picture comes alive, starting from his teeth to face and he smiles at me at says, ” Remember me in your heart” In the same place you are there, you had created a sacred space, there is a small candle beside sajjadah. That sajjadah has Shaikh Nazim’s image on it. I go and make sujood on it but when i make sujood i see a flap kind of comes on the top of sajjadah and his face gets covered , it is then when i make sujood. The prayer place which you made was very simple and clean.

Background on the practice of Tasawwur e Shaikh

In the Risala Qudsiyya, Khwaja Parsa writes while on his second trip to the Hijaz, the venerable Khwaja Baha al-Din Shah Naqshband ordered him to fix his blessed face in his imagination.

Muhammad Umar Birbali writes, “When a person reaches a certain station, people’s astral bodies can appear. Someone with a connection (nisba) to the Prophet can manifest as if he were physically present”. A disciple of Khwaja Hasan ‘Attar, the eldest son of ‘Ala’uddin ‘Attar (d. 803/1400), showed signs of spiritual attraction (jadhba) when visualizing the face of his shaykh. If the disciple could not be in the presence of the master, the venerable Mawlana ‘Abd al-Rahman Jami recommended that the disciple visualize the pir’s face in the heart while eliminating any distracting thoughts. The venerable Khwaja ‘Ubaydullah Ahrar, interpreting the Qur’anic verse “Be with those who are sincere and true” (kunu ma’ as-sadiqin[9:119]), indicated that one should outwardly be in the guide’s physical presence and inwardly have a bond with him (rabita). One unites sincerely with the shaykh’s face to develop continuous companionship with the lights of his lofty attributes and beautiful character, creating continual rabita, independent of physical proximity. In this way a person can develop an affinity (munasabat) with the mentor and arrive at the goal.

Ahmad Sirhindi incorporated this practice of visualization into the Mujaddidi system, especially when he perceived that persons had not controlled their egos sufficiently. He would order them to engage in rabita and visualize his face in their hearts, causing them to show visible signs of spiritual attraction: “Khwaja Burhan, one of the shaykhs of Dahbid who had already been initiated and received permission to teach (ijazat) from the notables of his locale, asked Imam Ahmad Sirhindi for spiritual guidance. Khwaja Burhan was surprised when Ahmad Sirhindi said for him to visualize his [Sirhindi’s] blessed face. His trusted companion informed him [Khwaja Burhan] that this exercise is suitable for beginners so that they can be taught the advanced contemplation’s (muraqabat). … After being convinced, he practiced this exercise for a day and became overpowered with a connection (nisba) with God to the point that he showed signs of extreme spiritual intoxication (jadhba).”


Grand Shaikh Mehmet son and successor of Mawlana Sh. Nazim

Naqshbandi elders have praised visualization of the shaykh as an effective technique for concentration, since humans cannot follow two directions at once or meditate with distracting thoughts. Keeping the picture of the shaykh in the state of recollection of God (dhikr) is the essence of causing recollection (tadhkir) because the remembered One exists in the presence of one [the shaykh] who does not heedlessly leave God for an instant.
It is much easier for beginners to concentrate on the face of the shaykh than on God. There is synergistic effect between the visualization of the shaykh and love of the shaykh which allows the seeker to open him-or herself to a trans-formative process activated by the pir’s character and actions. This in turn strengthens the seeker’s connection to God. Eventually the pir’s astral body (jism i-mithali) can be summoned.

When a living guide passes on, disciples continue the practice with the succeeding Master. Light is deposited in the new housing body, it is only the apparent that ‘changes’. The change is a veil as essentially the previous Master now ‘houses’ him/her self in body of the chosen inheritor. In the case of Shaikh Mehmet, millions of disciples now practice Tasawur  e Shaikh through his son.

The 40 Day Healing Program

The very first seeker who officially approached us in Hijaz was Sumaya Amba. Her total duration of receiving healing and completing the Qudra Healing Program was approximately 40 days. All 3 stages of our program were completed and incidentally her journey to the next world began after her completion. I not only held the opinion that Amba was a fast learner but remained baffled if her duration with us should be kept as a general standard for seekers. Remaining fluid with no specified time frames, I continue to deal with seekers from all walks, yet question the open ended policy I keep with individual seekers in order to respect individual growth and create a personalized and natural method of healing. This year however, a seeker from Jeddah shared a dream which shed light on a matter I was unconsciously seeking an answer to. The dream is what was narrated to us  in May 2016 and for general privacy reasons, the name of the narrator shall be withheld.

I see that you are in my house, happily meeting my mother in law. She is laying on a bed and you are beside her giving her smile and offering a lot of love and respect. You inform me that a ship is going for an hour tour in which there will be a sufi gathering, I tell you that i will make it because i can take out one hour and i am very happy and excited. Then I see that i am at the dock and my mother in law is there, she is telling me that I can’t go but I am forcing her that I want to. She tells me the reason- that the ship will be back in one month, go and ask Qudra Healing about it. I am very sad and searching for you. I reach a room where some ladies were collected by you who were leaving all together, one by one they leave for the ship and i am left behind..



We do not interpret dreams as we are not authorized in this science. However, in conclusion to the above, we shall revert back to our 40 day time frame for the Qudra Healing Program.


Sort the Closet, Sort Life

Q) Unlike before, I am faced with a highly disorganized life after my move and starting work. Please advice.

A) The first place to target when faced with disorganization is one’s closet. Sort the closet, sort life. The closet is a mirror of our life today. Declutter, organize and keep it neat. Do not aim for perfection or obsess about intricate details lest you get off track . Focus on keeping “items and belongings in order”. This in turn will magically sort out your life and keep it reasonably in order. Last point, remember to give away an item(s) whenever a new item enters the closet. Prosperity thrives when money is in motion. Hoarding comes from insecurity which stems from attachment and an expression of belief in scarcity. Hoarding is stagnant energy which blocks off new energy to enter our life.

Wishing you prosperity & abundance,

Qudra Healing